9.5.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Less Than Half Adults Have A Will-Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Nonstick Cookware

Wednesday, September 5th

Another case for a four day work week, less than half of adults have will and ways you’re ruining your nonstick cookware. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

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And Aris the united point 5 Katie came morning show recap for Wednesday September 5 2018. Let's go and jump into wishing her flu shot. Now yeah you got till October to do it right end of October they say experts to say anyone over the age of six. Especially those that are elderly or you know have the immune of the cumulative autoimmune prop issues to cook it thinks it via the flu shot. Immediately and they syndicates had enough time for your body to kind of react to it CA and prepare yourself for the fall and winter wind. I can actually be you can actually catch these. The couldn afloat it's the new improved formula two day visit to veteran and formula hopefully they've I guessed correctly for this go around by its. Still better than not than nothing at all. Yeah I after watching my friend right now has the flu IE I was kind of on the fence about getting it especially after last year yeah it was a crapshoot I cannot believe I did not get it last year well but it's awful play in the odd player game check around Fiji you like people offering gift cards free dinner yeah. So I think we have public's one yes yes street ten dollar gift card and and you get your foot out there a lot of free stuff yeah initially your flu shot. And other case for a four day work week we love this when you're 78% of full time workers say that they could do their job in under seven hours each day. If you just let me work as an erupted at uninterrupted leave me alone this all does speaks to working from home as he heads guys they say I can work even a 45% said. I you're working even now quicker. By not bothering me and maybe even cut down to only working four days out of the work week Yahoo! and its if you if you quote does leave me alone I get the stuff done probably in five hours absolutely hated a I love this though number one reason people say they get in or out of debt in erupted when they're at work. It because they're fixing a problem not caused by yourself. Yeah I hate us I absolutely hate the thing like well that's not my job because I think everybody should be a team player. But I'm sorry when you're interrupting me was something that needs to be fixed that genuinely has nothing to do is mean yes I that is the biggest trying to suck. It really it definitely that's definitely is administrative work of meetings and customer issues also to blame for work interruptions. And it also kind of changes for the generations as a baby members of I say their biggest time waste is a fixing other people's mistakes. Gen X or same meetings are their biggest time waste me O'Neill say social media as a big time waste. And the zero us. As the generation Z say that there most time that they awaits is resolving workplace conflicts. They're just trying to make everybody happy you know those last they'll learn those last two really have nothing to do with work now that the social the social media thing don't. And the thing about you know you're you're really young and I know. That you're worried about the relationships in the workplace and stuff that. It is Betty you know that just I would say I give them a green passage pass because look you know they're young they don't know that you know exactly didn't work and now you orbit people are not like them. It's ideal that every day every day I just put you up correct you're in up correcting the mistake that suggests that since on a conference call and so we also talked about. It Aretha Franklin a passing away did you see her funeral by the way I'm her yeah I'm a real with all the pink cadillacs I absolutely love that here. This is really sad about the queen of soul she had eight about it estimated eighty million dollar estate that she had no will at all and our sons play without Angel probate somehow yes and now everything all her estate is tied it for months even in years perhaps in the court system and could as easily been taking care of if she's gotten a will or a living trust but she's not alone 50% of Americans say they do not have a will trust our power of attorney. Even worse for parents to have kids under the age of eighteen that jumps to 64%. So you know if something does happen to you. The courts will decide where your children go where your assets divided that takes a long time he had really does so take years it's very in a text and not a long time for you to make a trust or a living will in fact. A state planners say the biggest misconception people not wanting to do that is is say they just don't have time. What they don't have the assets. To leave anyone that's not necessarily true you have 401K you have property you have bingo accounts will bill writes you have dogs yeah dogs have all the stuff here that you don't need to kind of outlined a say who's gonna take care of wife. And they eyes say it's very simple to do I just make sure you have a list of your assets when you go talk to is an estate planner. Which would be your property your investments your valuables the count you have and think about who you trusted designated as the exact interview will. And I make sure that you keep it up to you because you know you do get new stuff and so if you have goes away yes I don't. Gimmick is suggestions