8.3.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Two Good Reasons To Delay Decluttering-Bad News For Chicken

Friday, August 3rd

Student loan debt is ending loving marriages, two good reasons to delay decluttering and why chicken is at the top of a list we don’t want it to be. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, August 3, 2018.

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Ice about eight point five KDA mornings are recap for Friday. August 3 let's jump right into right to what I show what are shell unbelievable book we started on -- down her because this is kinda sad the average outstanding balance for students graduating universities the the student loan balance yesterday load balanced 34000. Dollars that's the average that's almost mind to the dollar is a really well it's up that's up from 62% more than it was ten years ago. So you can tell that this is putting a lot of pressure on people that are graduating our college with these great degrees 62% in ten years. I had no idea but it sounds like some kind of an orchestrated scam or some well. A means literally I went to school long time ago but it. Wasn't anything like this no I it's it's really you know it I said on the air and I really say I see that this is going to be the next like to housing bubble the bust. This could be the next one because how can you work. Coming out of school are Krista unfortunately you have a job but you don't look coming out with. 3534000. Dollars and they don't have a job in that much in debt and then yes storming of payments immediately right you're six months six months six months. Unless you re enroll which to be completely honest I thought Coke. What drives a school I mean I know that it would only accrue more debt and they do it just was like why don't have to keep going to school. You know it's it's got its very high and is pending we've said this many a times before the number one reason people get divorce is for finance as you can imagine. That it having that much debts for two people that went to college I mean your look and had led. ED 898088000. Dollars. It's ridiculous house for that so what they were saying here is that a lot of college students in fact 13% of those who were surveyed said they specifically blamed student loans. For ending their relationship that's at all and finances are you know you're using the number one reason millions and divorces. When you add that on my right let's say both people have student loans it's crazy wild pitch and I both do but it. C Scott has an inning with this conversation before because he has quite a lot of student loans and like a you have an education and use that people would dream for young and inexperienced if you really important to secondly. I'm I'm I'm OK with that I I didn't I quote quite it is that's just what we have to pay him. I think it's just another monthly bill not just realize that this movie you'll never have this money until I know works too old to know what many us yeah I hit a scratchy from pain at all. Right exactly but I mean it's kind of like you know I think if you put in those context I don't think that it becomes a stress factor here I think distresses him out more than me yeah yeah because as his dead but it still like were both paying at all because you realize that it's not hidden or anything like oh not at all so we did start off the show that but we also dog went to the next break. Told you I could save money on school supplies because this weekend is the tax free school supplies weak Afghan even if this is a huge you missed that the tax freeze you know the 6% off sale via and then you might want to still check of the pension. Any tension mount Todd come a lot of this. Because what these people have done is for the last month or two they've been taking weekly circular. And it's in sales they know that are going in any Padilla's Biggs a spreadsheet so your able to put in pencils and say and make. Wal-Mart hasn't cheaper than stakeholders are or you know dollar general's cheaper than stables or whatever. Is so it's pretty cool very ease the sad part is this is not really the and happy it's a web site but. You know any good shopper has a game plan yes sit down and get a battle plan for eagle pass up this weekend nearly dim. So two big reasons to delay Deke lettering so that people don't call you'll quarter. There's actually a couple of good reasons you should delay some be cluttering their right one of them is for sentimental items out like the kids just gone off to college in their is that a plaster hand print there is that Turkey and then you know all the little memorabilia used to have on your refrigerator will -- what that's well you know it is it let's say you've you've lost a loved one parents. And I have my dog you lost your your animal you know things that are. Very so middle Tina don't wanna move on quite yet they say that that's okay axis part of the grieving process is to let him stay there a little bit longer so that might wanna delay him. The second one I love this is and especially if you have kids where there every week to bring in on something in the they've made you know resting ever. Hang onto him for a bit and then make a best stuff schools so maybe every school year you start you know you hold on to all the projects and then the candidate we do the best of with the U kids say. What was your favorite. You know. Project may I really can't memory or something like that and in that goes in the memory box the rest don't you Greta it's good idea contest all right aggressive time. I Shuster mean I gestured cluttering the business yeah. I've people Imus are wearing so white and black checkered stripe are structured to give a worker for La you know it's been hard for me I'll be trying to fight a shoe rack. Something I can organize my shoes in the near Boston I I have never I I've been empowering thing that I won me what it what is it. It's from a hard club that made a yes at the one with the most of the sticks ago across like for your forum it. No it's wooden planks and they mellow rubber grips on them okay. And must be like and maybe it isn't a better one. Yeah I kinda have I think it belongs in my just kind of like a rectangle its long and you competitive era. And you can kind of stack I'm not as tall as I am are really an outline and have seen it once you hang over a dorm those kind of chief Nina yeah that. All right well a lot of baloney to push up in prison and get our. Let's talk about you're the worst boss so we preface this by saying there are a lot of great boss is out there and unfortunately I think all of us have worked for me. Bad boss at one time or another. Job and you would tend to think bad boss or or manager to be out you know and here and whatever your business structure is you know and it gloves and huge and they may be the bullying boss that would -- you