8.8.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-How To Follow Up On Unanswered Email-Not Okay To Flush Food Scraps Down The Toilet

Wednesday, August 8th

How to follow up on unanswered emails, extensions that clean up your social media past and no, you should not flush food scraps down your toilet. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

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There are 98 point 5 KG came morning show recap for Wednesday August 8 smack dab in the although. First full week of August out in addition self Chris Chris Malone by storm Roberts here. And Kristen Bell workers sent me. My foot like we did in rehearsal Christen. Hey here's what you may hear event this early show this morning stop trying so hard I said Danny how are starting to show off at 6 o'clock gap that dimmed if you do damned if you do know for sure where that's just basically working too hard I work is detrimental not only to your health but also can sabotage your career say. So we've been told our whole lives work hard work save our money and you'll. Field. Dying there anyway death. Yeah but I have a great life and you'll need help find out the researchers have said there's a lot of negative effects for working too hard to actually outweigh the positive once it is yeah. Working too hard causes stress and fatigue that's negative affect your health destiny crossover to report outcome. But your work performance and all that burn out T yes and so in essence they're saying you know it's okay to be in the middle ground here. Don't you know don't slack off but no I don't kill yourself code working to find a happy middle ground I recommend for the twelve hours that your network from seven until six. Listen for the code word of the top of the hour you can 1000 dollars for the 121000 dollar. Worked a payoff that's probably the best way to kind of divide up your day you could do that yeah absolutely. And then you know we were talking about and this on the air as well as. We have a story not too long ago there's there's. Thousands of hours that we don't take in vacation because we don't have anything planned or we don't have time is what we say and it's just really not true. We can secure state yeah and yes and you sometimes it's nice to have a nice house to yourself. I'm telling it last Friday there was a gas leak at images. Job so they got there at 7 o'clock by 8 AM they were all sent home. So I got home Friday probably at noon or 1 o'clock. Thinking I'll get home a little bit early and have some time to myself no there are you there is that man's on the count he. Is I was like Rome from Kansas that gas leak on Friday that believe in Iraq consequently was after Brito Thursday if I don't there's a problem that not a. It if it's OKB home and be alone and be happy about it and I enjoy it did not have anything planned and it doesn't cost anybody so much. Don't just sit in front of the screen the whole time and your home. I wish I could say to be true but yeah that's what doctors are saying here they're saying that. The trying to find links between childhood obesity which is a growing up to be almost an epidemic out. And our use of technology to us let's be honest technology makes our life. Easier you know within a so lazier but the thing in the store there really got me is how many hours a day a fifteen year old spends yeah. So I averaged fifteen year old spent seven hours today staring at eight string generate hours TV your phone computer gaming gadget whatever that's a fulltime job although our blue. Hours ago that and that their doctor just urging parents to make sure to limit their exposure to no more than two hours per day. Asked me a tough pill swallow. That's up close I was thing about this after you have fear sells like no way Jeremy looked at his phone that much or a screen that much. And then I realized his job he's a security guard at one of the gated communities down here now look at his job is to sit in a hut. Until someone comes to the the gate and any channel and end he watches Netflix 2.4 seven. Like what else is he supposed to do now right you mused I just realize a booming and he does. I actually read my chair the what they're saying here's is now Grossman's bad for your eyes but you know as long as Jimmy's not I think you guys are sitting there with like a bag of jury knows even the whole thing and realizing he's eating yes that's the problem. He's a case out. Let's talk about to have a follow up to the unanswered emails this blows my mind. 122. Average on an average 122 business emails a day so everybody it's a 122 this is averaged over popular getting more than 122 guests today. That's an avalanche yeah it is an avalanche in that could be a lot of frustration as well because you don't know which is important which isn't. Sometimes you're waiting for someone to reply back to your email in your not getting anywhere because there you know slated cell. These are some etiquette experts on email they see you have three shots and that set our first email is the one you actually some of the result yeah right wait 2448. House you don't hear back from them here and and do what's called the check in expressing you'd need an answer for noon on the subject. So that's all he DO. Ending your third one which is your final and that's the one where you bring up the money slash steady tone. Your very direct with the person telling you need to hear from him by a certain time if you don't hear from in my certain time these steps will happen you're gonna Illinois or belittle the project goes ahead anyway right us they say make sure you're not using aggressive language. Accusatory phrases like. He didn't do this I'm still waiting. What's going on that never really works and about a mode geez. Have a Seattle allergies. Let's see here they say make sure that your replies are not aggressive simply stating that you will be moving forward on a specific date that's also needed to do including Nia promotional language or any sort of tones and emotional language as my English. I've got to kind of watch this one this. Kelton ten girl type it out get it all out there yet counted ten dogs and it and I don't drive. Right yes I see I used to do that too but now my ticket is a safety step as the most rated deathly afraid of medicine about yet yet severing of the little notepad. I don't start typing and on that 1 who I am Miller time. Senator Mitch. We're all all you sentiments