Avoid The Raw Egg Eyelid Lift

Another Internet trend is sparking health warnings from experts as beauty bloggers across the internet are promoting applying raw egg whites on to the eye area to tighten the skin as a homemade DIY eyelid lift. What makes this one a little difficult to disprove is if you whites to any part of the...
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How clean is your desk?

We spend 8+ hours a day in the office,and most of that at our desks! So it's no surprise your desk can be a literal petri dish of harmful bacteria! But there are a few items that are dirtier than the average toilet, according to experts. Time to clean that phone! You are the biggest microorganism...
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You know how to use an egg, now use the shells!

You know you can do a lot with eggs...but do you know how much you can do with all those eggshells?! Take a look... Fill eggshells with soil to use them as biodegradable seed starters. Sanitize the shells and poke tiny holes in the bottoms with a sewing needle for drainage. Then, fill the shells...
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