What Not To Say To Someone With Cancer

There isn't one life that somehow isn't connected with cancer and for our friends and family who have been diagnosed, currently fighting and surviving the battle, we can struggle to find the right words to offer support. While some find it uncomfortable discussing their situation, others have no...
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"Can You Hear Me?" Scam Could Cost You

It almost sounds like a bad Verizon or Sprint phone joke, but be wary of speaking to anyone on the phone you don't know asking if you can hear them. The natural response is to say "yes" and believe it or not, that is a scam. Although you'd wonder how saying "yes" would be related to a scam, many...
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potato chips

This Simple Trick May Help You Avoid Junk Food

It can be hard to completely avoid junk food. After all, it is in it's nature to be desirable but if you've swore them off in the new year, this simple trick may help you in your quest. All you have to do is serve the food yourself instead of having it given to you by someone else. A new study says...
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Avoid Disposing OF These tems Down Your Kitchen Sink

Done any time cooking in the kitchen you know the garbage disposal is a wondrous machine. While making the sound of a freight train blowing through your home, it quickly chops up pieces of leftover food so it can easily slide down the drain to happy pastures. But that doesn't give you a green light...
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