Americans Are Wasteful With Food

Study finds American households throw away more than 30 percent of their food every year.
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STOP! Telling Yourself You "Feel Fat" Can Make You Gain Weight!

If you go around telling yourself that you're fat, stop it! Even if you are overweight, simply telling yourself that you are fat could be the culprit as to why you cannot lose weight! A FSU of Medicine study released in January of 2015 found teenagers with a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) who...
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The Trick To Keeping Your Laptop Battery From Dying Too Early

The only thing worse than a dead cell phone battery is a dead laptop. The racing to save your work when your laptop begins to shut down to conserve critical power or just blanks out because its juice is gone. But you can work to prolong your laptop's battery by not letting it get super low before...
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