9.10.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Is Trail Mix Good For You-Natural Sunlight Helps You Work Better

Monday, September 10th

Pediatric Doctors Association say stick with the flu shot for kids, is trail mix good for you and the myth of milk and phlegm! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, September 10, 2018.

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I'm airs the 98 point 5 JTV morning chill recap for Monday September 10 we're just here in Monday. And whatever the weekend and we get a weekend I think a week you know some teams want something lost boy let me let's let me tell you which are gonna expect from this in today's show though you can you'll never look at the words that you'll never look at milk. But George Foreman grow portrayal makes the same way yeah I'm telling us up three things will change in your life payless. Stores over the George Foreman Grill because what I handy little gadget that is you know he allowed that I've I still maintain a looks like a toilet seat could IE why it's all bull and has a lid on I have to look at it again I don't value but I'm just like I went to balancing I. I think of Michael Scott there in the office where he burned his foot on one because he wanted to have hot. Fresh bacon and yanks. Anyways so yeah we know the lord George Foreman Grill apparently you can bake cookies on I had no idea he didn't answer that you can't the problem is with this guy up in the panhandle. He had misspoken we'd since 9 in the morning. Head down not wine but to leaders of vodka like them by hand Levys this side of the the bad times price easy he was even alive at this and how important it is what he admitted to police after the fact. He wanted to make some out cookies some of those toll house cookies on his George Foreman girl affair probably isn't pay attention to him to Al and start catch on fire. So of course the fire department is alerted Ari the the first part insular telling me he called the fire firefighters. The odd neighbors must seems smoke coming up but anyways they knock on the door trying to see if an anyone's in there. Here comes a guy opens a door but naked yes sir and says I'm sorry and then closes the door in their face. Go figure. So apparently the police arrived on had to forcibly remove him because they were it was obvious the guy had no idea what kind of danger he was and they report operated the report says that the firefighters saw several items in a house on fire the man reported after all has consumption of sand there. That says yes he tried to make the cookies back ache they caught on fire resort paying attention so he used. Dry towels. On top of the girl to put it out Smart it'll smothered if you put enough dry paper towels on top answer well sir well okay maybe their maybe he was wiping away with vodka to. Keep them wet. Around. At one time out exactly who not needless to say he's he's he's OK the house is fine and don't know what's gonna happen with that but I don't know rookies. A little drunk I took gives up. This is interesting is because we have come about contradiction statement from the center for disease control and in the American academy of pediatrics and involves. The nasal spray flu vaccine that's available. It's been not recommended the last couple years it's it's been kind of weak and it isn't as good as the injection right this injection is the best way to go. Ida the CDC says that they are now recommending the nasal spray and spray vaccine but to improve zebra because the manufacturer says that they changed it and then now works. The American academy pediatric Hussein not so fast really and approved as of right now. We will take any chances with the kids so as your first line of a getting a flu shot actually get the shot but if your child's afraid of needles or it's gonna be a no go. Going get the nasal spray because anything's better than nothing. Considering last year's flu epidemic a lot of kids did died from it and and some need to be kind of aware. It's trail mix good for you mean. Sums and yeah. Really depends because you know if he were looking at this because it is a very nutritional habits in has antioxidants fiber healthy fats and many. Are using him as a reward snack but the problem is is that you're using them too much for reward and it's an essence sabotaging. The reason you're getting a reward. See that now catch 22 yeah. Yeah it so what they're talking about a lot of times is that it stings may sound healthy in trail mix the net real reality reality is not for instance yogurt covered raisins in with Saudi peace. Does that. Cells healthy. But British probably not in the trailer makes and that's because I help the younger it is healthy by itself but. In the trail mix most likely it's consisting of hydrogen hydrogenated oil and added sugars Osce is severely adding today. To the sugar the processor in the was oddly these are gonna add salt last saw him to a las it was just gonna backfire on octave folks gas so out of sync has become a bowl wearied of those designer ones. Are also be careful about chocolate although having some modest chocolate is good. But having too much of it actually is a problem because what's being adding sugar back into your diet speaking of the added sugar did not know this but I coming up and 22 money. Food labels will have to include the amount of added sugar in foods the world's than what quietly waiting on guys you know you know and going. They wanna hide along as they can't exactly where it is at all if you don't discount the amount of Eminem's or neutral mention healthy it is all right that is this true and if there's no nuts in your Eminem knicks it's just him and ends up costs and a this kind of a cool trick to