Deer Crossing Sign

Entering Peak Season For Deer Collisions

Auto insurance claims for collisions with deer and other animals rise significantly in the fall, according to the Highway Data Loss Institute (HDLI), rising dramatically in October before peaking in November.
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Dirtiest Parts Of Your Car

How clean is your car? It's probably not as clean as you think according to a study that swabbed 20 inside parts of a car. Surprisingly the least dirtiest place is the most touched. The steering wheel was one of the most germ-free areas swabbed. In fact the seatbelt button and hand brake were...
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Inside Look How Auto Insurance Companies Create Rates

There is so much information about you that goes into your automobile insurance. Of course your driving record, type of car and miles you drive can affect the premiums, but you may not know that education, credit score and even weather can too? It's called nondriving factors and it can make a big...
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Should You Warm Up Your Car Nor Not?

With some of the coldest weather in recent memory there's a good chance you've ventured out and started your car to "let it warm up" before leaving for work. It begs the questions, does your car need to be warmed up. Depends who you ask. If you ask your mom or dad, they probably said yes. But today...
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28% of New Cars Do Not Come With A Spare Tire

AAA just released a survey that found 20% of drivers have no idea on how to change a flat tire. But it's not their fault as 28% of new cars sold today do not come with an actual spare tire! While some of the pricier cars are equipped with "run-flat" tires, most come with an Inflator/sealant kit,...
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