Festivus poles

The Festivus Celebration Kit

One of the most iconic moments from television came to us in season 9 of Seinfeld, where Frank Costanza shared his alternative to Christmas, which is called Festivus, which happens to be on December 23rd). If, like Costanza, you hate all the commercial aspects of the holiday season, you can join...
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Win A Free Candy Bar With Every Gold Medal Won By Team USA

The 2018 Winter Olympics officially start today in PyeongChang, South Korea. Make sure you root for Team USA to bring home Olympic gold as you could get a free candy bar. Hershey's has released a new candy called the Hershey's Gold Bar, which is a caramelized crème candy with peanuts and pretzels...
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ATM Fees Hit New High

Hurricane Matthew isn't the only news topic making records, a new report out says ATM fees to pull out your own cash has reached a new high. If you go to pull out cash from an out-of-network ATM machine, you'll pay on average a 23% fee for the privilege. The national average fee is around $4.50,...
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