Drivers Not Trusting Automated Driving Cars Yet

When it comes to features that are important to new car shoppers, advance safety features rank high on the list while less enthusiastic about technology that drives for us. In a national survey of U.S. drivers planning on buying a new or used vehicle in the next two years, 51% said it was important...
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Enraged Man's Questions About Calling Police Is Answered By Home Automation System

Amazon's Alexa, Google Home and soon to enter Apple's Siri and Samsung are automating everything from opening blinds and curtains to turning off overhead fans an ordering us pizza! Now you can add calling for help when you are being assaulted! A woman and her daughter was housesitting last week...
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Report: Robots Responsible For Loss of Jobs And Lower Wages

We may have gotten it wrong about our robot overlords and them enslaving mankind. According to economists at MIT and Boston University, robots are doing the exact opposite of enslavement, they're replacing us in the workforce. Data collected between 1993 and 2007 shows that for each robot activated...
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