Christmas Laser Light Display Warnings

One of the popular Christmas traditions is to decorate the outside of your house with lights. Twinkling, icicles and even choreographed to Christmas music. Now it's even easier with a laser light display. One device projects thousands of points of Christmas cheer on your home. However these laser...
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Community Rallies To Find Blind Dog Lost In The Mountains

When you lose someone you love, you'll stop at nothing to get them back and that includes an entire town! a Sage is a 12-year old Labrador Retriever who has lost her sight due to glaucoma and is a member of the Cole family, who live the mountainous valley of Boulder Creek, California. This story...
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One Of The Worst Blind Dates Ever

Quite possibly the worst blind date of all time for an Alabama woman, whose blind date ended up being a fugitive from the law! The woman decided to go on a date with 22-year-old Jesse Allen Elliot last Saturday night. He picked her up in his car around 8 and the two proceeded on their date. As the...
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