Public Shaming Guilts Dine And Dashers Into Paying Bill

Thanks to surveillance and social media the practice of dine and dash may be over for good.  Take for instance, The Brass Tap in Greenfield, Wisconsin.  Last Friday night a group of five people in their 20s decided to skip out on a $110 bill. Perhaps they thought it was funny or a joke to dine and dash.  Perhaps it was too many adult beverages but this is 2017 and surveillance cameras are everywhere. But you can't say the owner is without a heart.  The following Saturday, he posted a plea on social media, along with the surveillance video, giving the dashers a chance to comeback and pay their bill or prepare to be prosecuted.  The video went viral and by Sunday all five had returned separately to pay their portion of the bill. Greenfield Police says the bar's owner no longer wants to pursue charges now that it has been paid in full.


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