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Tuesday, September 5th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recal for Tuesday, September 5, 2017.


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And KM morning show recap for Tuesday September 5 2000. Seventeen RE into it's a September. Without watching the storm that's out into the Atlantic sheets. Kind of big and nasty look and they're just turn into a category five with the 0:7 o'clock update 175. Mile an hour. And sustained winds that is a bad dog Padilla. Right there we hero hoping to somehow it's you in Evernote scanner early in the week they're saying that problem by the weekend as South Florida is the we'll get it may be will get some of the rain but. Will keep you updated regardless what happens I'm hoping that some. Miracle something happens this kind of covers up to the Atlanta yen lower and a low pressure high pressure pressure some pressure piano part aside. Nobody's done ticket turned I ran across a piece of advice we've got. Of course I cagey canine five dot com. The list of things you need to do to prepare for the hurricane but here's some you can do it has some advice is take pictures or videos of all your valuables goes. The insurance companies not really your friend in this area are all that's good idea so I view of a video that gives you some kind of vote. Well it's awesome you can refer to yeah everyone's got a video now on the front exactly yeah all right so let's talk I know we talked about today on the show as we read talk the recap. A hot cup we talked about split custody which are probably Durham on Labor Day weekend a lot of divorced couples may be had a split the kids up some. Yeah this true they say they know about half a yes marriages end and in divorce and in most case is about 80% of divorce cases. Mothers receive full custody of the kids and there's a new report out suggesting that that's really kind of wrong. They say about a fair balanced. Relationship between a mom and dad is what the kid really needs me this data was analyzed from over 800 children a divorced couples and offended the kids who had lived which is one of the parents. More likely to experience stress multiple times in a week vs kids ahead joint custody and just as they missed the other parent glanced right. We started out from the beginning with shared custody and meaningless week on week off it didn't matter how old he was and I think it's worked out great. Writes a really improbably gave you know he Jeremy and kids there have split trust me. A custody are more resources from each parent yes you know they have different viewpoints in there in different ideas and stuff like that so. What they're saying here's the worst thing you can do is declare one person a winner and one person a loser in a divorce you're both winners according to your kids. Carry out the first time that Jeremy like assumed. That his mother and I were best friends I was like we've done something right in our lives are like he told some mailing my parents are best friends like we three iron that's fantastic and its parent and very that's very RIA temper a set a goal and Sarah just that's right. I I've been teaching enough Christmas April Seko were sent thick it's a slightly sweep the Italian sparkling wine sweet goodness storage and it's in the imports are up or 31% from last year here in the United States. And one of the reasons is so popular is it's very sweet in at least to the person costs Meyer Mohammed and it's not hasn't nothing to do this is not a it's not a compliment as you have a lovely for Sacco a smile why what's wrong my teeth eyes so what happens is a great that they use that to make this one have a lot of sugar and of course is you know yeast each shivered the byproduct is alcohol. But there's always a little bit of residual assured that left in his left and because there's so much and it's. Mixed in with the acidity of of alcohol means that you're tease her starting to rot a little bit faster if you know as little white line. I just below the gum line. It's starting to happen so. You might one and it takes some glasses of water in between your drinks just to kind of wash away that sugar and acid. But I did not know this when you're looking at getting white ones are usually don't like the white lies to Dutch big difference between brute and dry. And it comes to the sugar content there's actually more sugar in dry winds than brute yeah and not those of the categories that it goes from brew two to sack. SA CSX and that's the sweetest winery is in me in the white but brute. Is the driest meaning it has less amount of sugar in check this out Kristen brick contains up to twelve grams of sugar per liter while dried versions have 32 grams of sugar. I never my ASI think intelligent as a working with the nutritional lessons after treading it'll healthier. She told me to start substituting some of them line. Drinker and she said the start substituting fruit and I was like I don't understand why and we didn't have time to get into it meant here this makes total sense now. I really did however meant either but they're not talking about Cologne Kattengell on amber that believe me that's not the idea but don't drink enough where I don't buy Burris shouldn't have to tell people not different kilometer we are and Hillary aren't September guys Kimberly authority here into this month nerve wallet has come up with things you should mention by this month yeah this. Something wrong about this the book the thing use one of the things you shouldn't buy. And this is whatever is gonna buy our Halloween costumes yeah Halloween costumes and a TVs you need to let's television skip from at least this much here's the idea. Course September's out we've got all the fresh merchandise for Halloween outs and they're gonna go like hotcakes. I will bet you money that princesses. And Star Wars care years just like last year will be big this year yeah a resettle a constant from last year the only thing that changes lawyer says it was the politician that we make fun of it after they change and from time to time but. There were literally you should have bought your Halloween costume in November of last year right after Holloway or better yet maybe go to one of the thrift stores of edits there and cheaper price what they'll bite your candy in November and save it for the next year you can bet that the players are able to replace it doesn't get past I guess Thanksgiving. Or let's say go ahead and buy those airline tickets right now they say that's important are back to the TVs they say that's this dog a time to buy TV that's the end of January. Early February. But that's a long way as a ways but it's just Black Friday is generally you're good day of buying TVs are getting a good deal of yeah. Our bios airline tickets now especially if you're going home for Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year's. They say that only the prices are only gonna go from this point and you're still about that eight minutes we eight weeks week window. Of where you're gonna get the lowest price on airline tickets yeah now is the best time to buy for airlines are yes. My data my brother were about to come visit they just went to a British Columbia SC my sister and when she was driving them to the airport they pass all the wildfires that are going on embrace a right that's right and my sister. And they went to buy their tickets to come down here and Alec wait you have a hurricane even if there's no winning right now health. Ali wow. Well we don't know for gonna get a hurricane yes in local some of them