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Friday, August 18th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show Recap for Friday, August 18, 2017.


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Hey from the day to day morning show it's the recapping need for a Friday August 18. Friday Friday Friday you as you call that thing you'll call a podcast. That's exactly so I think he is applicable to any thing that's very shooter or. Bingaman again Yahoo!'s that's yeah that's yeah yeah I'm doing Jimmy's girlfriend sent. Q what's one movie with the thing when the guy does the things. It's I'd love that movie did well watch it on in the same on our watch Iran's main other thing. I love. This morning other show we had this star we've not had a good only in Florida story quite along time. We've found who had this been hot as you know so it craze out not to go to the beautiful Saint Augustine withers appear the goes right in the Atlantic Ocean and they're right it's sundown when the Fisher biting that's when you wanna get a line in the water ends cast out there and do some fashion or less what this one guy did he without and the Saint John's County here yeah. And he was doing some evening fishing apparently IA torture year old woman named at a Alexandria turner. Maybe had a little bit too much alcohol too much bug and maybe too much in the in the sun Sheila start swimming towards the man fishing from the fishing pole. You started yelling obscenities at him didn't tip her teeth thing and basically bit off the line the fishing line to have a lower on the hook at all and then swept away when it. Okay. I got this out this sounds weird okay yes he's got a great story about the one that got away and there will always go to tell the best or yell here's my fishing story you know here's the best part is that that itself was not a crime but what happened was when these Saint John county. Deputies arrived. They tried to talk to her about it she was causing a big enough scene it was an irascible offense and then when they start from the handcuffs on her she started fighting with mania and so of course Federer has confused about this like as far as. Yes apparently it's not illegal to bite somebody's fishing line and take their lower now it's that's totally okay help you. It's just asked me out I recommend it mean. What does she got caught you know I. I just eat if he seemed fish I don't like fish and the reason I don't like fishing is that you touched the fish when you catch it which is why elect to have that smell of that that lying in whatever it just you know you're likable thing you know I used to fist till I realized I could buy fish. That's Eli can no window up. But it isn't as if if you're wearing a mermaid outfit you might be able to get away with it yeah otherwise. Or maybe her college theater some but not when you're 22 year old struggling but you need to create a tanker anchored around exactly I wonder if she had glitter all over her that is interesting because confetti and glitter is the next thing that people are wanting band you know like those little micro beads and hands sanitized -- right now those were banned because they're so small they end up in our water system and inflation -- stations -- stuffed ego gets in our -- of and then you know -- the top of the food -- yeah same thing with -- confetti that most glitter is plastic and aluminum bonded with us of the -- PET on and I never thought about it ruling you don't because -- you know you wash it away or whatever and do you think it's gone -- because you don't see it but it's there and just kind of builds up in it. When it's in salt water it's very very toxic so. There's now a new push to get glitter in confetti band mates from the stuff now there is some all natural confetti and glitter. And so if you like in your make up for you know in Europe you putting it in a card that you're spending somebody who. I'd just make sure it's not plastic biodegradable you wanna make sure it does not have these letters on the ingredients. PT RE. Or PP. You know pet peer PP right. In the old days you know they do those parades down note on Wall Street enough. In New York City ticker tape he had the ticker tape parades and ticker tape were actually from the stock market takers yet you know you have that got little glass dome the stock market ticker and they were just out cut those up and throw them out. Yeah that was actual paper hello what I mania has got to now it's discovered and this is the modern way and we're polluting our investors so stay away from the glitter of you get yourself a ticker tape thing isn't it annoying taking your phone into your car and if you don't have a solidarity playing it will start. You know circling your playlist the odds you have your phone paired your Bluetooth yeah it'll start your playlist at the first song so radically every single time and in the you know. Even if you put it on shuffle you have to go through that very first song yes so it states launched a guy that's been pretty Smart and is making a lot of money ethics iTunes is the number of fifty all time selling iTunes song this is brilliant tennis and absolutely nothing it's called the what gets the name of the song they. Hey hey hey hey huh. Very good song and a here's why he's made this why people are days will show up first on yeah. Evidently that's right right it'd be didn't have defaults on the feud if you ever notice is the song alphabetically. AM on the west myself in the old phone books like it was like AAA plumbing there is in Dudek who should be the first person alphabetically in the in the let's so he went to five days in a very good song and he's an