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Tuesday, August 22nd

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show Recap for Tuesday, August 22. 2017.


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I daresay cagey game morning show on. Ways to call tape but I guess we're now digitally stored you know the largest budget digits now or for Tuesday August 22 when he seventeenth. We were hour we had a big party yesterday at the chips dips in the clips. And had a great time I get Terry I think that the what was the biggest memory I got from this particular. Eclipse which who have one promise that it looked like you were looking at a tinted window. Yes still bright out but it was like it is not his. As shy as a shining Ilya you out and it's secondly where the shadows on the ground that we're all crescent shaped those those are amazing like the reds are Chris and had once shot about. The two tree leaves yeah. And the shadows that they were leading oral presage in my favor was. The one with a colander so we took a colander it was so cool little little circles were actual half moon that was so cool yeah very cool so are we the next one coming up in 12028. For something out that's about seven years away so you know so but he can't save your glasses though now what will go under that here later on this one yet those glasses do have kind of an expiration date unless you don't mind you know burning your eye socket and have a lot of people yesterday were taking out or were actually take in the air clips for granite. If it bit but but but but but. OK let's go and cynical are recap for today which pleases ended this one here common catch phrases they say incorrectly actually worked with a guy who wrote on a commercial don't take it for granite. It's granted to help you look at my rant it's either not an ignominious rock. Terrorist common phrases that are said incorrectly for instance it's a doggy dog world. Now no it's a dog eat dog world and a more and milk bone underwear and they're definitely add on from storm that's the extension or the app for a how about nip in the bud nipped it in the but as the proper catch phrase of how some people say nip it in the but no Barney Fife forested but let's just be like Barney that's right he was an editing it for television Ali is glad I impression is bud. Another comment catch phrase we say incorrectly. For all intensive purposes. And you with a cracked Germans. For all intents and purposes this yet. Don't bunnies cents makes sense when you say that way. And I haven't that's why I could care less I get lazy and I do say this Syria which can only mean anything meaning he doesn't actually you actually careless who you mean you could not care a lot and that's writes I'm telling people I could actually care less if I could not up. That's more like a warning. I don't make you care less and then finally refrain from any anxiety induced cat called me or I text me ASAP as possible now. You know the AP means as possible and ASAP Dow. Yes these are like reminiscent of ATM machine. And a pin number her. And there's a story here in Ocala called Georgia carpet outlet but it's GCO carpet outlet on the sign in south Georgia carpet Alec carpet outlet the end. And these phrases brought to you by the department of redundancy to. Look next to the aisle office of silly walks heavily disasters so they want us. This morning also we talked about chemical invention mind you we just about 15100 dollars a year in food that we just are away because we either forget about it or just goes bad in your refrigerator and hides in the back there for Jurgen really doesn't mean you got that milk jugs in you've got the Tupperware containers everywhere it's kind of hard to see what's in the back there. There's a an invention that's up by British company called smarter and they are offering what's called the Smart fridge so instead of you buy one of these 5000 dollar refrigerators that we'll tell you when things go bad. This little camera costs by a 127 dollars that you put inside your your refrigerator. And using your Smartphone well actually let you know when things start going back. Here's what makes leaving easier is that you can set up alerts to say hey when my milk goes bad let us know. And then when you drive by your savored store are a little push notification come across your phone saying hey don't forget you need to buy milk yet that's a company makes the Smart match. Which actually way easier peanut butter or your spaghetti sauce or your milk. And it will tell you how much you have left so you Mexico earlier app. And look insider refrigerator and see only have low. That would work good for the half gallon milk cartons that are in the paper that generally see inside you don't yell it actually ways it yeah I think that's right right I think it's fantastic today in the beer fridge the beer pitch yeah. It's true very important there with the you know we talked about does the dusting off your resume and ditching that catch phrases like team player and a go getter and stuff like that it is really in a drubbing pretty kind of toss that out because that's generic language that really. Speaks to nothing so we thought we did go over things that make. Do a job recruiters absolutely want you. One of them is knowing another language into use it fluently. To pop up thing all the satellite. What she said I am a big you know bit many companies are actually multinational and knowing more than one language and using it fluently can actually be a major plot so. Learn another language pick up the Rosetta Stone and get to knowing on that the idea of spit in the ditch. Still initiatives if that's not a tier German apparently. By many larger companies have teams devoted to social media your knowledge of social media and how to properly music and actually be good for a small company. If you know how do you snap Chad in minster Graham and Twitter and FaceBook and use them effectively that could be a kind of a plus for you. Computer programmers they're in demand you really as they command salaries more than 77000. Dollars on average are you narrowing here and roll pretty good money there but you have to be computer programmer but you can know a little bit of code. Which you can pick up our Internet now learn some code meant a fury you tell your kids to learn how to code the output and