Deli Meat Slicer Admits Eating $9200 Of Ham & Salami One Slice At A Time

An Ohio woman will not face criminal charges after she admitted eating more than $9200 worth of ham and salami while on the job in the deli. According to the sheriff report, 36-year old Catherine Brenick had been working a regional chain store for the last 5 years and admitted she had been cutting...
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Eating Dinner Earlier May Reduce Cancer Risk

What you eat affects your health and now when you eat can be just as important as what you eat. A new study suggest that eating dinner before 9 p.m. could lower your risk of breast and prostate cancer. While that sounds kind of late to eat dinner, the Spanish study found that participants who ate...
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Yogurt Should Be A Dinner Appetizer

We think of yogurt as a breakfast staple not as an appetizer for Chicken Marsala! But the properties that make it great for your digestive system shouldn’t be isolated to mornings. Eating yogurt as an appetizer before meals could ease inflammation, hypertension and boost gut health, a new study has...
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