Put The Fluff Back In Your Towels

Towels get rough and crunchy because of the buildup of all kinds of stuff. So here is how to refluff those towels!
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How To Get That Burnt Smell Out Of Your Microwave

Rogue crumbs and debris from warmed-up leftovers can also leave your microwave smelling like a bonfire, especially if you keep on burning them in the microwave with repeated use
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How To Get Spilled Gasoline And Its Smell Out Of Your Car

Spilled gasoline can linger inside the interior of your car for a long time. But you can rid it quickly with cleaning stuff you already have at home.
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Simple Test To See If Your Baking Powder And Baking Soda Are Fresh

If your favorite baking recipes suddenly stop turning out well, don’t panic! Your baking soda or powered may be expired
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Clean Your Vacuum

The tools you use to clean need to be cleaned themselves from time to time, including your vacuum.
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The Nailed It Challenge Is Lighting Up Instagram

The Netflix series that highlights the failure of attempting to make elaborate cakes seen on social media, is hosting the weekly #NailedItChallenge in Instagram so you can show off your baking skills.
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Dishwasher Detergent Alternatives When You Are In A Pinch

The new normal, at least for now, is items we use on a regular basis are in short supply. But that doesn't help the fact that your dishwasher is full and you are not only out of cleaning detergent, but the store is also out of it is closed. Not to worry with these dishwashing detergent substitutes.
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Banana Bread Recipes in High Demand Due to 'Quarantine Baking' Trend

With everyone cooped up at home and practicing social distancing, stress baking and ‘quarantine baking’ has become very popular. The most in-demand recipe? Banana bread. Read more and get our recipe now.
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The Differences Between Cleaning And Disinfecting Products

Not all cleaners and disinfectants are effective against every type of bacteria or bug. The truth is some may be harmful to both our health and the environment.
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Talcum Powder Alternatives

Talcum powder, also known as baby powder, has been used for decades on the skin of babies to prevent diaper rash, those suffering from eczema and to prevent chaffing in sensitive areas. Most recently a jury awarded $29 million to a woman who says she got cancer from using baby powder. There have...
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