Wet Nose Wednesday 8.9.17

Wet Nose Wednesday on 98.5 KTK is presented by Town and Country Veterinarians and Pet Resort, providing the most comprehensive package of services, free for most adopted shelter pets, including a complimentary stool test, heartworm and flea protection, behavioral counseling and a complete spa bath...
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Get A Free Video Game For Mowing The Yard Saturday, August 6th

Having a hard time motivating the kids to mow the front and back yard? Tomorrow, August 5, 2017, if you share a photo of yourself mowing your lawn on Twitter with the hashtag #LawMowerDay, not lawn mower day, you'll receive a free copy of the video game, "Law Mower." It's an action game where...
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Coca Cola Zero Being Phased Out And Replaced With Updated Recipe

The echoes of 1985 are haunting lovers of Coca Cola Zero. The Coca-Cola Company says they've re-tooled the Coke Zero recipe and therefore will be phasing out the current variant of the soda next week from store shelves and replacing it with the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which is closer to the taste...
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How To Safely Watch the Great American Solar Eclipse

It's being billed as the Great American Solar Eclipse, the first total solar eclipse since 1979 will happen on Monday, August 21st and while we won't see a total solar eclipse here in Gainesville and Ocala, the moon's shadow will block 86% of the sun in Ocala and 87% of it in Gainesville peaking...
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Big Night Of Celestial Events Tonight

A trifecta of celestial events will happen Friday night and into Saturday morning. A full moon, lunar eclipse and comet will all be visible. First, the full moon of February, which is known as "Snow Moon" in a month known for big snow. Although not a total lunar eclipse, when the moon turns red,...
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