Bad News For Back Pain Sufferers

Bad news for back pain sufferers, new research suggests those with chronic back pain are 13% more likely to die early from any cause! Researchers from the University of Sydney say this is vitally important because back pain isn't normally associated with mortality and considered non-life-...
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Carjackers Drop Off Kid And Wish Him A Good Day At School

Even criminals know the value of a good education. As winter grips everywhere but Florida, 10 year old Richard Rodriguez was hoping to warm his parent's car up before they took him to school in a suburban Chicago neighborhood. He started the car and patiently waited for ih parents to open the doors...
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Picture Shows Alligator Riding The Back Of A Manatee

While most of the country prepares for some of the coldest air from the artic ever, meanwhile in Florida, we have an alligator hitching a ride on top of a manatee! It appeared that way for Dana Menk, who snapped a picture while at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City of what appears to be a fairly...
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The One Key To Make Your Workouts Rock!

Ask 20 different people for an exercise tip and you’ll probably get 20 different answers. Unfortunately many of the exercises we do awe just wrong. Wrong in the sense that we’re preforming the moves incorrectly, which can lead to injury. For instance, stretching. Yes, it is important to stretch...
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Michael J. Fox Tweet Reminds Us Of Another Back To The Future Prediction

The 1989 movie, back To The Future II, was full of predictions to our future when it was released 27 years ago. From hover boards to Nike's self-lacing shoes, the movie somehow gave us determination to create the world we imagined back then, including the cubs winning the World Series! The movie...
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Back To The Future Inspired Nike Shoes Benefit Parkinson's Research

The long awaiting Nike Mag, self-lacing shoes inspired from the 1980s Back To The Future movies finally made their real world debut earlier this month. But don't look for them on store shelves or even at the Nike web site. The company only made 89 pairs, which were only available to those who...
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