8.9.18-Dentist Warn of Non-Fluoride Toothpaste-Bedtime Stories With Mickey Mouse Hotline

Thursday, August 9th

This simple gesture may get your first class treatment even when you are in an economy seat of an airplane, dentist warn of using a toothpaste without fluoride and bedtime stories read by Mickey Mouse hotline! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, August 9, 2018.

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An analyst the ninety point 5 KTU morning show recap for Thursday August 9 less shipment of soy saw shell it out we start with the sushi only left with Mickey so followers. So apparently so lane is actually good for you to and dumped at sushi you know enjoy I think it is like but installments on the but as for full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals and even protein Juno temple proteins as well as another study that says it actually so he's very good for women. Because you're less likely to experience osteoporosis. Fragile fragile bones and poor. Metabolic health during the pops up easy and so good news is this did they say just become a careful because there's a standardization pursuers are so. Some could be extra salty sunken less salt but. It's gonna look around the label first get the Los argument where of eleven dollar difference. All right so we we're talking Christians are getting it's I were talking about this yesterday off the air but on. Scary for her trip to if the city Latin American country easily being on a jet plane and don't know when she'll be back in game and a and I hate take its we found out she's going economy economy and it's actually a Central America but. Okay but and anyways so we of course you fly back and forth between your you native Canada quite often and they do you know if you were saying like you know dressed nicely. I always do that and you can actually mitigated about the up for a first class and never were my yoga pants on the plane no now. Because of all popular demand and FF. I believe that the hot. The couple states don't have ordinances against an ally and I'll listen this they say this is the simplest thing you can do even if you're seeing an economy to get first class treatment and it makes total sense you know when you're walking on the jet way to the plane yes and you going in and there's the flight attendants welcoming you know and smiled and they say good morning welcome. Smiled and say hello back to them. So I don't see why you wouldn't other than you are the most stress is going to be because you're just wanted to get in your I disliked on the floor of LaGuardia. Yet. Had a cigarette center tonight about it based. This is what they say a lot of flight attendants have actually come clean and they say when you just your ex acknowledges that when you go in its it actually puts it it's. It's a dehumanizing service they say when you go in there in the U completely ignore them and you know you gotta gossamer when you need something man walking up and down the aisles you're the friendly face like everybody else a -- never learned again if you're that one person here from the place you smile at him. I'll mom give you some extra servers you can get the whole camco that's right now with a totally of the Soto with bedrooms. And little miniature Fenton and salute you might even find out one of those blanket and and talk and the Goodling is still in the plastic ala I wore I refuse to use a blanket that's not been seen over just last folded up yeah terrifying no no smallpox like for me because I headphone. I thought they had. I own EU the last couple times I've flown I am brought my iPhone headphones but if you avenue our phone you know I don't have a headphone Jack anymore and it didn't you most. Awful realization hit. At mid so I. That's why the reasons I take the early flights as it beat the fresh stuff in real cool and apparently. Aren't so we talked about this as well would census. I mean it's been known for quite some time the floor I'd slap fights tooth decay yeah. Others bin a study after study saying that has been going on but. There hasn't been really a correlation is state of adding fluoride in to like toothpaste is the reason for this already Florida into waters the reason for this. So there is a growing movement of people giving toothpaste without fluoride in it. In fact Tom's of Maine's anti plaque in whitening toothpaste have one variety that's fluoride free. It's the second best selling toothpaste and Amazon that. That that doesn't make you the rest of the time which I use. He has Florida and it and floor right. If you could causes the teeth from being. Then you're you you can't get back yeah and what this stems from is they actually did some sampling of water not too long ago and found that the floor right levels like ten times what should event. This kind of freaks people but you know hold the same people that refused to measles vaccinations and and stuff like that kind of made them wonder what maybe we don't need all this floor we're giving some of that and maybe you don't need some of all of of the dentists are basically saying. You kind of need it is EU and even with the to high levels the the benefits of the floor right outweighed the the the dangers that you may have so. An indication may want to talk to your doctor first before you switch twin non net floor ID toothpaste just to get their opinion. They've got this close Internet things there at the floor ride free movement is like the anti vax yours and all this pod touch iPod needy people they would destroy our you try to put a little science in her life it'll it'll help yeah look how sensed there was a lot of Linda and Eric. I this is a great website you know 88% of workers have no money when they're on say only leave you and that's maternity or paternity leave an avenue child. He's gone 33 months with no paycheck with absolutely no paycheck and even that almost half 43% of women just never even return back to the to the workforce. Because