9.7.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-USB-C cord Comes To iPhone XS-Pizza Downright Dangerous

Friday, September 7th

Coconut oil may be the reason for your recent acne attack, houseplants you can’t over water and pizza is downright dangerous! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, September 7, 2018.

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I have had a head though it is the united point 5 KTU morning show recap for Friday September 7 at today's show was info at June attainment absolutely as does it mean it was all kinds of information there's education. In whose very entertaining absolutely we do wouldn't miss I really do want to today at one dollar to order to can't candid to its stated just wears out too much you know from beetlejuice. Think South Korea just. You always said yes to that goes some way home and like as techs led the Burt Reynolds who died also us. It was set maybe wanted to what are my favorite movies for it was a smokey and the bandit was kid yes I mean I knew when I got like the little CB book held the ten Kos does it ever think so you know what I was. But in the kind of a sad passing on his and isn't easy to heart attack. So yeah I this morning on the show we talked about why it seems like you are let's be honest to sit behind a desk all day now. Answer phones and an email here and computer. Mean maybe even need lunch at your desk not a lot of physical exertion I did like it takes so much energy to boost opened the door to get home get home and you'll I am Pete I can't make dinner I'm exhausted. What's gone on here and that's what a site to life kind of put out early it's light. I'm what they found was that kind of this goes back to our our preprogrammed days when we actually were hunter gatherer type people die so your mind as you're sitting at work. Is tell a figuring out how am I gonna do this Bob it's plotting it's figuring out everything that normally would do. However your body's not kind of not take any orders from your brain. So you know for instance when your route hunter gathering at figure at a to take the buffalo down or whatever and so Europe you would run and you would do whatever you don't have the physical activity. So what happens is it confuses your brain. And in essence it makes your brain tired in your might your muscles like wait a minute we haven't done anything I'm not tired at all that probably leads to why. Sometimes you feel so tired and you have sleeplessness and it just it doesn't really work out for you so that's because metal fatigue is you're not getting enough physical activity physical activity so the basic same balance there is simple as going out already long walk. At once a day agreed I should be a really good way that kind of balances your brain activity with the physical activity. And therefore should dial up you feel better now and right after launch of the could take a little walker it'll be you'll burn a lot more calories from that luncheon Tuesday. Mitch got me a bicycle over the weekend last weekend. And now we knew going cycling every night when he gets home from work through it and and yet is I've been sleeping better at lake. Less hours because I am. What anyways that's another story but let that the sleep that I am getting is so much better because I'm finally physically tired right. As well as mentally tired man you have a helmet right. I Wear helmets and I have the biggest seat they can possibly give me most comfortable because yes those those. There's lazy boy Emeka bicycle seat and Mason bicycle seat now without the front part. All look at things we've got to gallium literally little sore thumb yeah yes no or yes so I was tempted to get bad but it doesn't give you the best posture and write to your question. Lucy's on this morning is it's one of the any notes let's. That amount of let's say about the new iPhone is should be out here next week they're anticipating the ten as nothing really I didn't see anything like it's going to be influenced by money is the same process are all like for him I think it's a little better process or Lou had a camera movement you know enough to it's a just drop what you're doing but. If this is kind of the biggest news is actually gonna be the connecting cable bills now since the creation of of of the iPhone back in 2007. They've always used to USB port Frida plug into your sir phone or are at Chirac computer to charge liturgy your card charge it. So all the stuff was kind of builds on it but did you know there were different USB's. There's a USB a yeah there's a US BC. And that it out 32 USBs and my drawers I don't know what any I'm I'm for anything until I can't wait to add another one yeah it's the end you stick into your should your ball charged that the plus thing pelican that's what's changing because it's getting smaller and it's called the US BC connector. It actually is better for us as it will charge the phone faster and data goes across a much faster or quicker this model has had no idea the did he passes data faster yeah and that was the whole thing about it makes no says member of