We Consume A Lot Of Plastic And That Can Not Be Good

Plastic has been a news headline for quite some time and it is just about everywhere, including your body. A new study found that the average person swallows about 50,000 pieces of plastic per year. That’s between 126 and 142 tiny particles of plastic every day. But it isn't just what we're eating...
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Tape Your Mouth Shut For A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is underrated! In fact some estimate have about 45% of adults lacking in the proper amount of sleep for a healthy lifestyle. While there is a whole industry of devoted to help you sleep, from pills to weighted blankets, a holistic health specialist, Dr. Ron Ehrlich suggest a $2 fix that...
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Teach Yourself To Breathe Properly

We do it non-stop and for the most part we aren't thinking about it about 16 times per minute. Breathing is essential for life and although it is involuntarily, there's a pretty good chance you're not breathing properly. Generally we take shallow and incomplete breaths and although it get the job...
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