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Wednesday, September 6th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, September 6, 2017.


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OK. Well I don't know podcasts. For KTK the morning show lets us Wednesday September 6 2070. Our disk it Irma you can kind of see a little bit of to be the I traffic increases on the roads. Hotels from what we understand what you are saying that hotels and even available up through Atlanta Bernard let destroy the closest hotel room and there are evacuating the keys right now as we speak here this is early on a slow Wednesday morning. And two days. What we we can only pray that this he's gonna head Easton. It's trending a little bit toward these but with the it's way too early for us to know for I area I find this very interesting I think this is gonna be the first hurricane were Amazon prime really plays a factor into of people are ordering. Like water and some per editorialize shatters the stuff like that through Amazon. In Canada have you tried any gone on now I ordered a solar powered cellphone charge or just in case it was one of the things up on the list. Prime is now three days our LA and who. I would labor and where is my prime today I thought I was allowed then nope. It's so everybody's ordering so much stuff now the fastest psychic it was prime three day. That is it's just amazing I've never heard of a delivery service actually delivering hurricane supplies so now. It's up to that I guess is Eddie it's good you know I was gonna go and it was on the order stuff but apparently meant I get a better stuff and doesn't you know a lot of things are delivered it from Amazon none via FedEx and one woman had a real tough time trying to get to prove who she was now. If outlets were locked in arena that's Elvis right home home beyoncé of course she does meet its Bay Area cash stained. Madonna I guess you know that Madonna is Madonna writes usually would hope cannot FedEx apparently they have are being going back and forth with her about her identity her she's trying to get a package deliver and what will release a two hour. Or sheared her frustrations than online photo of striking a pose of a disheartened to Madonna compared with a message. We've been arguing with FedEx all week in your really are Madonna and they say they won't release your pet may still more relational package. So her fans really kind of took to it which at those kind of funny they started dead doing all these puns on her spiral or. One of them advised her to open up the door wearing her pointy broad no idea you know you remember that Lewis suggested to fed express yourself. And I know asking FedEx to get into the groove. So I finally somebody from FedEx said hate it due to coherent topic that's what's most of this opening squared away so. Don't know if that's true or not if it actually happen to Madonna got her package. I would be itching to know which she watered yeah that's exile and know exactly what's in there an easy. Visited them the big batteries on ma am very interested. All right so we a bailout may only have two minutes of power and if you music to miss wisely to make. The two minute chocolate chip cookies is your article I wise ladies gentlemen it is super easy as well all you need is a microwave and a T a tablespoon of but I. Two tablespoons a soft brown sugar a teaspoon of Vanilla extract four tablespoons of all purpose flour and a teaspoon of chocolate chips. Melt butter for thirty seconds and then for the remaining ninety seconds go ahead and mix everything together. On played out on a Mike received plate while. Instant cookie on healing to do this tonight you know try it Alia hot chocolate chip could you tomorrow more lows and moving around a bed time you can have them in any attention act. As they get a third. Oh Canada and new import he's about two lemon knock over the pumpkin spice craze or PS Ellis is known. First some of us that not nailed NASA now know. I mean I live with the US and Canadian when he says PS cell that's the pumpkin spice latte which I believe was the first thing doesn't start making. Pumpkin spice so pervasive in our society yes you may remember a few years ago that's what got everything going and companies kind of follow along with this. And has since last year 49% more products are containing pumpkin some sort of pumpkin. But they've only seen about a 21% increase in sales so don't let anyone percent is my mom. He feels aren't just talking with pumpkin everything every year for Christmas everything. Every thing I needed invoice I just let you know exactly what everything is just I didn't I didn't I. Yes OK. I found that by the way there's been an uptick in maple flavored. At a rounds and if they said that dead drinks 85% and I have now increased and now contain some sort of maple. 