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New Food Label Information Debuts This Month

At the start of the New Year, look for some changes to food labels. Mandated by the Food and Drug Administration, enhancements are making their debut this month (January 2020), all in an effort for you to be better informed with your choices of food. Probably the most relevant change is a more...
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Cereals With Healthy Descriptive Words May be Unhealthy

A walk down the cereal aisle of the grocery store and you'll notice just about every box and bag has buzzwords of "wholesome," or "all natural" in its description. But here's the truth, at least according to a new report in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, are these claims aren't...
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Four Succulent Surprises For Your Smoothies

Who doesn't love a smoothie??? They're tasty, portable, and they're a good way to help you sneak some fruit and vegetables into your diet. But you have to be careful as many seemingly healthy smoothies have more calories and sugars than a serving of ice cream! So here are four tips in creating your...
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Avoid Ordering Foods Described With These Two Words

It has gotten a lot easier to eat healthy when eating out but as we've mentioned many time before, some foods that seem to be healthy are actually laden with saturated fats, salt and calories! One simple trick to detect potential healthy food saboteurs is to avoid foods that are described as "...
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