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Tuesday, August 29th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, August 29, 2017.


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The move. The Katie gave morning show recap for a third or rather Tuesday August 29 at which it was Thursday night economic aegis games and hope. And out mistress and a three day weekend is just around a corner you have maybe four more days to Gator football now. And let's say this morning though we talked about it. I never would associate dirty clothes and student absenteeism in grade school apparently lot of kids who are no low income areas won't go to school if their clothes are dirty they're embarrassed. They don't want their friends see him like that. And there's a real simple solution thanks to VO whirlpool people at this was kind of a social experience. Experiments experiments few years ago they had two schools that are hooked up and and whirlpool had given them washers and dryers I'm assuming several of them yeah. Odd to see this one is what had happened and what happened was is they solve the schools have the high absenteeism problems it went away. By them having an opportunity to have their clothes clean either by their parents or by volunteers they said. Teachers saw a 95% boost in class and extracurricular participation. From students who had previously missed more than ten days of school year not something that is used audible I guess if you have a wash regard you don't think about it you know if you have access to a laundromat but. If you don't have access to any of that or the money to do your laundry. And then you'd debate keep kids out of school so even that's not how popular it was just a few years ago this year they've expanded the program to sixty schools in ten cities they have over a thousand school districts vying for grants for and a washing drying machine. You know I mean when I had a old washer and dryer only had these new ones I didn't know what to do with them and I would've loved to have donated them to us Oilers on that. That be a great drive to do globally you know who donated to a school that they would need the hot water and hook up. But in a drain Bruno Lincoln. Your shop class can do that it would definitely be a sports conversation. I really have relatives in. Let's see here this is good for our women who won put a hold off holding cute kids usually in your twenties when you get married that's kind of when they're like oh when you have baby a lot of people get their career together first yes and then having children which seems to be. They helped along jeopardy a little longer feel like that's what this study has found they found that women who are who are currently 65 if asked them when they had their first child they found those that gave for their for a first childbirth in their thirties. More more likely to live longer than those who fell pregnant in their teens in their twenties then. They effect and they're saying that you can actually go into your nineties they say job believe it or not tell mothers who were in their teens when they had dead children actually have a shorter lifespan. And they do think that this has to do with and kind of this sweet spot were. You know in your thirties that maybe you'll have menopause later because you have a healthier system. So it is something to consider especially the U getting that nagging phone call and text message from mom and so we can expect Chris to this. I was in. Like what eleven weddings and the last couple years and it's just so funny now that it's been a few years watching all my friends kind of go through that leg. When will we now we're getting the real pressure and a right hook I guess that's an irishman yes. It's crazy isn't nearly the body is it it's a peek performance when you're in their thirties for reproduction yeah this course bush should talk to you doctor because there's a point when you get your forties you do have a right higher risk. That's a 35. 35 is not crazy at 35 be considered a geriatric mother. Volcom. How amazing my eye doctor sneak up Sammy. I'm gonna let us know Christine. It is study that went through and how we buy things online a lot of times you'll look at the reviews to see if the product you're buying is worth your money in your time then and what they have found is that people will buy a mediocre product based on has more reviews doesn't matter what drew you to say a quantity not the quality of the zoo's eagle and that crazy that really doesn't make sense -- did you really doesn't know what they found is that. He in other words here you about. An item that gets three out of five stars and and they're saying that one has. Hundreds of her views one has dozens of reviews you're better off by no one would doesn't reviews because. It's probably have a better chance of being a better product since the one with you know hundreds of various he concedes mediocre. Vs only having a few saying it's mediocre there maybe just not enough yet at. And you know it's like anything in life and people are more apt to complain and post about complaints in the air about compliments and highlight the study went through over fifty is too they've done they looked a lot on eBay and then on Amazon's off like that I probably looked at just as many more do what several Kristin does which I think is crazy actually read a review is gas and see for yourself that's something you trust. The first thing I do because I'm such an avid online shopper is likely the reviews and I go to the one serve use and to see if it's people that are salty. Or if it's real right right product is not dead. Yet people tend to complain more than appraise them