Why You Should Shower Before Entering A Swimming Pool Or Hot Tub

It's posted on the rules and every public pool has one but rarely do you find people showering off before they enter a pool or hot tub. Perhaps it is the mystery as to why you'd need to shower off before entering a vat of water. But there is a fairly important reason to cleanse off before taking a...
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Florida To Open its Own Body Farm For Forensics Study

Perhaps not as family friendly as a new theme park, Florida is set to open a new body farm. The state has announced the opening of a new outdoor forensic research facility in Pasco County and the 7th such farm in the nation. The Florida Forensic Institute for Research, Security and Tactical...
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Thief Returns Stolen Van To Funeral Home After Discovering A Body Inside

We spend millions of dollars to prevent thieves from stealing our cars. Business are not immune to car thefts either, not even a mortuary. 24-year old Bobby Joe Washington decided to steal a van from a mortuary in Riverside, California early Sunday morning. However he got more than he bargained for...
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Teens Have Trouble Smelling Sweat, Smoke and Soap

Teenagers may have some science to back up their parents’ claims they smell. A study in Denmark says teens are less likely to notice the smell of sweat, cigarette smoke and soap than adults. 410 people under the age of 50 were given different scents to smell. While most participants were able to...
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Increase Bad Smells At Work Prompts Odor Control Seminars

Body odor is a real turn off when you catch a whiff of it. Apparently it is such a problem in Japan offices that companies are drafting "smell harassment" policies to address the issue. Body odor, bad breath, cigarette smoke and even perfumes and colognes are such a concern for the images of many...
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