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Tuesday, June 28th

Mark and Cindy Hill of Camden Point, Missouri, who in November of 2012, won half of the then record-setting $587 million Powerball Lottery. They planned to make the most of the $193 million lump sum payout by giving to charity, to relatives for college education and other needs, and to the community. 

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Yeah we'll have that little game of life if you win the lottery what you would do the body of a thing or what if you would win a half a billion dollars through. I would love to do that but I don't even know what to do that much money I would be so the sadness I mean I'd be thrilled on Iran but I just wouldn't even know where to begin well go back to 2012 file at the time it was a record setting powerball of 587 million dollars. Two people one on one person was an Illinois. The other person was of mark hill. I've yet mark hill of I candid point Missouri. And so what they did of doing is they took their half of the 587. Million dollars and to the onetime payout. So they got old just shy of 200 million dollars sitting around in the bank okay that's a nice piece money a lot of money so they decided to do is even at the time back in 2012 when they wanted to we're Gannett. Give a lot to charities and to have relatives for school in and other needs like death they really stood true to their word. This is very small town about twenty miles south of the the arc and heard one of the borders of I think Arkansas yeah. That anyways they've donated. A scholarship fund for there high school where they met have been together for over forty years slides there was a scholarship fund for the school. They've paid for ball field the city needed it. They donated 50000 dollars towards the construction of a sewage treatment plant because of these septic tanks of leaching into the water supply vistas the town of like 500 people yet not a lot of people here and so the latest thing they did is they donated money for a state of the art. Fire and paramedic station while made 100% a concrete fire resistant variety training their. It was a volunteer fire department that actually save mark's dad twice no fool itself and they think staffed 24/7 for this little town of 500 yep and they were saying in the veteran of volunteer positions and it paid. Positions as well so now they were saying it would take over 25 years in the current tax system for this to even be considered. Really so they really have given that nice job. This is really incredible you know it's really hard sometimes and working for the city of Ocala I had a garden seats sponsors for the concert series it runs like that and it's hard as a government entity to try to get people to understand and to buy into the concept of an. Providing donations like that and the fact that they are willing to see that this is their community and an end best and everything like that that's just speaks volumes there really cool it is wonderful and you know they got so much when a left over they probably will never has some thoughts they'll do well at the very well.