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Thursday, August 31st

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, August 31, 2017.


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I there's a cagey game morning show recap for Thursday August 31. And Maurice they reek that would mean a cheap tire we're talking about darn good material that we presented earlier today and we're giving it to you. Whenever you want to listen to yes it's like you can we're like your best friend went zero you know we have us shifted time Korea. All right this is important information especially if your name rocky relationship can't really put your finger on and if you're a sweetie face is cheating on you and we did this first story first thing in the morning just when your way can upset there. You know across the breakfast table there worst some weird stairs go that's a guest at check this out where Camille leaving for work. They actually done an awesome research one of these it's called illicit encounters it's one of those affairs seeking web sites they found that the are more likely to cheat on Mondays. And Friday's. And this is based on their own data out when people are kind of talking sells like Monday mornings and Friday evenings or yeah so what it is a few minutes to take a step further and they said oh by the way of Monday in the ADM our seemed to be to peak usage now and Friday in the 9 PM hour seems to be busy. Ending mechanics sensitive because you're saying mr. Crist and it's what are what we've saint. And just from have past experience. It's like you've spent the whole weekend with your family and now you finally have a breaks and that's Monday morning warrior about to spend the weekend with your family so you get it in right before Friday 98 you know your man you got eight you know call that person and yes. That's exactly what they say you said gated in days that they can and the climate change I understand. This thing awards is that Al I like to apologize is during the break on the radio. I said it was Marie Claire moment I met Ashley Madison yet and I apologize to that fine fashion magazine to fit that category Clara mystified. I should do it now leave me out of it. Would worsen price gouging stood us stories in Houston unfortunately every time there's a disaster you hear people trying to make money off other people's misery absolutely and this is that a no exception the verse three in particular one was a best western hotel west of Corpus Christi work. One of those TB that investigative teams Yahoo! let's overcharged the TV investigative T yeah great idea really Smart they went a line they found like a room with two queens cost anywhere from 12249. The most yeah they give off a 321 dollars when next day recess doubled an accurate there's another one of a lady who but to it. I would imagine twelve packs of beer in me and she was charged nearly seven or two cases of beer she's turned nearly seventy dollars eighty yen meant you know the I guess Peterson as a necessity and not a necessity. Thing and that might be worth it to that it was a cold night. Guys who was called maybe it was seven he's worth about I guess the one McConnell LI national attention was the a best buy store in Houston's. Because of all the pictures that we're tweeted about this a a case of this sunny water. Selling for 42. Dollars. Now on the rivers to what two bucks a bottle about which is what best buy said that that was really was an error it was that's the normal price they paid or her boss her bottle it you would abide in the signaled a case of course would be lesser rights in which drew the kind of tells you how much you know if you buy a case of water for under five dollars in the selling it for 42. You see the market by just selling an individual who rang and we are wondering why people would be buying best buy water yeah. What what version of waters of the H two homers in his land is a Geek Squad combined delivered four or what. The observers suggest plan water I tell you after you've been the shop and around some when he needed beverage we are checking out near you come down near net total buttons that I spent four random receiving any or drink. Exactly. By the way you wanted to know what the anti gouging laws are in Florida found them here for yourself when it only happens when a state of emergency is declared right. And if you fight he thinks somebody is damaging you know prices you have to filed with the attorney general. And what they do as they go back and look at that particular establishments. Normal price of the price over the last thirty days before the eye gouging points now. And if they see gross disparity that's when their eligible for are gonna get find humor from a thousand dollars per fine. After 25000 dollars total to a little hurt now scary report also voices are very concerning for couples wind to have children and just. Apparently there's a lot of flame retardant chemicals that are in everything email from polyvinyl occult and their four foam and it is all part of its things the insulation. Electronics. Is actually making it a little harder for women to conceive. The they're finding that chemical in the women's urine yes they do when they did as they've a Harvard study looked at two in vitro. Now and they innocents were looking for this called the stuff called PFR which actually replaces another fire retardant chemical called PD. PB DP. So that which caused a radiologist so this is supposed to be the cure for that yeah well they don't know much about the stuff at all it was just they had to get something on the markets what they found is that. 80% of the women that we're doing in vitro had some sort trade if PF are in their system. And saying those 80% women the ones at the highest concentrations of the PF pars had a 40% chance that there procedure. Was not going to be successful now so it really kind of tells you knew it kind of scary thing talking about. Fertility and editor she returned have a kid so. What