so much working in radio and absolutely yeah. That one here this is good advice from a personal trainer who says you know one of the mysteries of the weight control is your portion size you know because if you eat too much too little can. Kind of DB discouraging results so how much should you eat so what she should do is clasp your left and right hands together I'm clasp them together here and that major portion size it's been that's almost probably the size your stomach to them exactly you know she also says the keys to eat six times today's your body isn't. Is isn't over Phil we're feeling lazy and has just enough fuel to up prevent spikes in blood sugar and debt rumbling yeah me endorsing mr. We just starved in the New York the refrigerator just to start putting things in your mouth and India are being starving going to the gym acute not doing your body and he did yet she also recommends avoiding processed foods any clean two with minimal processing to a major weight loss is well by the way take a look at that picture online she looks better in her forties late forties issued in early twenties and I believe she was an athlete so yeah unbelievable. I'll go ahead and use those four letter words as many times as you want when you stub your toe in the middle of the night. A research says they yelling angry upset that word obscene words honey Q a stronger person overall I'm thinking he really strong I'm thinking out in the birthing room. Ha ha Amman just all I didn't go yeah. And dad you might not wanna be within hitting distance here's what they did due to come to this realization they had tutors of people that had a bowl of ice water forgot I was an Angel on the toe that would be real tough it's study right there what I would be hard to recruit via but this one just involve water and you had put your hand and it keep it there as long as possible just could make it into one group. You were allowed to say neutral word which cannot use swear words. In the other line you can use swear words or whatever you want it to the grip that you could swear you they held on average 45 point seven seconds before having to pull the hand of a cold water. 78 point eight seconds for those that you can use swear words about double the amount of time do if you use real swear words yet they really tend to think that there's two reasons it may take off your fight or flight response are Neanderthal mind of ours via or Tom is is actually swearing increases emotion a motion levels of emotion which have been studied in animals actually can have reduced the sensation of pain animals conspired. Now I'll what does it in your probably dumping adrenaline or something owner has something to do with the Sonoma you have a releasing some endorsements. And maybe that's what is. Speaking of endorphins. Really into clowns there are a little upset you know they have the world clown association I learned at this morning most other storm Roberts or Kristin Miller and Chris Malone put it together which is perfect for for politicians who retire they can actually lobby for the clowns to admit clouds their whole lives and they use a lot of America yes these make us stuff like that. They're upset it says Stephen king of all people. Hot neighbors he wrote like thirty years ago perhaps he's he's upset they're upset over penny wise in particular the star of the its book miniseries and movies. They say that that he is to blame for the B characters getting a bad rap now. They say penny wise as well as other quote help or characters having dragged through the good the good clown names through the mud. They remind us that. They were at the clown or big cloud of reminding us that the are clown is something to be treasured a love that the art of clown. Met and did that that in essence you know no it's picking on Santa Claus because that would bring include Christmas and I do not compare. The creepy clown and into the join us and it caused bring what they did have a good point you know when you have a kid it's it's terrified future of forcing him to go up and sit on Santa's lap I think there's the Inglewood trying to reach and we're bigger we're got a picture of me when I was like throw three or four years soldiers crime my house or my Brothers a couple of years older. He's element Tom of his life. Seven I had even minor league along with a yeah yeah that's what what kind of what they're what they're saying here but. Here's what Stephen King had to say about this in a tweet he says the clowns are peeved at me. Sorry most of great that the kids have always been scared of clowns don't kill the messenger for the message on our. And I like offender in the shell. John Wayne Gacy pretty much at all sag on reeling clowns for ever but yeah I used to be like the circus clowns in America in the circus clowns in Europe the European ones were a little more menacing. Dennis like the circus delay of one yes exactly there's under your Rubin are sort of slim but that's kind of the way the European clowns or Betsy traditional one. But then Emmett Kelly irony was a very famous ringling Brothers clown. He was this Mars sort of like your grandpa. But when these killer clowns started chasing people around in the darkened streets looser it's like the last couple years you read about yeah see that's what's that's what's going on in big clown congratulations. For organizing I am sure they did it would there on that little car. And after issue. Of course I get the F issue did it's it's a circus college or don't have our own circus answer and you what you major in tumbling to Alaska. Let's say you can join us weekdays from five to ten here or not he point five KG gain until then have a good one but I mean.