Apps To Help Identify Phone Scammers Before You Answer

From time to time you've received a phone call with an unidentifiable number. Most times, you let the call go to voicemail, with your suspicions of a potential scam confirmed when no message is left. This leads to some wondering who had called? Or perhaps you are waiting for an important call and...
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How To Get Those Bad Memories From Appearing On Facebook On This Day Feature

It's nice to see a photo memory pop up on Facebook's "On This Day" feature when you open it for the first time of the day. However there are some photo memories you'd not like to be reminded of, such as the ones of your ex or a friend you no longer hand around. But how can you still enjoy the good...
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Real Robo Call Blockers Now Available for Apple IOS 10 Phones

Apple has begun to release its new operating software, called IOS 10 today and for the first time ever, real relief from unwanted "robocalls" will be available for your iPhone. Nomorobo made waves last year when it became the first winner in a call block contest sponsored by the Federal Trade...
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