8.2.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-New Tax Law May Mean You Owe Money For The First Time-Canada Dry Lawsuit

Thursday, August 2nd

The new tax law means you may actually owe money instead of getting a refund next year, tips on dressing to impress and a woman suing ginger ale soda for not containing ginger! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, August 2, 2018.

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Now it's been any eight point 5 KG a morning show recap for what is today Thursday August 2 all day yeah Paul toward a more hours on it so let's set up into what we deserves that I covered on the show today. It is funny how FaceBook and its to its current trying to police themselves a little damage control are trying to get ahead of it before congress jumps all over a flu. So there during kind of a slow rollout of this but you can actually have a dashboard of your activity. They'll show you the average time in daily amount of time that you spent on the apps. So they're actually gonna encourage you to use their app less group with the with this little adapt or don't anymore appropriately. Yacht that's true okay they have a daily reminder. So the you can set up to like a time only wanna be a twenty minutes a day on FaceBook yeah so it warm I Judy you've reached your twenty minutes you could turn off the push notifications a year ago. Betsy somebody like your comments. And things like that the best martyrs are gonna make one hour take a break and much more available. Which is great if you have. Stroke of views and opinions that are different from people in your family but you don't want you know I'm Fred them because yes that'll be a problem. You just kind of us silence there there comes university. You add that person from kindergarten that you. Don't wanna accept their friend requests for about you feel like you said yeah you just you accept the friend requests and you immediately go in and say. Into the break because then you know happy you're gonna run into Mike at a store that's exactly what happened. No this is a small town of our wedding yeah now do we know what they say that they're doing this. To help people in particular teens better understand their online habits which is probably a pretty good deal if you don't if you never look back you're never gonna which have been doing do disparaged for true here so you know the other new tax laws are in place now but we won't see the results up until next year when you file your taxes have allowed you were confused think you know they they passed some tax. Reform and bribed paid my taxes this year now. Right now you're in the middle of the brand new rules a tax reform next April is when you'll have to pay the consequences and according to be government accounting office is there's a lot of Americans are going to be shocks because normally they in the past they receive refunds. They miss the heat this year they actually are next year they actually may have to pay money. And that's not a my surprise when you owe money to the IRS is the toughest chart you'll have death and were. It's about three million Americans are gonna owe money for the first time vs getting receipt. A refund. They say that any particular families that file jointly who have itemized deductions. Should really look at their W fours because a lot of those deductions that you got its and the the amount that you had our governor our daughter different to the standard deduction has doubled from like twelve to 24000. Slow if you're not deducting any more than 2.4 thousand you might be in this category might be in this category although they do say it's very simple by the way to talk you've his manager or your accountants look at UW force. They did save us 73% of Americans so even under the new system will get a refund which is great and then they actually say 6%. Actually have the at the correct amount of money. Coming up for withholding lies I think there they're witches I'm not sure they had to add a minimal percentage in there to make it seem to know yeah I I it's it's crazy is by the way there's we put a link up on our website. To do via I arrests of withholding a calculator you can kind of play around the numbers to see where you're going to be denied ever got that they're supposed to get more money your paycheck or repairs are never got that what happened that. I need IE as you know it's hard to say in our business because they they changed. We see you paid on the last day of the month in the fifteenth yeah. And Ali changed its it would lower paid every other Friday. So it's really hard Jesse. And what exactly it yet because you know who were technically making less money per paycheck but it's more paychecks was more patient this Sodom so whatever it averages out right resist it's when you it's it's very were in the are on the tax thing I really don't know let's get insurance so. Who knows what's going off a tough let's I'm not the only one about you can elect Democrats are so confused. Let's talk about dressing too impressed because their sites has proven you have seven seconds to make a good impression. And sorry it is all mostly visual. And a lot of it has to do with how you look so if you buy for new job. Beating you people seven seconds trying to address protest hit wrist injury threw for Christa. Metric scale serious air all I'm not a proper next so if they did say these are from out top CEOs talk about you trying to get a new job or making the first depression has really lasting. Stick to the basics like she knows her business suits polo are classic blouse or dress for women demand. You know not too. Show off yourself too much a lot of times you know you have bold patterns and shiny items in. Something that's bright maybe a lot of jewelry that's a little bit too much and it is a first impression when you make the person feel comfortable and that's their first depression have you you wanna be warm inviting. Cordial it's a that's what you wanna keep the kind of basically right. Credit where people very slowly into my madness. Thought stop madness that your personality any idea how he dresses your personality be you know it's when you first meet some of them milieu personality yeah yeah I try to go very low key on the first couple weeks at a new job and then I just let it all out to Pepsi you have dinner on I've I've stopped where Michael had loafers and parachute pants while ago. I don't think I have another story thank you for the let's talk about that's better we're making from scratch because a lot of times say it's it's extra expensive it is kind of fun for a smoother taco seasoning. I've never understood as I'm from California by the way different if you reach for taco seasoning your disown from our side a little orange had it yet I'll whatever's in there and I'll. I stop doing this a long time ago because I like to control the salt have high blood pressure. But also the flavor and I've already got all these