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Monday, August 7th

Monday morning, August 7, 2017,we kicked off the work week with what kitchen items you should not wash in the dishwasher, Ta Ta Towels to block boob sweat and why drinking organic wine will not reduce chances of a hangover!


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Good morning from the deck of an ID eight point five KG case city housing haynesville and Ocala. Our recap for Monday August 7 2000. Seven team we are just remarking about. This particular cheese that Crist and found over the weekend and I just viewers you're. You to stop me if not a fund crossing on your. But it yell you found that you're lactose intolerant and you doctor had mentioned that there's a specific cheesy music it actually is regular cheese not a fake cheese yeah but I guess it's and it's from Europe and it's ended when it works for people that have lactose intolerant. Yeah and they feed their cows differently. Better apparently and they don't have all the by products at American cows have so I haven't had a chance to try yet but I'm excited to give it ago yeah please let us yeah be very instance see that our hear about that yeah. Is it kingdom chatter. I honestly don't know what I can I can tell you I didn't look at the name printed just looked at all look where it's frowned and they said it has to be specifically from Europe. There are just relatives who goes is the personal European UST ADA certified organic cheese now available in the US his for a long time they wouldn't let us imported yeah. Well I'll accept Ellis now about the future. So this morning on the show we talked about foods that to fill you up with water because oddly enough as strange as it sounds some people get so busy they don't drink the water that there you have up on their desk where they just don't drink get you know somebody telling the other day they only drink Coke. While they physically do not drink water on that's weird yeah makes me so they're still just saying that at Coke's make me thirsty all have. You know our guys are after that any sodas gonna make you thirsty but. Here are some foods because we a lot of our water from our foods but these are actually a super filled with with water like plain yogurt Lotta peoples are today or have that but lunch with a little yoga and who doesn't. That's only what 80% water yeah 85 to 80% water and if as the light cultures insider Dexia Group pro buyout expert you know when I first heard a million man I'm paying way too much for you over to its all water. The camera and four here faster growth of the rat issues they have even more water up to 95% and practitioners and you can grab quickly out of the average average of prize and I thought like salary would be mostly water absurd as it. A radish and I just didn't configure it celery is on the list a lot of your leafy greens spinach iceberg lettuce most of that is a water and they call celery and a zero sum food meaning. It takes more calories to chew it then and actually puts inside your body odds of us was kind of interesting is our bonds of beans are chickpeas are a lot of water one cup of them equals to half a couple water while that your promise in your falafel didn't so that's your your yummy food and potatoes not all potatoes red potatoes redskin Petit Aniston have a little bit more water so. Up go head in Bob eat those and heat up on a good majority of water you'll beginning sells a certain amount of water from him and of course there's. Watermelon watermelon which is self monitoring exactly yeah this is interesting talking about your thinking we organic lines there's another rumor on the Internet. Thought he can't blinds. Are what you can do it if you buy or in applying you're not gonna have a hangover you know and it's not true they say because organic wine doesn't have a lot of the the what is it called the and self let's sulphide sulphide I'm sorry and a husband died yacht as it is inhabit that's not necessarily your first off I do know that there are three levels of organic. Yeah you've got 100% organic which is 100% organic. You have just the word organic. That just means up to 95% of that is organic Monica and and you have made with organic grapes. That's at least 70% has to be organics if you don't know another step as. But winemakers were quick to tell you that tells sulphide or not the reason you get the hang over the sulphide it's actually preserve the line. And actually add flavor to an a lot of made a lot of video ma winemakers who Edsel fights in it to make taste. That's a one of the reasons why organic wine has no taste down and organic while it was under resendiz no sulphide senate. It spoils it goes bad really easily so I don't recommend it turn out so it's kind of keep that in mind what is probably giving you a hangover US. It has to means the tendency to me that dare I say that call alcohol and it wasn't that two bottles yeah it was the of the alcohol that my giving a headache and we get that last glass out of the second on a yet to them when they're really did for a room diagnosis. That led to the grocery store yesterday and I had had a cut not a bad day or anything but just came home almost like. And they went to Hershey sort of get them they came home with a fresh bottle line. Boy and a I it just is he's like I spent ten dollars on it think I I shut it feels so now like well can't let that currently. Well annoys Tracey cousins back to school shopping all weekend I'm climate and a cigarette going into a bookstore Eden who. I won't listen again yeah I needed to timeout afterwards. Trivia and ma'am craziness no no no no. This was an a red letter day here on ninety point five Kate Kate. First time in my thirty years doing mornings here we are re use the words boobs sway it cuts yes does that but I didn't know that there's a problem that this is an experience like scientists like the site is that we are that