Crying To Sad Songs Can Boost Your Mood

Sometimes all you need is a good cry and one guaranteed way to get that cry started quicker is to listen to a sad song. A study recently published in the journal Scientific Reports found that crying to sad songs really does produce a measurable sense of pleasure in the listener. REM - Everybody...
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Easy Trick To Improve Your Penmanship

Although Monday was National Handwriting Day (1/23), it seems writing with your hand is becoming as useful as a typewriter. The computer and more accurately, the smartphone are at the root. A 2013 study found that Americans send around of 4,735 texts a month, which means we are not getting a lot of...
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Key To Beating The Blues Is To Clean Out Your House

Usually the holidays bring a smile and stir up warm memories of past Thanksgivings and Christmases. For some, it’s hard to shake off the blues. Even outside the holidays you just may feel bummed out all the time. Perhaps it’s the items in your house that is making you sad. Experts offer advice on...
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