see how much if there's any added sugar is there's naturally occurring sugars. And fruit NASCAR be listed on the nutritional side you see some fibers of vitamins or what have you. But if there is none of that on there and they're says it's it's Swedes got sugar he took that that's process there's no nutritional value. Let's see just talk about killing your relationship we don't want to know but there is a lot of times in our busy world we its sabotage our own relationships by. Not communicating. They say that that's one of the biggest things that is traveling in many couples is that aegis duke because you carping year old world do you forget to communicate. So they're talking about having things that sound corny but they're really good at having elected date night once a week yeah or high time that set aside for its just you and your sweetie not with the kids mentally and don't keep score now now. That's salute that was I learned that a long long time. No wins so when you lose on the those battles you have but if you're like you have a scorecard in your head talking about this has been nighttime and Aston does it. Loans out. That is nothing but negativity it's gonna come back for years spouse on defense. They're not gonna listen you're not gonna listen you're gonna have a big fight united you know good and which started the fight about. Let's see spinning a long time it's probably not a bad idea to Stevie said the low time for clarity now and then I think this is very important. If you wanna say no saying no. Don't say yes when you really wanna say no you know what I mean by that is that if you're if somebody that they ask you hate would you stop and pick up some milk on the way home. You could say yes but you think in the back you had I don't wanna have worked a fourteen hour day on exhausted trap it's horrible. And I had no cash so if you because what's gonna have Roger gonna forget about it and that's going to be kind of that check on the box of he didn't do something type thing. You're gonna get resentful when you get home look yeah I think here's your milk producers couldn't I couldn't. And it's finally make an effort to distance technology of course we don't talk about that but we're talking besides the Smartphone works technically TV radio even a book to have time to sit and talk talk. Not a bad thing. And NIA this was funny and I didn't even think about this when I wrote the story here but I love you and Kristen came up with. Natural light makes it makes us work harder and happier about yet that was the headline natural light makes us work harder and have damning and so we're now going to happen here and hello. Hello I'm gonna nasty like can you talk to my natural sunlight out natural light not as and it will natural satellite exact we're gonna talk about there to serve critic you have a said. About a third of workers they don't get enough lights natural light in the workspace. 47% admit that they feel tired without having natural light and 43% reported report that their mood is down because they don't have a natural light source. So if you were not like you have to have a window or stick close to window that's a couple things you can do. Really go for the artificial life there are some lights. And but it is they're not like baking hot they make it as bright as sunlight and neurotic is the right frequency of light is fluorescence is is this is blue. Yeah you get enough infrared so that this take that up but you've got to like your desk yeah I got a by mistake it sister says daylight and and it's very true it mimics daylight to the point where sometimes I forget the lights on. Yeah I liken your office on time and was like eight there's something so different yet it just feels. It doesn't feel so. Blake overhead lady hasn't been like an office yes this is again kind of outside in you know when it's cooler definitely over the windows and it will feel like outside. But that was kind of a cool trick and one and they talked about was to. Perhaps it's. A mere thought this is kind of cool. A urine Morgan who reflects the light in your office yeah need to put some link to your office a thought that was kind of a new idea with so many like here for actor and I thought I think your candles and make him work yeah. And you've heard this when Richard reform when you avoid milk when you're dealing with colder asthma because it increases fell slim and your your esophagus. That's not true we just learned that it was an 800 year old wives' tale as told by a rabbi. Same guy that said chicken soup wouldn't hurt seriously is the same guy who came up with those analogies and always has my Mondays has very famous in the united Jewish religion only and unfortunately it's if you wanna do it works good signs saying that's not really necessarily accurate. And all why they're bringing this to the attention especially on the the asthmatic side is a lot of as magnetic people. Take a a steroid pack to front zone an and that really kind of weakens your bones in you need the calcium it's in milk. To replace that account of the your bones and if you're avoiding though because you think it makes some. It's you know generally that's the case but we do agree that slam is one of the greatest. The the horrible spelling of the spelling bee word. Horrible there's that you're through three letters out with a lot of groups spelling of instilled BO report out I think it was like a target at an abandoned his marched 80% off letters and I just kind of random and a little edgy and Angie in there for no reason absolutely. And show for today Monday September 10 of course we're on the air live Monday through Friday from five to ten and ninety point five KG tank who wants and that he lie it is basic yeah.