somebody. A woman has invented something to take care of boobs way it's called the Tata towel. Its military cloth and eight is as compete a strap on the back of it so you can raping her on your back and then on the front that covers each won the brass while exhorting. All of the sweat that comes outs that I would call moreover if you see a picture it's more sheep dog towel and a rounds them up and get some headed in the same direction. And they're says that does she is she came to her when she was her name's Aaron Roberts and she hair air conditioning went out. She was blow drying your hair and American edition less house via push you know you're gonna get hotspots wedding the second get out of the shower. And that's who she said there's got to be a better way. She made it she's doing very well as an independent and a small business she's had her third sellout. They're doing pre orders. Each one of them 45 bucks several fashionable colors and moon and you get him within 48 Christen ledger residency when you saw social in the picture of the top potato. Unfortunately he says that's hot. And what did you say said no I confess I'm I don't know the one thing you don't want when you're hot and sweaty especially when you're just out of the shower and you've got that kind of like. Go listen going on yeah for someone to be like hey baby machines next extra attention from mr. Harris writes yes. I did have a really good laugh at the comments on a lot because I this is share. Did died these women really think about it. You don't have that. We've putted it into tissue really fun like sound the death so funny not ignorance a hot summer more than group sweat and melting ice train at. We should fly out again and yet. We found us and Japanese scientists you know that well the folks that brought us guys Ella. I'm actually created a ice cream or popsicle more accurately that doesn't melts or lose it shaped in warm temperatures. It is actually all goes back to the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 there really devastated that country including agriculture. Us all the farming has returned but a lot of the protest has grown like strawberries and stuff they're not in the right shape. And possibly the right structure to be shot it's not cosmetically pretty soon inside and make something else out of gas at Polly pin ball. Which is a poly fetal Fella penal that's now that's a sentiment and I it's all about all that's that's for itself Polly Finland but the scientists took it. And they discovered when they mixed it. Did it to well they were trying to figure what to do with all the strawberry and want to go to ice and went to it a show happens and hey what can you do at this in this have a survey to get in with cream. The shaft is stirring his heads up hands up saying I can't do anything to lose it makes it way too difficult way too hard to it solidifies the cream yes of the scientist went. A room. We're gonna go and play around with this and mix with the different creams and melts and concentrations in the main belt resistant pops Nichols. They are it's sold in shops they hold their shape. With hot air dryer a blow dryer blowing on them for five minutes and they say it's still tastes cool Tay school sewn up it's physically couldn T school via if you want I'm you'd better go to Japan to get them they're not here available in the states that they could be depending if how popular they are asked her fu Okajima branch if that was the glow in the dark. It I think should never put a dishwasher all the witch and I think anything that cooking related or if I were related to go in the dishwasher or relatives you have and stuff like that dearth of doesn't happen there's a list we got from good housekeeping. Talk about things that should not go in the dishwasher one of them being cheese graders and garlic presses they should be washing hand by hand because the little sticky cheese gets in behind the greater. No dishwasher religious and get that off now than anything made of wood matches would handle money would spoons or anything like that yet and that will actually warped that would itself because of the temperatures in the water so you know what that I've found that the hardware it's it's when the dry. It's when it's drying the dishes and that's and all the damage happens blessed you know I I remember one of the wooden spoons dropping on the heating element and I says influence that's now ha ha that's a unit that like that this is were done. I keep denies the sharp knives Adidas Wear to the heat and pressure can cause the blades to war per adult. And and keep an aluminum and copper cookware out of the dishwasher so. Is very limited things you stick an oversized plates also expensive crystal stem where that I learned the hardware also yet your town of crystal glasses boom and and finally this morning if you wanna catch a thief despite an ugly picture of them up on the Internet but this is pretty go to for any councils that are listening to us this guy. Hated his mug shot when they were looking for him Yankee assault charge over Wales yeah receives 35 years all apparently he look completely clueless in crazy and his mug shot. And they put it up on FaceBook he actually commented he says quote I am ham. Not a very flattering mug shot I appreciated if you take that post him innocent until proven guilty and all that. So I guess he had talked to his lawyer or somebody with a police department he was gonna turn himself and which she dead and the pleased to their credit did take down the picture there and I would just show him drugs given to words Nick Nolte. And Gary Busey in those two particular Mack trucks are epic. A little steeper Shimmy as well all right yes just his right ring and a little bit as regular picture particularly in a little distort the port and a we've got good stuff coming up on the show mature you listen to us Monday through Friday from five to ten point five KTK.