yelling goth and it's meant to be like. Say isn't easily double what did you actually say shut up and a shoot that pressure released yeah all right there's absolutely and they say I as hard as it is to believe my millennial friends. Sometimes maybe the email list and the best way to communicate maybe it's actually picking up the phone and calling. She horror or be gad gold double hole and talked to them that's great I'd rather talk to someone in person and make a phone call I was at a US yelled on the hallway hit the benefit. But the runner at their. App Store so this story about this place down in Lakeland rare for thirty bucks you can destroy things yet have your office space small tested tissue Strom are. Was getting real frustrated at work and she says I I every three kids and a husband and I just got so mad I wanted to throws up the women I thought you know. If I feel this way other people probably feel this way since you started this dip the smash room in Lakeland. People call up ago you felt I wanna smash a dishwasher her stole. She's she's got computer equipment and predators and stop loop if you she also takes requests you wanna smash the stove should get you want Michael also a bit more. It usually 120 minute session of smashing stuff is thirty dollars I'm wondering what might the garbage man has to stand by real business in the recycle bin serves him like average man wanted in on I don't. Well I was there that be the perfect job for smashing stuff. I think that they get it when they get this thrown into the truck I think you would you would scratch edits and you know it is it a very wonderful. A moment isn't for me up. Let's take an empty soda can just put inside where the food super bags. And don't put that in this is sailor while on a crushing three LA I loved that. I doubt infomercial you know twenty years ago yeah and still find myself wasting his bags were putting tin cans and severe purses of the Russians too funny. One of my favorite pastimes is going to recycling center with my mom when they had the big colored cans. And I called dibs on the glass every time I would throw that class oh yeah art as I possibly could and yeah that's great record. Brown glass green glass yeah cleared like this never understood what he had to heaven. Separated. It has to the processing millions. So this is this. This actually have be honest with you this came from a click of a click of a clip somewhere on my visit your local area out self. Pardon me on this when nearby there's actually some literature on the Internet that says it's a good idea if you have a garbage disposal in your house. You know you are using your toilet to dispose of statins. You maybe you could put some raw food or uncooked food on your toilet. Therefore. You know you have to put the cart media treats its earlier garbage disposal death Knoll and yes that's another record I don't know you know unless you really let your plumber you just want us melting away and there's that this religious boy put up by apple already open for business realize that's how I got their area as. But anyway is they apple are saying no that's absolutely horrible idea to raise clog up your toilet. Cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in nine damages but they also point out things even on your kitchen garbage kitchen sink in kitchen garbage disposals. These should not be putting down and that's any think. That say AI starch like rice mashed potatoes or anything. Because once it combines with water kind of lit qualifies him to two churches do we jailed tights don't lose. That is very hard for the water to push through yet we can't use pork cooking oil bound agrees you within cells have been no that's another thing that president. Right hey you thought I thought the Connecticut sales. And they say also I as guests you know has had to have happened because they have to put a warning about this. Pummeling chicken in in the well wells is oh on drivers disposal. Is not a good way either it is an island they're from my mother in law years ago is if you have a garbage disposal use it sparingly it's not because when he first getting a lot watch what I can put and they are now. Yeah I'm honestly glad I don't have one anymore because the amount of times and either broke or I didn't know if I should or shouldn't. Not just dispose of food properly minus the oil and it I mean everything is it's cohesive they haven't made that they say like with the baking grease oil is just to throw it in the garbage you put in a container business yeah. And I know feel let it sit Aiken deals and it becomes solid and it's easier to some donors like it means that its sole attempting on now are clean this straight. Or you can put an ad in Craig's list and others like the Mercedes or runs around here invest a thorough work and a plumber owns most of those Mercedes from April user toilets garbage disposal. So the fact that more employers are searching social media histories before hiring people is really getting getting up there in fact even current employees are being fired because oppose they've done. 101214 years ago about this twitters thirteen years old. Facebook's fourteen years old what we don't fourteen years years ago up that you don't remember what you were post I was doing stupid things you guys are out there don't appear generally if you're 28 now you're doing stupid passion Seattle fourteen years ago so there'd come to the rescue some Google Chrome extensions that'll make cleaning up your your social media. Passed pretty easy as one called social book post manager. And it works on Google Google Google Chrome but it's a downloadable extension and allows you to delete do you. You can if that's filtered by specific post using keywords and then you can now delete the specific want you to make him privately can watch the ball clean. Prequel thing there's also a tool that will do that for Twitter it's called card again. That a go back about 3200 tweets and let you delete them individually were altogether. Also what she unlike certain tweets about that's the most cardigan as most popular app Washington DC you reasoning so I just so I don't think they may not everybody's shoes and a path. Obviously I don't get up. Links to that stuff of course that are website if you're interested of course thank you so much listening to our podcasts or swing on the airline Monday through Friday between five intent on ninety point five GT JVC. That. You.