Bra Liners Make Sure Your Boobs Stay Sweat-Free All Summer Long

Summers are hot and our bodies sweat. Thankfully this summer, you can keep your boobs dry with the Belly Bandit "Don't Sweat" bra liners ! The liners are made of a bamboo material that absorb sweat and help women stay dry in the heat. Simply slide the liner under the bottom of your bra and...
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Belly Button Surgeries Are Growing In Popularity

There isn't any part of your body that you can't have modified to suit your tastes. Plastic surgeons say the demand for an umbilicoplasty, or belly button surgery has doubled in recent years with a 12% increase from last year! The ideal belly button is an oval that's vertically-oriented and...
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Longer-lasting Perfume Scent By Spraying Your Belly Button

If you use the spray, delay and walk away application of perfume and cologne, you are doing it wrong. Instead you should be applying it to your knees, elbows, feet and even your belly button! That's because perfumes and colognes should be applied at pulse points of the body; areas that warm blood...
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