idea that it's a pop should guy's name is some are ms. sorry I believe. Mae and and he says that says he's hoping to be number one on the iTunes chart list he's making some bank now and he's top fifty in iTunes at 99 cents a pop him he's up there with Taylor Swift and those folks. Step back from the buffet board you will power cut expressive and yet on a Friday we'll part is gonna visit the window and Anton bought us out is the chief weekend and Evernote thefts that Sarah doesn't you know if you need a little bit of extra will power to resist that Dutch chocolate drizzle to kill cheesecake who. Loom. Try some walnuts. Don't own scientists don't know why. But somehow this always the surgery we don't know why it but if you eat walnuts able curb your hunger with a ripping us that they're natural so that you don't it's it's OK but may actually boost the brain activity in the region associated with control and discipline and there's an MRI involved with this one out in the big MRI and they saw that happened and then it also I guess they said that the people who ate the Wallis felt for so they need as much as well there is that in them and I'm Mike go to snack is. A piece of fruit. And a couple Altman's via the fat keeps you from getting hungry right away and other fertile come election up and down with a sugar thing then but the fat from the elements and by the way seven omens is fifty calories via and it's it's easy to eat a lot more than seven all the fluids rest. Again we have this new restaurant in Ocala called Lotus Asian. Didn't and it Scott Pope gables who love them and I know it's so amazing and one of the things you can add to islamists. There's unfortunate side effect at their candy. All lessons so he's thinking. Darnit candied walnuts on a seller that's evil good don't know if I know anything yes so freshen now crunchy you. I was actually reading this have to make a pokey salad it's like BC don't even try it's it's it's not it's really not that hard now I've I've made it gal it'll sesame seeds sesame oil Hulu Liam you know they have like cook cables poke people's. And then they have sushi burritos. Boxing odds this is your hand held rolled and everything's fresh nothing's cooked at folic fresh eyes I just Villa near Gainesville has one of those now to its own this like the latest craze is poke it interesting again which by the way is just like chopped up brought to an yet with some a little over herbs and veggies in the air and some mom sauce. Notes issued me it's very. It's great taste you know but it's it is very taste yeah. It is Friday of course probably had a belly up to the beer sometime this weekend. Navy and a lot of times do you avoid driveway beer because it makes you feel bloated you know a couple Beers in you're just like have yeah among comfortable especially when it's hot yeah you know so here's a little hack that we found that. Kind of sounds like it's it's counterintuitive but following in the senate right you're gonna need appear glad you need a beer glass which are gonna wanna do is you're gonna wanna port so again it's a pretty sizable head yeah. Here's why. You're winning that CO2 gas to escape the makes the gimmicks the phone on the head there near the carbonation that goes away because if not when you drink it it's gonna happen inside your Tommy and that's where you felt bloated that's the bloat so in essence you're getting flat beer. But you won't have any of the loneliness self cure all that's when everything is in yeah I don't know you'll never win a burping content. Kind of path that's Europe a good cold fresh beer is like yeah essentially one of my favorite things you know that whole thing is like the first step should be the longest that because it's the yes. Yeah adventure solid Porter or like a nice brown ale from then have been right I don't know why I like passes but I and I don't like the side effects on my favorite two Beers are free and cold here bartender let me your strongest figure such as they drank. And then finally watery eyes itchy ears knows that won't stop running its allergy season. When it's pretty much three under 65 days a year here in Florida by it and it is pretty much always some the bloom and so this kind of a meat feature that's been launched on Google you can do is on the mobile Google or your regular desktop Google when you bring it up. They were actually show you the pollen continent the area. And what makes it even meter is that you can set up the notification select if it's a hi Bob tree Paul Monday. It'll email you say hey hi tree pollen is a three curtain day yes you can yes but if you might wanna stay inside so it's kind of cool. Free app and it's for I mean for indoor and Elin hitting ground Graham's the president have heard me sneezing all morning so much behind the wheel you know we don't need one around here is our Chris Malone is our dirty little mind. Our thanks again for listening to be a tough task you know suggestions comments. Be gentle with the comments pizza always had taken a bath mat you should've been here when we're doing it live but this is just as good as this is like leftovers from the show yeah this is our leftovers or malicious there fantastic. I join us weekdays many M Monday through Friday nights and five to ten hearing Katie came Monday we're going to be get the the big courtyard on Broadway for the great American eclipse threaten it starts a little after 1 o'clock these clips and maxis out about 418. And then. It will taper off at about six whereas this in downtown Ocala get there were all going to be there would love to see it to prevent. And please for the love of god DOS is heir apparent to us on yeah. Pretend.