the militant and yet thirty Penn. A lightning yeah right down to the eight. It sends data faster I don't understand nothing less is more about. But the big news is that of course everything like your car that and your computers and everything are not gonna be able to charge a phony not to be able to connect to play music through Europe. The era to a ship like Bluetooth a lot of talk my broker regardless invest in adapter out who's us originated adapter and that's what Apple's plot plan is as they launched next week is to sell a US it's US BC. Adaptor for a US beat a widget to her when we have. Sold separately of cars are just like apple has this and it this kind of adjusting though this is the food aid the US beyond protocols for how these were made. We've been on this it's been the same once since 1996. So it is a guess time port to a halt to faster you know the data being transferred. Am I know bio whole drawer full of old stuff that the cat and working people are and I am one of those you know the those are some little lake extra phone charges you can bring with you. They're nice and sleek and small and you can like if you're out on the go you comply your phone intuit them like currently have no idea where. The correct to US beef to charge the chargers always OK so it's useless it's because yet again. It's another. Freak in charger or a. It reminds me of the it was the mini US speed is super mania and all this other thing if for like for the android's in a memento yeah Terry Ryan as like I have no idea how to charge this and cinemanow hopefully this works I just I just bought it might grow. Mood of memory memory chip and Dennis are the many ones and others a micro 12 that's like decide your thumbnail you sneeze you lose a job Sears totally on the carpet and thought. I'll start up that coconut oil mom all right the face it might be at peace it might be a broken you know dad it's actually I'm it's great for cooking or not so great and if he's in moderation side. Apparently it's really good for standard and some people some people in actually cause you to break out with act mean that's thanks to be. Como exhaust telegenic coming a genetic property and oils and and basically it causes your Porsche to to back up. So causes white heads are black candles okay there you go see and and if that happened right away takes a little while for this to happen to me and I will. So is in coconut oil for years on the everything. That guy in my big fat Greek wedding with the index yes that's I don't discuss is an oil five cents I'm eating a split ends coconut oil right now coconut oil. And I've never this is a very hot. Colorado oil needs. It's not as in it's it doesn't affect everybody but yes it's if you had a recent acne breakout and about a month or so you've been on the easing Coca revenues super refute a day or two. And wondering what happened that's probably where it stems from for just finds opinion has less of that particular oil which is the argent and hope Obama. Boils. The senate right this time Paul holt why it is in our mojo this hat at the Bob Hope. Hey speaking of oil let's talk about pizza man it's is the most dangerous food out there because it's pointy write it well it is dangerous and biggest dangers more because of the hot cheese and the utensils used to Condit. This is according to the US consumer protection safety commissioner said last year alone about 2300 people. Or is rushed to emergency rooms with pizza at related injuries that this is let me let me clarify this a Tony 300 people were rushed to the emergency room and admitted they had he has you related Annika is not. Hold knows how many are really wants Chris Vick couldn't come up with a better story about an hour job and I had to tell it was a pizza are better you know they talk about the little pizza we'll you slice it may be having a load your finger offer something like that that maybe I would imagine the hot gooey cheese and it really is true mr. Tino pizza which by the way so far thirty years ago we're still a dollar each arrived and are still a dollar each. And I you when you pour when you're younger and everything I would stick into the cabinet takes like thirty minutes to cook in your starving in the last ten minutes because it's a smells organized. You pull it out I mean is chomping down atop your mouth is just gone their infield with liquid love it out if you were on the roof your mouth the emergency room can do an important now they really that it ice cream comes. At that. They talk about not only it's not like burning and ending hurting yourself with acts like some fall related injuries they say there's actually people have not been reported. Are falling while carrying a pizza okay falling off falling in pizza places was a lawyer. And even falling out of bed while reaching for a pizza yes fat bastard. I. When I actually admitted that he I was the receiver needs and I fell out of breath. So there you ago. Bay Area and whether bringing this out it's kind of tongue in cheek but they're talking about meaning you know Bieber or mindful of mundane things everything the other