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Friday, September 1st

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, September 1, 2017.


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I'd say it's a Katie gave morning show recap for Friday September 1 yet it's September thank goodness on the right checks anymore. To remember I do write checks in your at the wrong date Dahlia I remember the last time my checkbook I haven't checking account yet I have no checks Jeremy tell us. I don't know where in. And now that we start out with a warning. Four people and realize all of us know somebody with a pacemaker Chris your mom has a pacemaker in Sudan is actually a warning out now that hackers can get into your pacemaker yet this is they're trying this is from the US Food and Drug Administration they put out an announcement this week. And several in implantable cardiac pacemakers are vulnerable to cyber attacks of these RF technology originally ribbons and talk back and forth with the doctors and what have you and there is a big security flaw and it could be. Potentially harmful. So which need to do if you have a pacemaker may about a company called Abbott there's a list of them and a web site. Go would make an appointment with your doctor and you have to go in the election to a firm where I'm act. And I you'll be also but they're definitely be on the phone my mom when she makes up you know it was like a half a million people that have this brand of them pacemaker tuning you know it's really sad is IA after research on this story which mrs. brand new I didn't more research. Found that this was a problem back in 2013. As at all. So it's kind of like it's collected doing the XP we never really update your computer yeah viruses were right on so I think that's kind of where these people got caught with their pants down below the what's it just amazes me that that a hacker would hack in to a pacemaker but it in amazed it amazes me that we spend 69 billion dollars on our pets who didn't know that's the ST GDP of many countries that's budget and a lot of that is spent on food so what is the difference between -- -- -- stuff. Andy Moore Heidi already expensive stuff you can spend a lot of money on food they've got some pretty fancy stuff yeah. In short. Nothing and there's no differences nutritional value of the cheap stuff in the expensive stuff is virtually the same but what you have to do is know what the words on the can mean there's that this is the interesting part I thought here I thought so as well there's an organization called the association of American feed control. These are the group that actually makes serve whatever they say is in the can of the bag is actually and it does and it's. And what they we have to realize is that you know pet food companies are marketing to us so not like these do little hole flaming on stake for your dogs eating at me and you know this wonderful they are fresh caught fish. They're eating the stuff that we won't eat in essence the by products yes the entrails. The stuff along those lines which dobbs capsule eleven. It irritated that they speech about across Scarborough are like my wife is that you will Henry doesn't like this to ago he he needs he cleans the cat box death not a pallid thing absolutely self. There's a lot of key words that we use in our food of over the cap related does not translate into the pet world suffer and since you've got organic. Holistic and natural they're completely useless words don't mean anything industry independent streak ever since you know when you pay extra for organic food. It's are you satisfied if it if you say organic dress real certification re all that right Sophia so here's what we go on we have with its label 100% meat or two or 0100% chicken or 100% fish it has to be 100% of the profits be nothing but that isn't right no filler so what did you use chicken has the reference for the rest of this Kate's up its chicken dog food or chicken catcher that means it has to have at least 95% chicken in the dry food. Or 70% in the wet food. Chicken recipe dog or cat food means that it is just has been made up of at least 25% of the meat and recipe yes here's the best one draft made with real chicken sounds great doesn't it yes you can have as little as 3% chicken that percent Israel chicken it's real check out like so they say there was made with real -- we really ready and we do is check normative put that in there so like why did show tort today. I think I've been a medal mom I and so and S and so what you're looking for what you pay for extra when the more expensive food is the sellers could because all gonna have to test sellers in it which are grains. And basically the cheaper ones have more grains and therefore you have more pooped picked up but there is actually something. Well that is is even less than made with chicken and if this as chicken flavor -- it's been near chicken. Yes okay and did I knew chickens at banking Colin shin talked sneering I'm just a few molecules of chicken happened to get into this particular Kenya it was blessed by chickens. Plus if you have valued the young bucks just gonna have judge Jerry issues like we do as well so I kind of keep in mind feel US stay away from a food to have a lot of Barley and soy because those tend to cause gas and if they sleep they'll they'll blow the covers and hit it. And my dogs a marked pillars their wares there allergies are rarely skin allergies yes interesting that I had to go to more expensive food because it has less pillars and all of a sudden the skin allergies finally we have one cat that had a problem with the chewing herself and we don't ask analogies is there a lot like a human diseases may never know what's those who would you can get I couldn't get him restaurant and to be honest with you the cat poop. With his or litter box yes it's much less when you pay you pay extra for that food that is well worth getting it doesn't smell is back you were say yeah that you are amazes me yet because I was Arquette who could be on the periodic table wolf and you know well I when it's freshly made in seconds. Yeah I'd just as strong you'll actually yeah. Pace -- time you're breathing as you're walking by that room yeah my guys let's see here what about the recurring dreams that we have right the one where the records running out in I'm listening to dead errors and driving into the radio station yet that is a radio station during the you'll get if you work and rated ahead of that effort in the works for bank teller and it was kind of belongs in my secure given the wrong much many out. And I zone