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Wednesday, August 30th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, August 30, 2017.


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OK. On the KTK Marty and show all for Wednesday August 30 2000 has some deep smile that. That's podcast is that that yes let's recap podcasts of many burnt popcorn in the act are lined rework them reworked. And ready for you is come on let's got to go on those who are speaking of food this is my far. The more bizarre promotion I've ever heard no let's say you've lost your job okay you've lost your insurance you've lost your job you don't know what you're gonna do that pay about a hamburger you wanna free burger. Now it sounds good right now look I'm I'm kind of pinching pennies these days but a Burger King actually has this all your fire giveaway promotion. Check out they whom she got a job to get a free bird already first off you gotta get can yeah it does not resign you have to get fired yeah right first up gets fired secondly. On your Linkedin account you have to post on their publicly. I got fired I want a free whopper hash tag. Whopper severance now Linkedin is when you try to get a job from another business that you had contacts with. So you you really don't open with hey I got fired would you to hire me yeah. Well and but that's only the beginning part because would you do that now urging will then send you a link he as Israeli personal information. And and you'll wait a few days and wait because you could be one of the 2500 people think it's a free whopper via a gift card which they mailed he would take several more days we got your address and get your email they've got your physical address they've got all the information on you and here's a Berger an end in theory maybe in the maybe. Yeah I think Bashir met up. In the congratulations Florida for the second year in the row back to back to Florida ranks tops is having the worst drivers in the country why do you remember line via website Smart. Assets has crowned the sunshine state is. Basically the worst drivers in mainly because we are searching on Google for speeding trapping ten. You know still like her to keep you are caught red handed. Also on the Florida has the second most number of insured drivers great and a higher than average DUI arrest record. Giuliani only in Florida passer it's a son I'm telling you telling him mission deuce crazy create things really the only state a guarantee that has billboards. Saying don't use your flashes in the rain. That's at Euro. Mississippi drivers came in a close second overall followed by Oklahoma. New Jersey and Delaware Vermont had the highest number of UI's total fifty per thousand drivers. And as for auto insurance up alone has the least amount of coverage North Carolina has the most moved here. Our children of the eighties listen up and his luck you paying top dollar for those toys that we used to have him that Teddy rocks man's worth a fortune yeah that was worth almost a thousand bucks and a let's see here if you got IGI Joseph motorized battle tank that was sold in 1982 that could be north of 950 dollars for your. Optimus Prime transformer sealed in the original boxed. Can take you about a thousand bucks. And it's not just toys were talking about books is well first editions of Jumanji and polar express. Are selling between 608 million dollars out who won their really surprised me is people are buying VHS. Tapes yeah yeah. But of where to get the player well here's it's not just VHS tapes or it's VHS tapes of bad horror movies. Woman beside movies that you would see at a party console lousy copy of a lousy movie you just want you are paying top dollar for lousy copies just really think we kick in the shower they suck up and mortgage. Have insured while you know the good news is that hurricane Harvey is moving its way the out of Texas about 30000 Texas senator are homeless at this point how and include a lot of bomb our pets dogs cats. You know they've been separated from their lives always Netanya and a lot of times he showed shelters and hotels will not accept him. So has been kind of a big pleas from the for many of shelters in Texas looking for Foster families who. Which I think is a great idea now you have to fill out paperwork and you're gonna have to be responsible for transporting the animal to and from Texas yes. But if you're up to it you in essence would babysit and watch a Foster a dog or cat or horse or pop believed in us. And to the owners find their home again. And then you can nest in the Mac. I grew up with two ideas via warmly you're talking one that my father in law as a pilot. Dominique convince him to slimy to Texas and five point two dogs back here again and now until I'm just gonna hop in my brother's truck and trailer and go get a mile that way now Adams scheming and plotting. Not you would be terrible to be a pot bellied pig. In a shelter in Texas where people are hungry Astro call just Allen. If by the way if you are traveling to Texas most boring this stretch of interstate on planet earth I send my ten hall Florida yeah I know that's never a ban on my brother went to college Allen Mick niece Louisiana and it's just like. That's and in west and rich and rent a it's almost at the tech order idea Texarkana. In. The cost of higher education jumped by a 150% over the last ten years I do believe that most of them are students that come out with men have student loans on average have about 434000 dollars in debt hanging over their heads I can tell you that's very accurate almost any apple aren't so. And for those owing more than 50000 dollars has jumped three times over the last ten years. Soon we can see that there's a lot of desperation to pay outs and student loans and a lot of times. Some us gamers will come in and try and trickier that's what's going on involving this woman who won the powerball jackpot long Auburn Massachusetts again later sore right yes she yes she went seven under 68 almost summer and 769. Run a million of cubic butt load of money yeah so she exits are the ones download some say it payment she just got over 33 point six million box. So the scam works like this year on social media or somebody forgy something saying that she's gonna be doing her for land the earthy. And she's gonna pay also mr. wells and all you needed is just thought this entry for some guy just scammer she's never actually said this nobody knows of this in fact the police in her hometown have put up a warning saying that this is a fraud she's got don't discovered there's there's like cop cars parked in her driveway and yeah I mean you and I am always on whether I was shocked to see her on TV accepting because if I won a lottery I would. I come I don't know I don't want people knowing the lion named so fast. For suck you gotta be with financial people and lawyers you gotta set up trust fund do you you've got to get some financial instruments going on I would imagine as a line wrapped around her and lot of people trying to sell her some good people in northern neighbor's homes wanna know you know just part wanna know more about her yeah it's just creep you out creepy creepy I don't know why I've never won a lot of thought I. Why yeah distracting ASA foil then I won't know I never buy a ticket that. And then finally you don't need to win a lottery to get this lace in latest fashion. That's from Aso sits just released a pair black belt black belted a high waisted jeans that feature cut out. With a thin panel that hangs just below and over your butt crack recall a plumber but genes. Really honestly thought of this when you like it when it said he gave the illusion yeah that there wouldn't actually be cracked shelling but there is no you thought to be like those shirts that look like you. Like I thought there and be like some kind of you know Blake. Piece of material on there that imitated it knowing you're only showing norm. After all material that usually covers up the crack is missing yeah I think like a scoop neck for. Like earlier topic is a scoop next same thing for your run and they call it but cleavage yes now I let it sixty dollars YouTube and on of his. Are way too cheap there's gonna be way too many of these and let me tell you as Jack Kirby Carol yeah this is actually age to rumble you shouldn't be. Now you've been there they're kind of cheap though there only like sixty Bach president and there's gonna be way too many of these. Well let's be careful when you go to that well this Samantha thrifts are not and I grab my mistake half. And I guess explaining in it and they will make it to goodwill out there that it does this can't last right here. Thanks for listening to our podcast at the stuff we do normally on our show Monday through Friday between five intensive if you missed any of its because that's the podcast and begin really a good time please do us on the radio too because we didn't do this we have to get jobs yeah. As I like to save my defense my debts and obligations thank you for listening to. But by by.