8.31.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-FDA Warns of Liquid Nitrogen Infused Foods And Drinks-Should You Switch To An Unlimited Data Plan

Friday, August 31st

A warning to not consume foods and drinks mixed with liquid nitrogen, teach Alexa to follow your teams and are unlimited data plans the best way to save money? It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, August 31, 2018.

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I there's a 98 point 5 JTJ morning show recap for Friday August 31 as we say goodbye to August's you know Arnold about this show today we started out we're gonna make you a better parent and then we left you with. With criminal cherry on top. Perfect for nice Labor Day weekend I'm saying right here and inefficient ending of similar but yeah we start to show today talking about the this survey about 2000 parents. They were doing a top parenting hacks they said the number one thing I was surprised if this really how much you Christen. I was very surprised the number one problem with kids this is then not eating their vegetables OK and I think that's been need battles since the dawn of time I don't. Back like I totally get that it's one of those things that has never gone away but it is far from the top of my list well. I think on the listen they're talking about these are hacks for parents alike it was advice which you would do like to say hey yeah. I got child born either vessels what real candidate AMOCO. That's kind of where it came into they also said you know how to stop a supermarket tantrum. Understanding what the most g.s mean and memorizing the names to TV characters also or topics that he is he would your kids' favorite shows you know connect or talk right or you know who two you know. Whatever they did was that the pop patrols there bitten animals yeah I don't know they are I don't know I wanna find out what they're talking about. They also say good hacks repaired and learn to make their perfect pancake. How to remove chewing gum from hair okay and being able to tell when a child does she go from the car seat to the booster seat. We're albeit big information that their parents needed help with and I found out over a third of the respondents said that they go to their parents. For guidance and advice course yes of course they are saying BA the old rules of you know keeping good manners and letting children fail to help them learn very popular as well. And three in ten people said Debbie so good most useful recommendation to get to new parents is to be a parent and not a friend. Yeah absolutely. Amen sister. Op Ed let's say it's all seasons under way college football anyways trying stay awake so Christen me it's it's kind of important to Michigan this does cover hockey and I do believe your hockey fan I am a very avid hockey fans and as soon as I saw that analysts at perked up all right so here's in this involves elects are nice good friend Alexis who it gets dark yet sometimes but actually Lex cannot tell us a sports scores if you set up as skilled foreign it's very easy launched the Alexa app for a tap the hamburger mania so that you get sued the setting strain. Then sports update then putting your favorite team it could be a football team they can be a basketball soccer hockey. Any of the thirteen leagues enough pro and college football cool I'm that'll give you the of the sport scores news source just the latest ask Alexa from a sports update and bingo whatever. Your favorite teams are sure to be down at these are arguing with Alexa. Any health problems are alias of forget yet another Alexis at Beth. That's your. Let's is this is actually very important warning Akira from the Food and Drug Administration their wording people especially teenagers. About the dangers of consuming food and drink products infused with liquid nitrogen and you know I think you find is a guy county fairs and things like and now she waits gee whiz factor because it's called they refer to it as dragon for Angel breath and it's you know where you can actually blow stupid nitrogen. As it warms up it acts such steaming making smoke. New blood on your nose in your mouth yours and they put on like puffs cereal yes that's what the trends to they take like you know the puffy cereals and I would like corn pops or whatever. Dip them in the good nitrogen as you chew them because the same thing happened early smokes aggravate an almost writes. Problem is is that it's very very cold anywhere from negative 320 degrees or colder Fahrenheit. That's what liquid nitrogen isn't with you would kill skin cells yes and that's what it. That's what it's doing it's actually causing some skin damage organ damage you throw your teeth your gums governor look like your dragon rights. So they're saying is and essence stop doing that the FDA was prompted to do it bit. They can't make it illegal because they use connection all the time yeah right is dry ice and we'll be right there are purposes sport but to consume it's probably not a good idea. Unlimited data plans are they really worth it because for roll YLU actually was truly unlimited data plans you know that what his roller loses I've got the unlimited plan I didn't realize that they'll throttle my plan but if I get mere. Of the offer are I don't know how they throw the throttling means. When they back off your Internet speed yet today's unlimited data plan should come with a big asterisk because it's not really unlimited and here's in the cellphone