denominations yet out. So I think we'll have these kind of these fearful recurring dreams. And shortness of what science says about and your mind is this is how you might handle stress because even though you go to sleep your mind's always doing stuff so it's like it's like a pressure valve a little bit it's the pressure valve and what it's doing is your mind is going over things that are gone unsolved yeah yeah so does salt stuff yeah so like let's say eight in at the thank you gave the wrong money at one time and you know what happened. In your mind your replaying that as the worst fear degrade. Have the conclusion to cliff hanger there's no ending to this story writes I have to make one for your dream so the experts say when you have that recurring dreaming you wake up. He needed facing your mind this is how the story ends and fall back to sleep thinking that that should at least get that recurring dream to kick out a bit. And then also you know reduce stress which. We know that's ever gonna has not. Half. Policies since based alarm clocks out I don't get this one that apparently if you wanna wake up to the smell of toaster chocolate you can with this particular alarm clock prison and I think it should be maple bacon and coffee yet. I've never agree with at least the car with the a bacon part. But they've now expand because chemicals since her weight may now expanded into the children's clocks because they need to wake up this was the confusing part for me because it's based on cartoon character's death. From famous cartoons on for I never realize I never put all off. From frozen with was a peppermint government bunker but I don't think they'll let interest now yet to winter style game kind of Pacific got snowed as a real smell like anything no it doesn't. And and you have to make then a banana. Banana so they got that and then also a new new flavors booed. Response. Espresso and grass I would buy that grass in a minute aren't let's look tonight or qualify that grass is the stuff you mole in the law and that's something that comes from a dispensary all right not that now or may not urban grass mowed my photographs do you small like Snoop Dogg video. At that and this one of the stranger comebacks of all time disposable cameras leave this is coming back in May so much time I I would think agers would come back before the disposable cameras yeah he really would but they've almost doubled in sales over the Lou since 2014 days of a three point nine million units of its Fujifilm city anyways and their own projection to. Don't move seven and a half million units and ironically enough the digital generation is one that is buying all this even though every single phone on planet earth yeah now has a camera. I admit I think there's two reasons why people are going back to the disposable camera. One of them is that all the pictures that we take thousands of them stayed digitally stored in your phone in the look at in new now now mean in lithium photo album you'll go back into look at him. And then the other thing is kind of the reason we like taking film cameras is and we knew that put the film off to be developed. He had the waiting game mr. delay in what is it yet and that's one of the reasons as well now if you don't wanna go as far as to the disposable camera which do like the these this vision. This it was strange that app right here yeah good good out at my cam allows you to take 24 low resolution pictures on your on yourself on your cell phone but you can't look at them until three days literacy I downloaded this. I can't tell where this is kind of like everything is instant gratification now Jason I think we're getting too much instant credibility and yeah and people want a little bit of gimme a little drama yell we're going away for the long weekend. And out as soon as we started reading this I'm like how much fun would it be. To take pictures all weekend that are taken away and then no one knows it's going to be there we'll keep in mind you'll have 24. You've got all of you don't have a limited on the have to look and see how many times heavily take extra sense of how many phones here are. I'm not somebody up there like throw up. By putting the new film in the canister that was night and cents times so it's not free so I only get 924 photos for 99 cents and might be a little link. Now young mr. cook cook and it finally we talked about pumpkin spice deodorant yeah it's pumped in its most pumpkins time of the year it is so there's a company called native which is an all natural deodorant brand company and have an all natural pumpkin spice latte synta deodorant do you know how much this thing it's twelve bucks a stick willow looks like a Starbucks bottom half cups all Alex sure and that's what I'm getting had. Give a little confused as to pay seven bucks for wrote for broke coffee yeah you'll you'll definitely dropped twelve per the deal occur. Yeah I mean I am I bought all natural deodorant because this is all natural native as I've had some buy them men that's I mean that's ten to twelve dollars and stick but to not have any of the aluminum and the fox yeah I write really carry you you smell great looks really do. I'm from Minnesota a I guess it was a lot of smelling going on this morning and just sit next to Chris and right here Chris is driving the bus the other side and I get to see an actress she spells Courtney it's should be. Is that this. Rumors what does should be sure you insist he is a local company may viola a girl named Olivia had no idea yeah yes she makes local it's all. I'm organic it's all natural she makes deodorant and body Anderson chapstick and it just smells her 'cause minus cupcake her husband's a police do you ever though if Archie. OK okay yeah. No she's a very talent singer by the understands but that she makes the most amazing flavors and smells and it's just wow I literally am wearing cupcake deodorant. Ha ha it's amazed I was and I value I'll have to get close to. I pay very professional way you just tell us our first indication. My cup game site I don't apologize next door. I catch us week days up from five to ten except Monday we will be often during the liberty weekend and it's a great way to wake that we have fun in the morning that's exactly why we do this so you can have fun this to each and every morning. Bring the kids do this is a G rated show by the way for the most part that we pick the line and now it. Up up up which you may have done it yet to have those conversations with the kids anyway. Acting it will be the ice breaker that's right just don't know between your how to cook. I think but like.