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Wednesday, July 6th

Raven, a Tamaskan Husky, picked out Woodhouse from several other cats at a Texas shelter and the two are inseparable!

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This is good if you're thinking about getting a second package and get the first patent when you're at work for its ability and their kinda lonely right so. You wanna pick up a second pet it you don't want to fight in mingle with with your pet majority have. And it's hard because if you had your your current path for awhile you don't want and suddenly make them destroying and you want them actually like a pack your ringing in debt perfect on this wet nose Wednesday because Christine out Lubbock Texas had a really good idea now. About a year ago she had raven and who's it to mask in husky for about a month. And you gotta be a great idea for raven to have a brother or sister but Christina didn't wanna get another dog she wanted to get a cat's. So she wouldn't she didn't think about how great would react to a cat in a positive way so she actually went down to the Lubbock shelter. And she had big the dog actually pick out the cat. And that's cool so they let her bring bring an end with her actually likes knew about the cast yet that's exactly what they did not recall the cat's out of the process I'm sure and one by one they would go through some of the Katz says did not and didn't show any interest in raven. Other cats raven and finding interest in them but then they came across a formidable feline named what house who turned out to be the one. And actually raven picked with the house out so they adopted is she adopted would house and almost a year later the two are inseparable. They huddled together this year the onus is they'll come as much as they once did but they do everything together they eat together they play together big chill together. And that's press these photos are adorable I hear that the adult daughter just like rattled up next to each other don't you they are very cute in you can see the pictures at a website and their FaceBook page and you can also follow cristina's. Documents say she documents raven and what house under into Graham account which we have links for. Up and are well FaceBook page and our website keep I feel like what house is more and has adapted in some large dog like behaviors and Adam both. On secede else in the car together and going for air ride if I tried out my cat are you kidding me not to try to get try to get a cat in a car and I would never come out alive pool right kidney.