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Wednesday, August 9th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, July 9, 2017.


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Oh it's an idea point five KG game and still worried GAAP. Or. Wednesday for August 9 his seventy. I had somebody who had never seen the series signed felt Allred LYZ. Yeah like war where were you in the ninety's all I know kind of cool because they can go straight and all can't watch everything out you know what's coming back is Curb Your Enthusiasm so excited to October 1 yes sir they're gonna start streaming all of the old shows and that my first on my watch curb your to do George -- person I didn't watch it religiously but I've seen many of its first came out it made me so uncomfortable yet that I almost had like leave the room and I've I've talked to the people they have that same. Reaction to a because. He does everything. And it's just not the way you're supposed to do it you know Larry David was just me your skin crawl but it's funny it is super funny just almost like our show when I asked funny but yeah we try to be black lot of dunking and dipping sauces and this morning show you'll notice you have a goal of that here out later this morning if you miss anything now from the show you may have missed out on this really cool item for fourth regional school starts. For pretty much every school except electoral count me tomorrow which would be the tenth of August. And you're right if you're going into the fourth grade this is kind of a cool thing that the park service is offering you can basically get into any part. For free you and your family for an entire year every kid in a park program I think it's a reward for finally passing the app deaf cat that's. Weren't there is our day that's the Afghan the third Brady get funeral park for free which you'll fail while they actually say the reason is for that is that research shows that kids aged nine to eleven are beginning to learn about the world around them. And they're open to new ideas in their look likely to connect to nature and our history so. The park service are kind of giving them a little bit of I hand a hand up in learning how to do this so you can go to. Any of the national parks forests monuments. Services seashore is recreation anything that the government to runs as a park legally a card too early on classic cart Uga Uga we have links about a website but you just going to new information to elect a temporary pass in the when you go to the park. On the give you cardinal used for a year it's like Tim these first credit card yet. Star Sarah Sarah. I share this during that one we are doing it earlier in a friend of mine said she did this last year with her youngest son who was going in the fourth grade at aria and she said that it was good for two adults and three kids under the age of sixteen and they had an absolute blast just traveling around and getting in for free. I was sub 10 it's to Philadelphia we went to valley forge outside of Philadelphia and I really gotta hand it to the park service I'd like one or two questions might. What actually happened at Dallas toward you knows here about gas they word the best. Most informed storytellers ever I can listen to them talk all day there. They really do a good job of explaining in and out of it really nothing happened there it was just training ground. I've only for its I was really cold in the winter and Washington's troops were moaning and groaning and it was cold there but it was not the coldest apparently it's so picturesque that that the payers would come in and they wanted to make it prettier also there as. No on the whole little started holing it and you don't like and then some buckets and the tough fight your what he's. So good idea there. Which is kind of like a goldilocks you know. Not too much not to little she as to rights. The study was actually published back in the early ninety's but. And as a class to what to re confirmed the ceilings had changed between now and then and of course. It hadn't from her. So let's talk about dipping out of best fast food dipping sauces solid through the draw our our kitchen. Found all the dipping sauces and ranked them. Yes it's it's or tackle AV club this in other editors and dead they came across some interesting factoid for instance the best ranch. Believe it or not he's KFC's rancher colonel and his ranch they say it's a strong better maintain with a prominent chides flavor. So well descriptive yes like a white list isn't it Ali again I'm looking for HIV sort of border milky tang branched can you recommend something yes we'll give you the can't see rats it's the primo assignments is gagging you need to entrenched yeah me DK has a brand already that is one dressing use their leverage you hated the Palestinians in the smell the gas so funny. Best mustard also like KFC pop guys winning the best specialty ranch with their black into ranch sauce which is. And he admits what really or a mold yeah. Sweet and sour sauce on is going to win these. Their swings are dipping sauce that I love this when flavors of pineapples and peppers that remind you of Chinese take out. Who doesn't have those cracks me up packages upon him in or two or sooner McDonald's winning the best barbecue sauce with the Casey like masterpiece or KC masterpiece like with a meteor and a touch of a bit more vinegar. As for hot sauces taco Bell's diablo hot sauce who quote lingers and lingers sounds in your fingers and more than one play area. And then secret sauce is that's the that the hallmark of any sort of fast food restaurant. Chip relays sauce wins hands down. It's the best one all right so and what is and tell me about the secret sauce Senator Clinton around it's a secret storm that we would matter if you only have I ever when McDonald's came out with a big Mac in the secret sauce on it and it was ketchup and mayonnaise. Yeah pretty much special sauce and anything else I mean it was but it also had two all beef patties all kinds sauce yeah an assessment Ciba