Military Appreciation Cookout

In honor of Military Appreciation Month this May, Rooterville is hosting a Military Appreciation Cookout. Attendees can be veterans, active duty military personnel, police officers or fire fighters. Come out and bring your family to spend the day with Rooterville's 400 animals as we honor those...
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Smart Car Apps Continues To Operate Cars After It Has Been Sold

A few years ago cars have received the digital makeover and came with many convenient upgrades, including apps to unlock the car, honk the horn and find out the exact location of your vehicle right from your phone. But what happens when you sell the car? Or when you buy one? Come to find out there...
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Active Storms

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are a fact of life for the Heart of Florida. It's not a question of "if" as to "when" we will be affected by a storm. So make sure you and your family are prepared. Download the app [ CLICK HERE & DOWNLOAD FOR APPLE AND ANDROID ] and make 98.5 KTK your...
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