Simple Trick You Can Do To Keep Your Salad Lettuce from Becoming Soggy and Soft.

MMMM, that salad you had last night was delicious...and from a bag of all things! You can't wait to get home tonight and once again enjoy that delicious salad for dinner. However when you open the salad bag you opened last night, the lettuce is no longer crisp and firm. It's flimsy and gross and...
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Spring Clean Tips You May Not Know

With spring officially arriving last week and temperatures approaching 90, spring cleaning may be on your mind. So we've found some good info to help you on your quest for home cleanliness! Most cleaners make common mistakes when cleaning. For instance, do you only change your vacuum bag when it is...
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Tortilla Chip Bag Detects If You've Been Drinking And Calls Uber

A lot of poor decisions can be attributed to alcohol consumption and with one of the biggest days for drinking coming up with the final football game of the year, its super important you don't drink and drive. Frito Lay says they have a chip bag that can detect if you've had too much to drink and...
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How The Lowest Price Airline Ticket Could Cost You More In The Long Run

It is enticing to see airplane tickets super cheap. The idea of flying to New York for just $69 puts the idea of an affordable quick getaway. Be careful of that too good to be true price because it may cost you more in the long run. The airlines have caught on to our desire to shop price alone and...
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Adidas Debuts Running Shoe Makes From Recovered Ocean Plastic Bottles

It is a sad reality that billions discarded plastic bottles, bags and containers end up in our waterways, lakes and oceans. However there are moves by companies and governments to address the problem of adding the slow to degrade bags into the environment. In the recent election, California voted...
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