Veterinarian Advice On Owning A French Bulldog

The popularity of the French bulldog is growing with their adorable big-ears and snub-nose. But those features can lead to costly vet bills which has lead veterinarians to ask owners, is the French bulldog really for you? That adorable smushed in face means the French bulldog is prone to breathing...
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Bond With Your Teen By Doing This One Thing

It can be a challenge to communicate with your teen. Truly connecting with the teen(s) in your life may sound like an impossible miracle on par with winning the lottery but doing this one simple thing can build an unbreakable bond, listen. "Listen" means listen. Not just stop talking or...
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Simple Steps To Stop Snoring

It's estimated that 37 million American snore and 37 million lovers of snorers are going without sleep! All that grunting, whistling, choking, snorting, and buzz-saw-like sounds occur when the airway narrows or is partly blocked during sleep, often thanks to nasal congestion, floppy tissue, alcohol...
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Password Security Advice Is Now Viewed As Incorrect

It happens about every 90 days, you have to come up with a new computer password. It must contain at least a number and a character (such as a !). It's been a standard practice for all government and most business computer terminals. But it appears that is not the most secure way to keep hackers...
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Crazy Best Man Hijacks Wedding By Proposing During Ceremony

This guy may be the "worst best man ever." Actually, he totally IS the worst best man ever. A recent bride wrote into Slate's advice columnist, "Dear Prudence," after her husband's best man totally hijacked her wedding. The best man (who is called " John" ) proposed to his girlfriend (who is called...
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