Push Alert Notifications Set Up for iOS


In order to be notified of a news bulletins, hurricane updates or concert announcements from 98.5 KTK, you must first allow your Apple (iOS) device to accept push notifications from our app.  This way, alerts will show up as a notice, or badge, on your device's home or lock screens. Hers is how you set it up:

1-Access your Settings app from your home screen.

2-Access Notifications in your Settings screen

3-Search for the 98.5 KTK app tap on it with your finger

4-Find Allow Notifications at the top of the screen and move the slider to On/green 

5-If you would like an audio sound to play when a notification is received, move the slider to On/green, if not move it to Off/white.

6-If you want notification to display even when your device's screen is locked, move the slider to On/green, if not move it to Off/white.

7-Finally select how you wish your notification to be displayed on your phone. None and you won't receive any visual notification, Banners display a short message at the top of your screen that disappear after a few seconds, or alerts which popup windows in the center and will remain there until you acknowledge it to dismiss.

Now your Apple device is set to receive any breaking news, weather or entertainment news from 98.5 KTK!