ingredients in my Spicer accuracy ago just Google it. I've got it in mired device or under recipes everytime I need to do more and make morbid. I've already got the red pepper in the onion powder in the garlic part in the chili powder in the proper regular combed the salt and pepper all the stuff you need capsule that would all it's all in eight and pension you can control assaults they talk about baking different piety club on much more simple then a pie crusts and fruit and a little bit sugar are like the three of the three food groups the -- the Christmas and the crumbles bright all fruit my job plus you know a spiral honest if you have to go to a potluck and you bring a store bought pies. That's the what they nobility it's yeah about that value can tell you know being persuasive what seventy dollars we have all this great fresh fruit here that's an expensive every roadside stand his speeches right now out make could make a crumble now get some penalized crimped how about this granola bars and actually looked at the greens have been a granola bar it's not and it's open might Wiki I didn't know how much sugar was and I was like inland so my weight write ups and I think well and healthy a meeting and granola -- look at elect. Yeah the second ingredient is sugar out. Well there's also be healthy here you out early and as by you know you have a lot that process and artificial preservatives in the store bust up. And it is super easy to make grill yourself again you probably don't have all the ingredients in your kitchen. Ali is about thirty minutes you don't you can really set jazz amount with some great stuff so if you wanna know what the ingredients aren't granola bar ladies this reach down the bottom your purses and this is by far one of the strangest lawsuits from what was it a year or two ago there was a lawsuit. Against Beck's Beer. Because I ended they won because today on the packaging it said Beck's Beer is it was an import from Germany but add that that the company that makes it an beer they were making it here reading in the United States so they actually had to change the license to say it's a recipe from Germany by the attacks to meet in the United States. So maybe this is where this is coming from but. Julie Fletcher she lives in New York she's five a class action lawsuit against candidate dried ginger jail because she says it contains little or even know ginger at all. She argues is the parent company doctor pepper. Which we originally show there's not a doctor not a doctor Nora Jones have breakfast I is it is misleading her and consumers by promoting its ginger ale as quote made with real ginger and actually says on the area. Fletcher attorney states that she believes this is meant they're misleading people who stated. This is a healthier and he was then it's gotten ginger and look at a candidate dried ginger ale. What you was a health drink yeah well I mean even though the website you look at the first two ingredients as carbonated water at high fructose corn syrup yes not helping our oil that got. You look at the person who's starting the lawsuit instead of entering the she says that's after years of false advertising it has hurt her economically. And she's elaborate unspecified amount of damages she's not alone though there's that New York case there's a case being tried in California and Massachusetts so really I. There must be somebody behind this is this a class action or so yeah I wonder now duck I don't approve damages on supplanted so that that's what the judge wants to see had to go in there how are you damaged how receive Israel or you damaged doctor pepper steak debt the bitten to the contrary what effect Fletcher claims they say that they had natural flavoring in there and in that extra flavor. Is ginger itself and not always assumed yet you shouldn't have but you know it does bring up the good point why if there is no budget if there's ginger and why would you not put ginger as an ingredient even if it's a small amount we'll natural flavors covers a whole plethora of things the out around that you know there's nothing you can get in New York City it's called an egg cream. It's actually Lisa makes now there's no egg or cream and had a sparkling water and chocolate syrup but it's called for him. I'll failed and that game has been their nose on this has been around forever but that's just one of those things and MS allegedly Fletcher know this just from the bottle Bubba heart. Understand the Julie candidate Jai is not meaning Canada a yen could be dry if it's wet all right leeway that pot. And it finally today we talked about a very odd cool app especially if you do eat eat at the funny emails after you have ordered to something that's been delivered in a two days later. They are package was delivered this happen to us recently. So you know you have it took your little brother coming admit I have Amazon prime doesn't necessarily sometimes it comes in the mail. Sometimes a couple of facts what starts out FedEx or zooming in and they hand out to the unity of the Postal Service yet done it yourself as one the other day and I'll like what. Yeah idea uses that anymore. And there's an app called RI AAR RI AB eats a package tracker what it does is it acts it works only for iPhone. And it only worsen Gmail. But what it does is axis gauger incoming emails like when you make a purchase receipt saying hey you're items all the way there's usually worded it's a time out to attract and number their coach the tracking number all right yeah so well actually sit and sift through the email fund it for you put it to a Q and to start notifying you when their packages were injured in a trip to you know I get so many fake. The idea that you've ever haven't ordered something I go the spam stuff going to you know they want me to click on the track my package that the the fan impact that I'm not gone so wonder. You are you opening yourself up to the fake people who just want your information you know I don't know I think about that because I mean don't you get those. I did. I've never gotten I I give them all the time it's like hey your packages this and I can always tell who's the use my website are ninety's my email address and that my name. Saw secure government -- you know are still but I'm get a from a from FedEx from you UPS all of all this stuff I would tend to think they have some sort of safeguards as I'm sure that's a common with the you know facts and ensuing uniting you know that you're letting them read your emails before you'd get a chance to read them. However there's a setting this particular app that you can manually tournament if you want to and so if you with the extra layer of security. It's available free through iTunes these credit kind of a cool lap of a lot simplify your life and who does what you were simplified. Our show for today Thursday August 2 course or the airline Monday through Friday achieved by the ten under the point ITT Kent ABC. Yeah not.