honors and album this thing I was personally I was gonna it's gonna sport Appleby some exotic sauces like. And as for the summer yet swing on buying that just ask first sauce or C think unity and I'm going with the development put up. What is the funniest word in the English language she can say it you can't. Beatty. Eight. That's right seat. Preston's laughing at a like about this it's according us amazonian which is quoting and a British study yep so the British now Britain the Britons in the united stadiums. And I use that incorrectly. We're too like people separated by common language very cute but they had one at one of us five it's one in five scores of one being award is not humor at all in the wind at five being the most humorous. Booty booty landed at four point 32 it's a pretty highly area single area so these pirates were really funny back in the day yeah that's where I am really learned I was a writer and dead Disney World where I kept saying we're looking for the booty. Yes and at some in countries like what you think it does that same line no mean something completely different things they're upstairs he said stop pinching me. Ali you know that password yet to change every ninety days and include a capital letter or number and character and well you don't really need to do that for say anymore for security reasons the guy who wrote that an opinion back in 2003 which pretty much all companies go by and asked a password in National Institute of Standards and Technology have a nice retiring and now he has enough for you free reign of his own thoughts and said. He was wrong it's not really true is that really secure in his own defense that's what he had to go on back in that David yes saying it's what's in more secure password instead of using a number character in letters. Is a long easy to remember string of words. So for instance on cents cents and right so let's take for instance the word truth let's say we're uses a password. Capital T the O is replaced with a zero. The first tee of a second TSE three. And then the H is a three but the pound sign or something like yeah okay. Yeah Packers can get that solved within three days gothic or bring this effort for something I thought was very sadistic yes right now be used to the easy to remember string of words have trouble is my two year old uncle living in Paris Texas with of whale. That'll take upwards of 550 years for him to crack. That isn't saline yeah I cannot wait for companies like ours to catch on the list because I am so sick of those red x.s telling me what I haven't included yeah out. I hope they do the next five days because I'm. But I don't know I guess the problem with something like that is if you're using a device where you're typing you know when one triggered it time and yet it could take awhile now and really you know again and plus. That's up to think about to give a password manager instead of using one of those so letter in Hamburg character combo to make it an easy to remember string of words and infamous sports here. And and finally I looks like Disney and ESP NR. There are there starting their own team I'm gonna leave Netflix and it'll start their own yet Disney is leaving Netflix faster than Britney Spears left Jason Alexander. All the laughs that's a 73 hours in the fifth our eyes eyes I believe that. I Disney programming with secure and it's expecting 2012 but I was only last year in the senate hearing instant. And now this time dissing realizing. CA. Up profit in there we can make some money with her own streaming service is a 2019 visited that they're gonna be set that up and then big mouse is taking over and they're gonna move all the programming on to bear but their own bands and then also ESPN which is kind of cool starting their own a streaming service as well the benefit about this is that if you don't have a cable or satellite subscription. You're able to get this programming in that you normally would have to have a subscription where everything's going to streaming nearly as early as their cable is going to be pretty much Internet providers in you don't maybe he's settling cable providers finally realized if you went in just let me order the channels and why oh why should pay by the during I don't I would not be looking you know elsewhere. I have sling yeah don't bundled me yeah. That did you like slim by the way I love a sling and it's ala cart right it's Allah cart to an extent there's four or five different levels that you can order rat and then they include the certain channels and you can add subscriptions onto it does it only work on one TV or does it do all the TVs here it only works on one TV at a time. OK yeah crystal ball TV yeah I I would early life I gotta get him and I really like the apple TV and I do like the fact Hulu has a lot of the network TV programs yet that world and actually read life yes that you commodity or a lot of people don't realize is for an article on this that they can actually get free TV over the air by using an antenna. Crazy isn't it is I don't I got my CH DTV. Yeah and now locally you can do the same thing having our. TV station here that I think make my refrigerator run the more power. I was wondering if you really want it so I could not get the Internet could not get it up I'll yet get a itself. Now to to go into the Internet what you need you need ten for a lie on your rabbit ears gas gas. Member of that do you guys do do you ready for it allied well I had that in Montreal and you would go over in you'll get it set as long as you're standing right in front of the TV holding it was pop fight the many of backed off it it went weird well my model but my mother's it wasn't that that it was the tin foil held on the Internet had broken off. So that I don't like me yes because you know I was straight punches as a kid which it always pick us up right here you can straighten us online and you can hear this podcast each and every morning now or you can listen to steal fassel and the radio Monday through Friday between five intent but Intel and Sulu but yeah.