Company Offers Vacations Based On What You Can Afford

Not only is travel beneficial for over-worked brains to get a bit of relaxation, traveling with friends and family can bring loved ones together. However, it’s estimated that 39 million Americans won’t go on summer vacation this year because they can’t afford it. That's the inspiration for the...
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Half Of Americans Put Off Medical And Dental Treatments Because They Can Not Afford Them

A bleak report shows just how bad are medical expenses hurting our bank accounts. Almost half of all Americans say they've put off necessary medical or dental care because it is too expensive and they do not have enough money saved to cover it. Preventive measures and early treatment are the tried...
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Almost Half Of Americans Are Skipping A Summer Vacation

As American as Mom and apple pie is the summer vacation but nearly half of Americans say they’re staying home this summer. A survey found that 49% of those surveyed said they're skipping the summer vacation because they cannot afford it. Although unemployment is at a historic low many...
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