they get what's called the I'm a maternal all reality I'm and that's where you know I've got to take your child to a doctor's appointment or got to open up from daycare because they're sick yeah penalized because they have to leave work exactly so we can enter what's called the mom project it's a career platform. That's next month and he was staying home dads with flexible work seeking to some freelance and contract projects that little extra cash when your on that up for Italy. Eight win a pretty good job you can be like a remote based cop project manager. Appropriate for an ad agencies and actual listings on the mom project. Even an IT. I do into my T engineering workers pretty call. It's free of servants recharge just a pitcher information in their pain. But what you're skills are and maybe it's an extra money right. You know how long mat leave is in Canada. How long. Ten months full pay wow seriously how civil ten months full pay and you wanna take the full year humanity twelve months you can. Yet and you get 80% of your pay. So tonight if I ran across the border of the baby you know coming out I I'm still can watch it at that hour. I think crowd there any order I know that's an eternity about I think paternity leave even dad's. Because I don't know that there is any down here but it's six weeks full pay in other this unlike our company has maternal or paternal Levy it's and get the hole and again I think the dissipate. I don't know if it's paid and its main category is twelve and why that's a federal law a federal law I don't know if we get paid on that are not much hope we don't. That first your child's life is so very important of their bombing with the parents and yeah they're the growth and everything's so this just makes more sense that's also civilized and it's not. How about a guy I'm trying to think of a negative I can think of a negative disseminating any and canes are happier people had to. Anna yes them as only you look at we will look hello we have to look at you know for prime minister. I have a problem with Natasha. As hot with the that the residence was there. Harman are let's go over things that we are apparently you know you get ridiculed for not cleaning enough you know the car. RT. It's a ligament in essence this we actually cleans up too much. Out what are the things that we may be using too much is like pledge or those of waxes for furniture furniture polish I just don't I would furniture you know. Walt and I can't afford it but also so hard to keep track as well so hard to keep up. Yep mine I use air force for word I think it's pieces of wood and I glued together part of our article that's not a but what they say is that though that wax actually creates have been Whaley bill that the net or really build up actually attracts dirt and so he probably only when he is at once or twice a month in between tissues a regular on dusting right usually find there. Pre rinsing increase soaking dishes you are the lazy is people in the house because shut up and are wasting time and wasting money. They say a lot of times that you know use these annulled the soap that's being washed away in you don't really need a lot additional duty as citizens through or this magical machine called the dishwasher will deport him the other thing about pre rinsing for me is if could go if I haven't run in a couple of days yet it gets stinky in there. Yet there's only two of us so sometimes yeah in the after often and then the food just sits there are smelling yet if you don't actually to close it all the way interviewed bill this year it gets bad breath you ever opened a Tupperware after a week. Lowell opened the dishwasher after a week of not running or oh you guys to hold your breath. Still. The best in the Paris this week that are opening up their child backpacks for the first time since school ended our. Had a hand set now that's the day after schools stops. Have it yeah that's that is very true and you know a lot of the kids are getting ready to go back into a school. Well I would finish a story here brokered out carpet symmetry I do too much and carpets and I thought this was interesting week. Some of us may be washing their hands too much yeah yeah there's some beneficial bacteria that are on your hands and views and and a bacterial soaps and and nose wipes and hand sanitize or you can be killing. Beneficial bacteria plus you know if you are using the hand sanitize or it is alcohol based and it does dry your hands out right so if it's common sense is what they say here keep your hand washing to meal prep in consumption. After using the restroom pleased. And even around when your a somebody who's sick or after blowing your nose or sneezing. And it finally the kids are going to go back into school this is pretty equally crystal says some of her friends of actually yeah service before but. He actually had Mickey Mouse or meaning or goofy or do easier Donald Duck. Read your kids at times story yet to try to get them to get them decent bedtime hour after the summertime hours and can be kind of daunting or when it's bright as can be when you gotta go to sleep yet for me get deleted after. So the numbers 1877. The number seven Mickey. Just like what character you'd like to hear from me her prerecorded message this is only good through the end of August of 2018. It's free agents have told for a number it's a free service of an additional course you know Disney's always. Is that they're doing this is a launch of their latest sleep shop their latest line of probably has something to do wonder if you could just record these two for her well often using electronic I had nothing yet I don't a I don't want big mouse coming in here another there is your guy event like aggressive and already terrified of those things to begin the bush hardball you out for sure. So there's a shelf parts that day. Let's. Say Odyssey and I personally airline but Friday was invited to get an idea point five days to get this problem.