9.4.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Acne Vaccine In The Works-September Sales

Tuesday, September 4th

An acne vaccination may be available soon, why you should keep your child in a rear-facing child seat longer and the best shopping deals for September. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, September 4, 2018.

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Well hello there we 98 point 5 Jay Dickey morning show recap for. Tuesday September 4 brand new month now and have written a short workweek was an ex college is hell. What isn't Thanksgiving is an would but. There's a Thanksgiving I think things gangs that. There's not a far off but it's prisoner. Something in November. Yeah Thanksgiving all. Medical corps a is that there's some sort of military holiday and and veterans today we don't get that off OK let's go to thanks I. Let's talk about a possible act need vaccine this is kind of interesting because. What they're finding out his for the longest time not ax ax the act. Acme treatments have been involved getting rid of the bacteria it's understand yeah come to find out what's happening is that people have bad acne actually it's your immune system working a little too hard to fight off this bacteria was just really. Doing nothing like an overactive. At. Brightens the system right it's just a little too active so you know in essence what does scientists haven't figured out is basically you give your immune system broke glass of wine. Maybe sit down from a bit relax and realize. That this bacteria that's on the skin is not so bad and actually some really good news and a lot of people's self conscious emotionally acne scars and has a kid and look at look at look cool when it happens to Iran when you're trying to figure yourself out socially than right here yet acting on your face to make things even harder absolutely should you get paid for your commute coming into war work this is interesting if you can get work done while you're coming in let's say you're taking a train to work where a lot of people do maybe you should be paid from the time you sort hit that keyboard it really is they say that there is that fine line is coming between work and home life and you gotta admit even at home on checking their work email. And answering things because I don't wanna deal for the morning type thing. That you know should you be compensated for that and that's kind of a big question is what this says survey found especially with. Wi-Fi connections getting even faster and faster and stronger. A lot of the united people can be had you know out of the office and so doing work you so in essence should you get paid for that and wait till self driving cars come along the minute I leave the Booth review of take the first of coffee GAAP. You can imagine that we can be doing a show in the car is I don't know where that's right there in the cart event. Outlets about kids safety sees this is a new recommendation from the American academy of pediatrics they for the August Imus said that kids. Two and under should be there in the backseat and rear facing child seat. They're never advising us a little missing children should ride in the rear facing seat for as long as possible up to the limits of their car safety seat. More more research is coming ousting the safest place for child. Because they're smaller and don't really fit in you know adult size seat belt restraint system. Is India back CNN and any. Room the rear facing child seat. They're kind of clearing it up a little bit missing virtually all kids under the age of two. An inch from 24 they really should be in the backseat facing. Backwards ha just for safety reasons they say for it if you being in an accident. It actually keeps her head to better position from a getting whiplash or. Getting any sort of a really bad injuries were to get car sick though. You know I mean if if I was faced American violence at a lookout the window. All right a little bats army and I would think got released from my car sickness it's not looking up it's looking like horizontal line runs that's it makes me arsenic or really yeah most RC sick anyways because that line should should be the same in. Things are. Like this is steady right here but that's moving really quickly and kind of confusion Brian aren't in a subset. Parkinson's disease this is affects about six point two million people annually worldwide and of course you know we've known that have Mohammed Ali had it. Michael J. Fox Olympic Olympian Davis out piney. From from cycling same. All had Parkinson's disease and what they're finding out through this simple little studying. Is that they actually may be able to find out early in life if you may air beef beep you know a pre a warning that your gonna have parkinson's later on life. And in a vulture keyboard. Actually yeah had a machine that actually looked at the speed of how quickly you were typing keyboard. The slower emit that you obviously were more prone to having parkinson's but what it also figured out is. Parkinson's people have traversed with their hands and make a particular. WAV format of that particular tremor. So they're able to measure that as they're typing as well so that the idea is that they'll have some sort of a typing analysis tools to go into the doctor and tell you hey. You're going to be prone to parkinson's cure some early start treatments to have you better quality of life what would agree that be fabulous for call your life absolutely right. Organizing the junk drawer La who doesn't love doing nets. This is kind of from an organizational experts they say the first thing he should do. Does not refer here John tour as the judge Dora and say that that kind of just say you know it gives you permission to be Clavet cluttered drew ourselves. Create some definition if you have office supplies maybe some personal care items are. Our home improvement items and you joked oral Gordon moved into the proper area. It's a paper clips of him to the office. You have thus most of like an N messenger your putting stuff where it should be and then the stuff that is there's no place for it that's when you kind of organize it. With maybe some dividers boxes or containers to kind of clean up the the John tour you are still kind of spreading your junk drawers around the short OK this is a little more organized our drawers and we're not gonna call themselves now. They're just there are organized chaos resulting with the thought and then does September is the best time of the month to buy washing machines. And home appliances ever knew that yeah I suggest this is the year when the new models are coming and a and so just like with car dealers they've got to move the old ones out and that usually results in steeper discounts in the month of September right. Some hit home more should be done making sure that you measure correctly because it's because it looks like it'll say it does mean welfare and that's right and then also consider making the jump to high efficiency washers is a top load in the front loads the each have their pros and cons. The odd top high efficiency. Actually. And with less water less energy but the front loaders use a little bit more energy but it's softer on the close yeah definitely and out thanks to our friends up north lawn care equipment will be coming down in price and I got one more collateral Europe I'm. Yeah I don't think there's an off season at Florida I don't thinks but yeah that's good news story for look into replace your lawnmower or you weed wacker September is the time to do that. They also suggest looking for new safety features specially lawn tractor technology has come a long way. Something that's called the blade break clutch usually when you let go of the handle bar of a mall or is just the whole motor often in the you know for safety reasons. This actually keep the motor on but stop the blades in a pool and restarted them. Turn your back out doing that. So there you go that's our show for today Tuesday September 14. Of course were on the airline maybe through Friday between five and ten and ninety point five GT JA BC yeah.