again. Why didn't right now I learned to do is do some coding by using YouTube videos and I'm able to change code to to work plot flawlessly. This is a strategy has worked for me interest in well on Photoshop now we've learned it through for through YouTube. And that's another thing a lot of companies don't have did come. Clean up a picture or make your teeth a little bit wider so you have those knowledge that'll make you kind of an asset and we knew Tubal teach you all of the stuff of course a well and then finally learned to dive the bureau of labor statistics of reports that commercial diving is one of the fastest growing. Occupations in the country it's amazing they're expecting expansion met 37% in the next decade underwater welders we need your. Then I save my friend and underwater well there I got corrected during the break. He's an underwater welder now he actually made it's a journeyman status by the time he was 26 X I mean it is insane the money that this kidney what does journeyman mean. Journeyman means that he's like gone above and beyond his training and now he can actually be paid more and want Alex specific training camp that he can like travel the world as a journeyman welder well. You literally think that is that travel job like you know if you all these jobs are your flying everywhere and seeing all points of the world yeah and the chemical job there is very cool there's water everywhere yes I know he got stuck up in them none of it for awhile. And it was possibly the most miserable time where none of it. Oh and lake northern northern northern northern Canada piece do the northwest territories right yes OK it was like minus sixty every day holiday my well. Jill let's go diving exactly. This is a really cool app if you love reading bedtime stories because it's one of those things you make a great memory we keep kids. This is gonna make it even better as adjusted into the 21 century product how the novel effect app. And eight in essence follows those bedtime stories and it adds sound effects and domestic Bennett does insert sound effects depending on which keywords are saying dads it similar to how the technology for and use his voice recognition. But instead of like elect's or Syria yeah prompted with its name. In election pick up the words of the story you're reading much you turn it on and you once based on GO just let the good debt director producer it'll start firing off a sound effects with the know all like an all morning show yeah. Well this surface show anymore lasers. Yeah the best part it's a free apps called the novel affect NO VEL effect links to at our website sometimes any room shots when I tell jokes and had to put him yet it's that Baghdad yes. And then of course we had a big a great American solar eclipse of course a lot of people are receiving packages this week. Of those us over clips glass is that doing you know good at this point so what do you do with them well I have some ideas yes. You can put them part of your Halloween costume out there all right C and you run into things together solar eclipse fan guys I actually saw. A message on line this morning I don't know who put it up it's that was like police department saying. Don't Wear your. Eclipse glasses as sunglass. You really have to tell him I trust and that's who that's amazing Jack thank you to see any but the sun is strike I you can put them in your scrapbook without the other stuff that you think you're gonna make us counselor and all that yeah she never knew just kind of sits there and yeah. How about giving and you mommy or daddy and forget to buy them out Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts you can't see their expression of no. Strict on the rules and whether or some which counterfeiting is that they are only good for certain amount of time yeah we want you only can look and the ones we had you can only look at the sun for a maximum of three minutes we've debug expiration dates with pharmaceuticals and with food is this another hole after the -- I don't wanna risk losing my I don't stay up all unused armed and so I got seven years to do you urban members actually story at a Tampa I was reading about how doctors are already receiving notice about people saying that they're seeing spots problem. Starts guys gathered actually burn a hole in the red zone yeah yeah no candidate Chris and says that you can actually set and north central and South America for the 12191. There's a lot of companies that are offering saying hey if you'll send us the glasses were gonna send a package down to Chile Argentina and South America. I have a sinking suspicion that they might resell them but you know what I whatever I mean I'm not pennies and for anything. I'm gonna just keep them as a member of as a memento yellows but. Let's see here and then finally we talked that your dog has an intervention mcewing your phone. The relationships not working out spending too much time looking at your phone and not doting underdogs and lesser Kristen yes. And I've basically causing your dogs that we don't pay attention to them in your paying attention to your phone make it causes and having his ID and depression that could result. And your dog destroying property or even maybe even attacking people. It's mainly because dogs are like wolf they year they earn a packed and they they kind of go on the direction of the alpha which should you know. So if you're walking your dog and they see kitty cat ran across the street they're gonna kind of cost for a moment waiting from the command from the alpha. If you heard me on and on your phone reading emails they're not going to know what they're gonna do in the gym relate it to like a kid. Gonna choose or Hong decision and go running after the cat so the idea is for you to put the phone down especially when you come home. We're giving attention to your dog make sure that your keeping a divided attention to them. Yeah we take our dogs and a lock every night and we we are both of us leave our phones home. As cute little little pictures are of their booty is log lagging while they watch I would rather have snow on one time with them. And it's very chair of the rights so that's what we did. I destroy a second of course we welcome your comments here critiques in your wisdom and it's our website listen to us Monday through Friday between five attempt might. But I.