you know don't make your kids the executive or your well. Yeah that's Chelsea have a really good family friend or a sister or brother somebody that is still living. I don't know my mom didn't make us the exact air her well she is still living but I just think about how stressful that would be. I can tell you from experience it is an amazing amazing how people who are family other light ravenous dogs which he dies I'm looking for property or. You know that our family writes just kind of you know just stick their head and look at yes Fred handout it's desperate it's a sad and pathetic so. I save the aggravation and get a well okay. Five mistakes that radar nonstick cookware we found out a lot today. Number one in the list is using your cookware on the too high of heat setting if you're that person that's up to settings of off and high. You're probably doing a really bad thing you're cooking stuff. Not all that mr. as a mega nonstick thing we can't take too much temperature yeah you know you think that it all worked on that but it's one of the things that kills it and who knew that you had this season yeah you're nonstick. Cookware and it needs it yeah you know I know that you season and iron skillet you know you'd think that the that the nonstick would be fine but no they actually say he should after you clean it take a little bit of the oil on paper towel given alike coding. To kind of keep it fresh there that you don't spread because that's braille get up on the edges and it'll just burn on well he had that kind of this kind of a weird thing especially in a pot you know we split announced that it in what happens is it doesn't burn off all the way on the site stuff. So kind of makes it a sticky gas arrow is an adoptive builds up and it causes problems and and the cardinals and I had a friend who used a metal spatula with my big ceramic. Pay and I was fighting man. I get screws and I was thinking about the sound of that BS sound of the metal on metal and so I I went about a new one and as a house warming just of that person us at here's here's the one you love so much. By the way don't use anything metal always nice lunch and that's why hit you with a win today I thought. You two n.'s Mary is like silicone oh covered spatula. That works as well and then as much as they say that they're dishwasher safe it's probably not a good idea to put him in the dishwasher kind of the same reason like looking into it too much he's. It's super hot water and harsh detergents in your dishwasher can actually work do it's no worse on nonstick cookware so that's definitely where mine went wrong very wrong there yep. You are wrong with relevant pumpkin spice to your hubby does if he does seats enough for both of us aren't going to be rough well now apparently it's healthy so I have like immediately forwarded this to him so. It's with love and hugs and kisses. Apparently it was to us about the goodness a pumpkin. Not so what's the pumpkin spice to pump yourself it's a high fiber. Vegetable. That is what you cook at one one serving contains three grams of fiber. He used the canned version has seven grams and your supposed to have about 25 grams fiber so. A delicious way to get that fiber in your system and he threw more pieces of pie yeah yes you know I'd just like carrots sweet potatoes pumpkins contain high amounts of beta carotene that's great for the eyes also. Your your brain and a long health as well. There are great way to boost your immune system apparently the via pumpkin seeds do a really good job Kazan have a lot of zine and I'm. And they it's kind of fun activity to carve out the Jacqueline and cook the seeds I embassy on the start rumors saying that yeah pumpkin seeds that's was in the Lucia. This is in the first that's not just cinnamon that's what's you agree you give it says president Mary Chara. And then they finally we talked something about car subscriptions this may be the next time you buy car an option for you because right now you can either by the car. Either cash or load. Where you can lease a car for certain amount timing get a new car but this one works kind of like your Netflix where you pay a subscription monthly fee a car payment percentage. But instead he just keeping the same car if you want to swap out a car. In this same amount of money that you pain you can automatically do that without any penalties. Insurance is covered maintenance is covered also you get the a bucket of miles you can drive and it is well that's cool and the best part is in the example that the story talked about is that if you're doing like a home rail project on the weekend yeah I could swap out the car for a truck. So you can move your stuff in and out and give back to your car without car incurring any additional expenses. After going on a road trip may be and you need to brings like more than your Karl hold rights could be acute Barack cute. I mean it can be cute but it could be a good way for you to get all your stuff in the one place. Been mean there's third party serves as a do this right now but actually doing at the big companies doing afford it's actually testing a pilot with their off lease vehicles. That is basically say like a subscription you paste 37 Unita must for a Ford for Steve a sub compact type of car. All the way up to 11254 Lincoln Navigator luxury XEV anytime you wanna swap around you discordant swapped. That's so cool history anyway so maybe some new options into buying that vehicle for it. So that's our show for today Wednesday September 5 of course we're on the air live Monday through Friday an idea point five KT JBC yeah.