things are used to doing every day we'll just be more mine but I'll do that at the gym I'll go and sometimes a phenomenon sleepy arm distracted a stop because I'm not. Concentrating on ice form and a Canadian literature itself via who can via. Our house plans may love this one admitted that the story Crist and shared with us when we were talking about applied buying plastic houseplants. But she rolls arising and or see if I tell the story again right you guys show was that you were watering a plant configure a water. Pat we got a new house and it had a beautiful window box out the kitchen window. And so I edit gorgeous flowers and it's so I water dumb and I wanted them and a lot of them yeah around they've Bloomington. I mean the blooms again it'll change your beautiful. I about a year later like you said I went outside because I just was finally. Realizing a light bulb came on wait a minute after they were plastic check this with the we hurt earlier real tender box but they were classic. Well we did learn that apparently applied how water does not destroy you can't over water plastic plants which channel or water regular plant so there are some players that are like bring it on right now I'll take the water there and now they look pretty nice one of them is called baby tears as a bright green creeping and love this problem usually contrary -- is where you'll find it but if you put as a hanging play it it actually looks really really nice hangs over new controller up and stuff he looks like like apparel and you can't over water nightclubs. Waters and bring on here. Cyprus' plans have tall grass like shoots topped with slender brackets that troop downward into an umbrella shaped nice. They're very they're native to tropical swab so yeah below the water's well and in the Boston first. It's an upright shamrock green font fronts a troop gracefully apparently is very easy to grow on top of the fact that you never arts elected to the root strikeout yet and they're easy to find -- at the classic house by the Boston are right absolutely they say about it regardless of how much water they have a really goes down to having proper drainage you can't have the water sit there because it will stay and start to ride out the route. So make sure that your your planner has holes and at the bottom tier pot is probably the best yeah you can kind of see where change is called a strike. And it finally. My favorite story evolve on the today. Any of this deal we can go about this stereotypes guys love sports where does not so much but. Sometimes women will just kind of play along don't really understand what's below the game but they you know they know there has been really likes the game in the they like it. But here's what they have found out women are just as passionate probably more passionate about their favorite sports teams than Mitt that's incredible as recent surveys this who'll turn the world upside down they found out when it comes to passionate sports fans women are more than a more than men are turned off when you're not a fan of their team I'll. So if you love the New England Patriots tenure and Eagles fan yeah she loves the patriots. Man you're at for girls it's like one out of four women wouldn't dates if you were root for the wrong -- out W vs only 15% of guys would do the exact same words he's glad you you answer the phone I thought I guess that fact they said that most may wish that their partnership there general enthusiasm for sports. A third of the men men wished that they are they actually said that they be willing to gain ten pounds. So or even had twenty minutes or their commutes in order for the partners to share their interest. This is probably the most interesting one nabbed by about almost 41% of Mensa that they is that more important that their partner root for the same team. Then in me more important that they come from the same religious backgrounds out of malaria and or share sports fan if I offend amendment religion and Emma comes to bound to the crowd while 22% of those passionate fans that they turned down romantic encounters. To watch the football game or sports game when crystal ball to bow bow you know them all yet the other priorities straight and a half I thought. I know I it's like really casino and nothing nothing nothing gets sports I'd like watching sports and there's always another game there isn't always another love you and that's how. Really agree anyone mention higher avid hockey fans and meets lake very different teams thankfully not teams at eighty each other but it. So it's I got a great. Hockey joke I can't tell right now nearly half. Activity even though it's a podcast I just can't do it there are. It must go off comets are you guys all right so we minority agenda to the just say you can you can now attacks Middleton photo I thought. After that that works better. Those so that's our show today Friday September 7 of course we're on the air live Monday through Friday and ninety point five educate the punch line is so they can both watch the hockey game. Mean that's I'm not it's Allman Italian I thought ABC yeah.