Butt Beauty Masks Pamper Your Derriere

We spend millions of dollars collectively each year on skin treatments for our faces, necks, feet and overall skin. But we rarely spend time pampering our butts, so says the creator of Bawdy Beauty , a line of butt beauty masks. Coming in two parts, the masks are perfectly shaped to cover the area...
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This Is The Funniest Word In The English Language

There are a lot of words that make you giggle and as every parent knows, kids seem to have their own opinion of what words they find hilarious and repeat over and over again. But what is the funniest word in the English language? According to the Smithsonian, "booty" is the king of comedy!...
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Guy Gives Friend His Pants To Take College Exam

If there's an award for the best friend in the world, 18 year old Andrew Nguyen would certainly be in the running. Wednesday, he and his friend Diana Le were both studying the University of Texas at Arlington library. While Andrew was studying for his next class, Diana was cramming for an exam she...
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