industry according to this article referenced. This is kind of how the pecking order works or something that's called metered plans. And that's probably the one that you are on thinking about switching to an unlimited that's we get a set amount a data. That you pay per month that's what you've got a bright and if you go over it you pay like an extra ten dollars per day but I have yet right all of that what is kind of the top priority when we get into situations where. Cellphone towers did jam packed so we don't know when that's gonna happen could be during the Gator game two you write tomorrow. So my Texan my voice will go through it faster because I am on the metered plan but got I've got the unlimited so they'd be if there's too many people on the it will throttle me down a little yes even if you are odds even if you're not over you or throttling client right you're still in that bucket where you're just below the metered. Then you come into the people that have on. The the prepaid. The services and then you have the class which is called the other third party which is your what you're cricket wireless in new consumer cellular. They rent space from the cellphone companies and using their signals but they're also kind of like that. They're the last on the line to get things done as a metered as the penthouse and the smaller carriers right basement so keep that in mind now it keep in mind also that they don't really throttled teach you get about 22 gigabytes of data Welker all right and it ain't even at that point and you're still gonna do better than some of them but. You gotta keep in mind how much it cost anywhere from seventy to 95 dollars per phone to get an unlimited plan now if you pay anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars for the meter plant in occasionally go over for ten dollars. Doesn't make a lot of financial since that's sort of yeah I'd I'd I'd Tom thank goodness I'm switch and now that's a but you know like Crist and brought up you know if you're in an area that doesn't have a lot of Wi-Fi Lou like our business a building in Ocala right you can't any of the unlimited data on and two you know it works out and in your favor but I'm yet I find most of the time at the house if you're in doubt that it. I have Wi-Fi most of the time I'm sure I would try to find a plan that was an unlimited because honestly. Like I said our friends have the Google pixel phone or whatever it is I uses like three gigs a month because he's got white BioWare Wi-Fi and home. So he's never not on it right when Mitch and I looked we were sitting around like 23 point five gigs a piece rights because I don't doesn't make sense to know and neither one of us have Wi-Fi during the day but what. We learned is if Chris and if you eat enough folic product you can have any wired wireless service she. Of the money name Barack for a little while anyway just thought maybe a third CO buzzards are so yeah you can actually get paid to eat avocados at the 300 dollars. There's a study going on it's called hat study V. Habitual died in avocado trial the wanted to see how eating an avocado daily. How it impacts the amount of industry distribution a body fat in your body right so what they're looking for is somebody who eats one avocado a day now multiple. Yeah Tariq Kristen saying hide the look for people that are considered overweight according to the boss do the body mass index. And then they're looking for people who are willing to go undergo lab test MRI blood work and of course you do get all the free out of college you want to rise of one a day anyway. I'd probably go to I think Madonna won a day if they were freak is right other two dollars apiece have a pricey car and I can't awesome yesterday and we know what happened to McConnell and pick up a condos you know there on the carpet throttling it a bit stressed out and -- getting abode everybody auto throttling but they only bad thing is that it there are doing this and some university several universities are doing it but unfortunately overall in California Massachusetts and Pennsylvania so. They may have to go up there for 300 bucks but. On the bright spots coming to Florida in October were talking about Hershey's milk chocolate in greasy Peter but a peanut butter cup whipped cream. Yours cherry sold separately. EI essentially is the classic he canisters of the dairy quipped toppings on with cream and yeah that don't you wonder what took them so long to do flavored toppings like that's how I did in this forever -- years was he's coconut milk in why. Using coconut milk whipped cream please I guess isn't cream it's well it's called Coco lip like that and then I add in peanut butter and I use a little like many food processors and blended together and then I reef freeze it and it comes Alec peanut butter went about the frozen in the past and trees and L ninja that you used to cut it up like the little ninja thingy that like blends thing. I love that thing so they're absolutely. And so but they're look into this one here unfortunately for you. You won't be able to enjoy it's under the skin cream. Without the high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners such pretty good actually happens a Hershey's cocoa and it's so. They say it's me about three bucks for a bottle sometime in October should be your favorite stores tweaked so there is our show Ford today four Friday August 31 of course were on their lives Monday through Friday. A ninety point five TT can ABC got back.