50% of alcohol drinks at a Dunkin' Donuts actually debuted there I'm there maple peak on iced coffee this year. Sounds to me and Starbucks has an off them off the menu item you can vehicle the maple mocha cappuccino and as you mentioned storm. Once big cut coffees falls if the rest of the nation that's all that's true in Canada there's actually so something called the maple mafia. It's a group of people who've got together like OPEC. And they're controlling the maple supply. Yes promise you know go around then you know they they talk like. Enough for you can't refuse this idea you know you trees look the mighty sick pay. Yeah you never. I experienced. Canada and maple unless you've gone to a sugar shack and brought Mitch to all of us home last time what's that and it is everything chapel in the middle of the woods where they literally are tapping trees and they bring the buckets where they tapped the trees into the table. They are process in the maple syrup and it's a breakfast buffets. Of maple every thing in the middle of nowhere in the middle in the middle of the woods because that's merlot I mean that's for the trees are answers yeah its all the may parole coalition Ares and they're called sugar shacks. And I highly recommend going to come back. Are wrangling and sugar shack they only in spring times earlier he had a couple months to plan the chance to win the sap is running in yelling tax no rights. To keep that in mind yeah they literally have troughs of ice. And they pour hot Naples there Ben and you take us home and you ran down and it turns into a maple pop up. I thought you may appear are that's a gross of sorry I don't know. Ten minutes to. Listens maybe you're gonna close my eyes are prohibited. All right I think as a kid I was my like my armor leg hanging on the side of the day visit Shaw's is gonna come up a night that there's that much of that lives under your bed and there's a monster in your closet too by the way he and you know a lot of times as parents we try and not calm our kids telling them as a assisting as monsters but. There's an interesting thought process of actually taking in Iran and using your child's vivid imaginations and empowering on the sound. And servicing business this thing is a monsters when Al Gore at a say you know what. And seen is a monster in your room pass on Amazon is today there's some monster spray wreaking yet it's now or set the recipe on Adobe can make some makes monsters and have the have the child help you make the monsters right in go around a spray around spring in the closet behind the doors into the bed and everything and that will keep the monstrous right. You can also may have a monster I vanishing powders soared since waters in can be effective as well and then. Probably one of the better ones is to play along with their imagination. Having your child dress up the monster so kind of inquisitive asked him what does the monster look like it was the Muster wearing in what kind of shoes for the monster captain and then you end up turning to be as very fearful into something that is kind of delightful and fun in there to work our way for the month didn't exactly make it whimsical put to put a bonnet on an 22. Suspect in this every night aria yeah intensity at the and then now the flu shot and a lot of people are afraid of taken a flu shot and it's kind of the sobering numbers of up to 50000 people die annually from the slew. Of all things should you get the flu shot or not some people think that gives you the flu now that's what they tend I think that's the number one reason why people don't wanna get that and that's absolutely not true they say that the vaccine although is. From the current strains of act flew. They are not really alive and basically buys is gonna realize that's kind of a poster see that. Now attacking when it comes to the body says there's a chance I meant that's a good analogy here at their in other one to have the items is that it's maybe it's unsafe that you know the whole anti vax movement or whatever. The CDC says as of as vaccines go the the flu vaccine is among the safest medical products in the use of and do the best thing is to discuss it with your doctor and may be considered doing I've done it for the last three years and I had not cut the flu and you're still with us to pay now. Thank goodness I've never had a flu shots never and I had the flu before no I don't think so near future so young Betsy what happens we get older. They start. Happening you know I don't know a lot of maple syrup that's what does it that's it's Mabel stared slows down and metabolism first line of defense and you won't believe it. I've listened we're red course have blue continuous coverage if you rig is required for her cane Irma. At our website which were were put in all the information about sandbags in enclosures. Any shelters that are open and any place is to have our water ice batteries generators and stuff like that download the app to yes make you do demo they have we can instantly send you information faster than than texting believe I'm not I got mine got my notification this morning yes it's excellent and it's free it's for Amazon has for him resides for an android and for iPhone. Catch us weekday mornings cited did in ninety point five TT can't say yeah.