anyways we have one heck of a party nice out I told them you've never seen hurricane parties that have been imported during. And finally the new iPhone if you're big chomping at the bits looking and you storm Robertson how much your following them on the precipice trying to make my decision here and got the aid iPhone eight coming out later on this month they're saying wait till after it's released is that what's gonna happen is the hot item of the iPhone seven right now. Price is gonna drop and even what the seven S coming out eventually a prices will drop a little bitsy and save a little bit money and Fiat relates to new complete bells and whistles that are offered in the eight. You know save some money on buying said that I'm not generous in the thousand dollar price tag remember reading about for the day isn't it crazy I know I know they're good they're gonna beats the point where the remains expensive as cars went yeah while. Myths about that gluten free diet other factor they fiction there's three of and that seemed to be circulating as to why you should go ahead and go on a gluten free diet yeah it will give you more energy. A kid helps him weight loss and it's a gives you overall levels of inflammation or tummy problems and who. Don't first off the FC connect diseases completely different that's a matter of life or death he really should consult a doctor to make sure he if you have it or not but. But the other things it's really a lot of it's all. Fiction we're talking about the weight loss and energy gains. They say met when you may see it dropping your way to give the go on a gluten free diet a here's what's happening a lot of gluten is in those processed foods. And if you're not eating those processed foods William you're gonna lose way things are eating healthier right there that's how it works by the way there is that they say that if you stick to eight gluten free long term diet the likelihood is that you'll find less LT gluten free options and who nearly Florida and the way or we're back with you no problem now edit gluten. It's very it's got to be good to say they have with the with the fat free ES fat free on a but the name of the calories were still there and it doesn't matter how much fat it's the calories that make different now you and Paul police only on Lehman late and all in it yeah yeah out that nationals announced that Ben's OPEC still gloomy data. They also say the same thing for your help now if you feel better not eating gluten foods or maybe one or two teams in the gluten that I may cause you problems. Stick with it if it works for you great but you know the idea as to sit they're not drop everything. Says you don't throw everything at your cabinet and by everything good briefing you're gonna lose weight or feel healthier it's not necessarily the case is Alec is basically what that said he is talking about. Sidesteps to a stress separate yourself from a stressful life we all have those brand new just seems to walk through life without a care in the world are whistling past the graveyard Rome is burning and AM the time of their life how. How does that happen to get them moment is and here's some things that you can implore. Have kids. Does that then I just killed three out there could be yet. How are getting a little bit more sleep well yes they say 68 hours from what you should have the you know instead of that sixty or ninety minutes a day that you worried about. I don't know which it considers the report tomorrow what you gonna say that. To Judith when you see here in the morning national HI bad go ahead and sleep because it makes such a difference in the morning you had you'll feel much more common content that's entering a Pittman again and it's screaming at me about sleeping again is that a well listen your fed and I know I need Ellison spin put me at times and your friends connecting with your friends and loved ones can be huge stress buster with recent study concluding that. Friends and family to reduce situational stress as well as stealing or having somebody to bear those burdens which he. A pet dogs and cats do that too haven't they don't know having a parent absolutely. How about this win here don't be a workaholic I know little bubble what the number on your work email is trying to you know any crazy don't take your phone with unions and are not that big deals don't. Do get an email. Alert on your phone you can always go to her email the maker email Columbia now he can turn off you can tell he froze a very Smart this article Smart you know turn off the notification if he needed. And it finally just a simple work out even as walking them or just when he thirty minutes a day can release endorphins. And that com generators and then finally I thought was interesting reading. I'd a found out a recent study found that just six minutes of pleasure reading in the daily really the issue stress. That's in the stuff ball works to ruinous mr. pages of a book you you know I should be very relaxed their religion has vodka he. Know when I was revenue gains on every day did start for a little Allison inaudible and like having somebody read a book to me and was just so distracting. Who was it was it appears he's Pierce Brosnan or I actually funny enough all the books Arad were read by the authors are that's real apple lake Tina Fey line and Amy Poehler and all of those they read by the author which makes it even more hilarious. About Patrick Stewart to release I am not hundreds do something along the sides of the wonderful. And it finally the most underrated exercising found today a drum roll please app to have Evans a simple walking. No equipment necessary to listen about Derek Keds or something and they that that is my go to I walked thirty minutes every day without fail. And it works and you know what I found out when you're shopping if you just pulled into the parking spot you find first yeah he's that further away yeah. Ace less stressful. Big and then exercises track maintenance usually know any person to those trees way on the middle of nowhere in news some dual role India now yet here's what they say walking will do the the benefits. Empress fitness cardiac health alleviate depression and fatigue improves move creates less stress and joints. On their joints and reduces pain. -- prevent weight gain reduces risk of cancer and chronic disease improves endurance contest tabulation and posture as well as many many other good stuff and it gets you from point eight appoint believe how about that you don't need to buy any special shoes or anything so he be self walk it's the most underrated exercised and look at what all the when it's hot to all walk around my living room and watch a cooking show. Which you know or whatever you ought to watch but it you know have been I'd set the timer until sir it's thirty minimum timer. And then bingo there we go down on the you don't Easter present syrup bring up I found web sites about a third time I don't know. Part it don't make the ales elect the likes to do the same thing series don't make me ask her yeah. We've been taking the dog's fur rock every night and the one thing that I found is we leave our phones at home. Because we have four dogs so you know won any chance for both of us yeah right and all of a sudden it's like old. ID have to talk to a fast which is a great thinking it's just it's so natural to me like let me bring my phone to take pictures of my normal dogs to him but it's just so much nicer. Just us very nice. Well listen to our show Monday through Friday between five in Santa podcast is available 24/7. We'll talk to you later.