they're saying is that Mitt which you should do is make sure that your home is as much and eat eat like yoga mat and stuff that her flame retardant from the best outside your house. And then wash your hands frequently and vacuum frequently does that stuff is just kind of pitfalls out and it sets you know someone almost impossible thing to all the things in your home to thousands of things and Heidi you know whatever things may go yeah you know what's gonna have flame returned and whatnot and has been great if you have carpet that was already laid when you walk when you buy it now idea now that's you know it's just content could use a caution used this error on the side of caution and just beat somebody who's OCB in vacuum a lot. You like your clothes of course that we bottom. Which you know every time you wash him you're just slowly killing units. So instead of throwing everything instantly into the clothes hamper try to is Al especially if you're inside all day you're not really sweating they're feuding over there in Florida theater north Americans and they're listening in theory yes if you during that you sometimes you can getaway just nice clean ironing. Just to kind of get the wrinkles out especially if you're wearing a shirt where were you it's gonna wrinkle in the back or a skirt it's kind of Brinkley deplete. You should be able to iron or at least steam them instead of and putting them into the washing machine so therefore you're sitting in a little bit more you're sitting knew that the their clothes are not going to be destroyed as quickly. Yes I absolutely hate putting my clothes and that washing machine that instant that I take them off because you really serious cease in office Spalding along. But then you live in Florida know now and you go from the card to the building or whatever but then like you said Chris. Then you have to pump gas yeah I then you have to park it's Tuesday spots to fire away from the grocery store yes I mean I series loans like yesterday leaving public's. Yeah it's crazy isn't it's gonna be released humid today in you know a lot of tanger closed his wrinkled Nokia dirty but they look like their dirty. I want the steamers and boy that really water whatever travel steamer to have a a suitor assured there's been in your luggage. You can misty napping and looks pretty darn good and it's crazy is the sounds of has a little bit of motor maybe a little bit of BO on it exploded outside the sun's UV rays actually gets rid of a lot of voters naturally the listeners birds overhead he'd be careful about Wimbledon Spielberg's Europe and the parents or airplanes and there is an undo bad reputation that you get sick from breathing in the re circulated air inside an airplane -- I had this all wrong I assume that you're breathing everybody else's air in the entire airplane but apparently that's not the way the air handler works on an airplane now not at all we have the kennel look and see how it works it's it's divided into sections of the plane yeah so you earlier in essence -- -- reap the air and it's about two or three seats -- and had you and behind you. And the air once it's into the cabin it will roll and eventually be sucked out through vents that are underneath the windows. When it sucked out and actually is mixed with air it's outside our share fresh air and then fill pressure man yeah and there really is the freshest air I'm and it's me and then it goes through a nice nice thick had the filters are really are getting hit air that's pretty clean. What happens is that and when you're sitting next to somebody and they cough that's what you're getting sick is because of the close proximity to other folks so here's how you can you know go away with Elise giving those germs not to hitch used to watch. The little air announced that the by the head leave it turned on was pouring airy almost look at your shield and keeps all that stuff. Of course you know as you mentioned that it gets a sore throat and Christen your contacts yet just dried out of glamour. And I'll tell you about a sore throat or won't last as long as the flu yes experiments not a and then I could probably the most desperate guys get a job I've ever heard of and it's a seasonal job at one of those I have hunted house's type things out and president California. Apparently it's legendary piloted the website oh really it's just what Israel big ones yeah because of the guys as the seasonal job what are you forty gonna go throw me hoops you're gonna jump through just to be in the Halloween horror night well he does he was willing to swallow a black widow of female black widow spider. A life you have after she crawled all over him in Waikiki theories are with them or some this is the number one for in this case that's the only one that understands. But he carries summit in any worries that around and that day out while I don't abuse doing this senator and a bad as trying to its karma. There's an island in the wild the the black whatever meets the male I gather. Got busy mr. and this is 82 things and that's why women live longer than men yeah. I wanna do stuff like this and we've we have also costly than he's probably gonna move to Florida at some doubt he's got he'll end up here stare at. And in the second thing is is modern medicine because he's gotten bitten a couple of time hope but they have prescribed him little pills like he takes coach so when the venom is working the hill as kind of an antidote. You know this reminds me of the guys that auditioned for Moby Dick and he cut his leg off so we get the job effect it's time to say I'm surprised I think you go a little too far body really ministers of this that's so we are covered on the show today let us know what you think about it if you should more I was like Monday through Friday between now five intent. Except this Monday when. Will be an off I don't know why they're called the video and audio sit on the couch and move labor intensive jobs and coming out sometime we'll see you Tuesday night.