Simple Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

Just last year, millions of people have been affected by data breaches and security flaws that exposed your personal data to criminals. But it is nearly impossible to do business and carry on with life without using the Internet. So be smart in 2019 and start to incorporate these safety measures...
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New Gmail Phishing Scam Looks Very Convincing-How To Detect it

A new week and a new phishing scam aimed at collecting your personal information. But this new Gmail scam is one of the best out there and is even fooling the best. The scam works like this. Hackers break someone’s email account, generate screenshots of attachments they’ve already sent, then send...
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Strange Security Questions Asked From Bank's Web site

No doubt you've had a potpourri of security questions to choose from when registering for online access. From your home town to your mother's maiden name random questions are designed to authenticate you with questions you would only know. However one bank in India has some of the strangest...
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