wore it may be the boss that was micromanaging always in your business and had a bully who has a micro miniature pony in there you go yes operations facility just outside Ottawa in the fight that's not the worst bus according to this. Survey they sedated the boss that's never there to see the absentee boss this makes a lot of sense however thought that the guy that's. Just never there always has excuses and you have to pick up the slack that's right to our recent survey found neglect that's what it is and and the neglectful boss ranked tops 57% for playing their bus. Doesn't give them clear her directions because they're never there for clarification. Ante to 2% are disappointed that they never had any time to meet with their boss and find out how we're doing and what I need to do you kind of turn this into a positive for your career though yeah really can't because they say do we can do is take on your manager's responsibilities making your own decisions take charge and possibly even spearheading a team connects believe put you in a good position for promotion may be to take over your boss's job. Or did the very least open some opening to resonate for an extra you know you won the guy under the bus so maybe you can now. Leave some tactful dance you know you really don't wanna leave well on the Huskers here's the thing. These kind of bosses are actually. They're playing it Smart because there really below the radar HR HR's worried about sexual harassment and people being sued firm to things like that. This guy or girl this kind of below the greater than high up there's at least not complaining to HR you're really gonna look it first up your -- is gonna become super defensive circuitry yielded differently Alia it's not gonna solve the problem at all so you know kind of muddle through under the bus but go ahead and meaty schedule meetings for them and nothing worse than Abbas that was ignoring you would then start pulling out now and tell your goal this year how to be more proactive and I get a meeting with you do so we can go over some goals and I can help agreed to take a step further. Let's let's schedule a meeting Monday at 8 AM there we are yeah yeah you're doing all for the occasion during the working who has a right under the scheduled appointment of all else fails just quit. Fifth Thornton got. Yeah they so this is kind of interesting I think this is funny because it would be CDC recently took together and looked at all the food borne illnesses. Have you isolated 2009 through 2015. And they found out that people tended to blame fish for food borne illnesses Shah gas come to find out it's not fish and also make Minnesota and we look at the last couple weeks there's been salads at a major fast food restaurant recalled there's not even sell Ritz Crackers not Kristina Akra Ritz Crackers rice did not indicate like goldfish that I said nothing it's chicken. Well particularly undercooked chicken base AB CC. As such again is the most my outbreaks associated almost the food and in the kind of sickness all man it is a nasty sickness that last for a couple of days out while it's it's domino and apparently changing protein is kind of like the Las Vegas of Salmonella. It's where they scum like to hang out and if you don't cook it well enough while that can lead to you becoming very very sick so. CDC is out of the critics are saying that there's change mean more government oversight but you know real honesty this is on you can do. You may issue you can repeat your internal check going to be an internal temperature recheck him. Is a 165 degrees moon but you know they've they've fired a whole bunch of inspectors they've been on trying to appeared on the government. They're getting rid of some of these people that are trying to keep our food safe on him go cuts somewhere else yeah that's true I write your hamsters and cutting it's not when the food that I eat out exactly how important they also recommend to you know never consuming undercooked chicken mixture you don't do in the cross contaminating of raw chicken. You know make sure that you on clean up the area we've handled raw chicken and then wash her hands before and after you handle ruptured a mean now that there there's actually a law and the big they passed a law we you can send chicken to China have a process there and and ship it back to us to sell to poke fun. I'm serious he can do that now. Why by its cheaper I don't well. He set a bowl loaded chickens and Isaac can act as copilot how much to ask you pay per cent chickens to China and about. How many different people are handling this food product and adding whatever germs they've got to. And unless there's a way to make yourself feel better though. Would he believe it or not it's not just sit in your car anymore become a vegetarian I suppose that's not thought yeah. Sought as we talked about this awhile ago there was a Finnish study that said dead there's a lot of benefits besides the mental benefits of the actual physical health benefits are going to dishonor. This is a new on the hero from the Mayo Clinic the kind of angles that I like if some come to the Mayo Clinic like I said the publicity out they may know what's going on they say that hanging out in a relatively dry room. Heated between eighty and a hundred degrees and and going in chilling go to new children for a little bit and I sat back and forth a lot of good things for instance it Loescher blood pressure and risk factors for hypertension. Reduces the likelihood of a fatal heart disease. Also been known to enhance long capacity function potentially resulting in improved breeding for people. Who have asthma or bronchitis or other reading our respiratory issues. They say they tell you actually could debt cut your risk of getting the common cold or flu how cool is that and you know those feel good the endorphins the feel good on hormone idea the bustle bunch of those loose too yeah Brooke if the people that have a root authority I brightest fibromyalgia because the back and forth of the heat and cold. Kind of it produces a natural pain killing response that your body you know there were also to appeal but the of floating Lotus spot that has what's called a far infrared Sauna. It it heats you up but not the air in the rooms on the hate about Sonos is breathing that hundred degree air in and out so I am it's they have a really cool far infrared Sauna that I just love to I think I -- about on as is the big old hot tray of rocks and meeting came all the way is I'll trip and fall on our net that's not that's a wets on a that's what I Portugal for a water on those things the dry Sauna is like the that the chancellor that. There you go we've learned about a lot about -- today yes we did so that's our show for today Friday August 3 of course for an airline manager Friday between five and ten and ninety point five KG hit ABC. And.