Four Easy Ways To Clean Your Microwave

One of the most dreaded cleaning jobs in the kitchen is tackling whatever exploded, popped and boiled over in the microwave. While it may be easier to just keep the microwave door closed to hide the mess, there are some pretty easy ways to clean those tough food spills, splats and oozes! The most...
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Save The Water Used To Boil Eggs For Your Houseplants

Many find dyeing Easter eggs as a fun family tradition. Whether you're boiling eggs to decorate or to eat in the morning, a smart tip you can use is to save your egg water for your plants. Plants love calcium and it is essential for keeping the pH level balanced in the soil. Egg shells contain...
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This Is How You Should Prepare Mashed Potatoes

A staple of the dinner table are mashed potatoes but get ready for this revelation, most likely you've been preparing them wrong all these years. Yes, even your parents made them wrong and perhaps your grandparents! The procedure is simple enough. Peel the potatoes, boil in water, drain, and mix in...
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