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Wednesday, August 16th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap from Wednesday, August 16, 2017.


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Hi there at the dating game podcast recap extravaganza. Of us are theme Bob Bob backyard porch party barbecue opposed. We Assam settle a name for this have been times the recap for Wednesday names are tolerated August 16 when he is seventeen it really is. I just know that I hear my full name. As I'm gonna let him on aim Michael. All that's very classic. Christopher Michael I'm one of those that's you can tell when nine. People I don't know are calling me up from a list because they Christopher for some reason is common in the name that is yet they never have enough letters to the Apollo. Or his Christoph available like. Now now is out sorry go and so what's your middlemen Elisa. Let's omelets for thinking Elisa Caron is one of the artist yes I'm definitely going Obama. Well what's storm Scott storms got. Ice storms cut a serious time. Let's say we were at this morning talking about a cigarette buds I mean let's be honest as there are trillions and trillions of the cigarette butts laying around the earth and from and I guess tobacco companies even though smoking's really gone down. They stayed that base to make about six trillion cigarettes a year that's about half three million tons a cigarette butts and relays takes ten years to decompose yazoo and plus you know all the stuff that your inhaling is there in the filter and that kind of Leach is back into the earth ones there's decomposing so. Couple of engineers and scientists decided to see if they can do something with all the cigarette butts and they may have found it which actually is a benefit. He and the environment so what they did is they'd sit thought it could be some sort of a fellow making bricks so. They added 1% of cigarette butts to the materials that you need to make a brick in what they found was amazing. The cooking time in the energy that you need to make those bricks into making a break. It was down by 58%. Wonder why I don't know August is a translator or maybe it burns but. It's that's really good energy savings and even better than that is when their big used in building in great insulator keeping the heat out or the heat and depending on know what you want I can't wait to see that on their real estate listing yeah building was built with but Rex now it's miles an ashtray. Marlborough house literally -- so now what they're doing is they're taking this an idea and they're doing it to asphalt and rose another gonna seal early and the cigarettes up in like turf and in something else. The what they have found is that. Kind of the same thing it's a usable. Item to binds to the asphalt and makes it very durable. But it makes the asphalt cooler. In in big cities and small cities when you're yeah parking lot Malia feel that heat coming up. That's maybe the future of our of our business would be thanks to a cigarette butts. Whenever you ladies Kristen in the room here yeah. Prefer the smell of men who eat healthy. This is according to new research that have found that says man to have made diet rich in the fruits and vegetables. Have a Roma women that desire much more than those that he car herbs or meat and mean it sounds very scientifically. Accurate. A I would agree with that they clearly needing clean water well and also women have Melvin and didn't so you know guys may not smell themselves and hopefully get you know coming back magenta joint. Take a shower none that's the dog. That's not me that dogs they say that the fairway on cent of men who eat a lot of meat was higher than those they egg gorge on carts carts was the big thing here vegetarian leaning and begin leading lifestyle seem to be the emit a pleasant. And let me describe to you exactly scientifically how this happens to because if you. I eat a lot of fat in cards okay and not necessarily a healthy diet right bacteria in your armpits for instance actually. Eats the fat from the sweat popped up by eating the fat from the sweat they passed gas I had gas is dismantling G put off when you have body odor and so agreed to be part of this. Christened a guy would have done a food diary put on a clean T shirt exercised and then you had to smelled teacher and determine whether you would wanna go out with this guy. I'm gonna go with no OK I think that's a music biz or somebody else even talked to a lot of one yet part of his experiment and I tag somebody else and this experiment stroked. Have the carb stake if you haven't done right rich and carves yes bank yes. Straight in a wedge in there were also make you feel bloated but a lot of times people at the bloated just overall generally like breathing. You know I just having kind of a stress. Believe it or not there's a Chinese study that says it air pollution may be the reason your feeling bloated union stressed because China knows a thing or two about air pollution ahead. Looks like Los Angeles 1970 yacht racing now so what they're doing is they're trying to see how what what there's almost pollution and what is doing to their citizens are what they've done is a did this research group were half of them got an air pure fire in their home. And what they found was those to have their hair pure Pryor had a much lower stress hormones. Than those that did not plus those that did not have the air purify our. At higher levels of blood sugar amino acids fatty acids and lebed's all of which can cause you to feel bloated and sent crazy so it kind of got us there again was last time you change your conditioner you out filter that yet you're here SC is pretty important there. Change ours pretty really excited such bad allergies like I mean you do via and we always by the really expensive ones but I feel like it's a price for auction of the price to pay to not have to be analogy Mets constantly yes to me there there well worth that they are prowling about definitely worth it. Movie lovers out under the watch one movie a day every day. For ever for only ten bucks a month that's amazing Talladega deal does and it's almost too good to be true except for looks and Alyssa a wanna see any of these. I get what's coming out I know at least from me the queuing for Christmas forgot to. Star Wars coming out yes very true on the last Jana where there's another avatar coming down there is another one endorsed rubio really you know. But this is that movie passes for awhile but they're priced in in that kind of works where you do this one flat fee. And you go to watch with any movie you want but it's on a tiered system right now words anywhere from fifteen to fifty dollars a month. The same guy who started red box has now put a major movie into movie pass and kind of doing. What he did for red box to be passive now for nine any night a month you can go to one movie a day every day. 424. Hours yeah every 24 hours for as long as you pay the ten dollars a month so you can go to the 7 o'clock showing us on Friday night 8 o'clock showing. On Saturday night but you can't go to the eight on Friday in the seven ounce writes however you there is a little bit more of a price yet to pay your privacy out the window. The ship to download the app and the at tracks everything what movie you're going to see when you went what are you buying where are you type stuff so does a milk does governor what are go to the movies pretexts which are groups. I still just the popcorn Gardena popcorn super salty and on the give me a garbage can full of popcorn yet and a lot of net concerns. And daughter in if you're worried about somebody already knowing all the information they already know all that information Boozer on FaceBook but yeah Europe and that doesn't seem too invasive like imovie viewing habits okay. And I avocado orchard and off I like action if Michigan how much to tell when a new accident around maybe they tailored ads to you supposing that sells most popcorn is John Wayne movies are on the ideal westerns. All of a lot of popcorn right there but deftly you get a debit card when you join in the near threw them a hundred yards of the theater. And you get the app and then the apple downloads your debit card than you give them the debit card so it's. The couple hoops to jump through death a hoops when you're dating is you know used to be when you're dating submitting Haiti when it kids' age you wanna move to. Yeah and that now I guess you need to add to the quest to be a list do you prefer Coke or Pepsi Pepsi. Resoundingly for upper room so wrong how can even begin to see you start with that one but see no ice no ice snow ice you Canadians. There's a new study out assessed that your brand preference can be very influential in your relationship and this is how work you have what's called the higher power in the lower power so. The higher power has the stronger opinion so the higher power likes Coca-Cola. The in the lower power likes Pepsi well in the higher power is going to basically make you drink something you don't want to reduce of the you don't want to write that's marriage though. Yeah I'm gonna do a lot of things you don't wanna do. Well sorry I didn't Eckerd chains. I think iced teas while what they say is that the European your and your picks are going to influence their picks and when they're losing all the time. It's democratic ketchup too yeah yeah so you know if you can't figure out which are your brand preferences are you can't be mutually agree. Maybe I'll lose a battle every now and then to keep the peace or catcher that's over final and we're dating though we had an on term or what was like but way back in the day in the dating site you go to a restaurant you for your RW like this I like that. And you beat people like people like the same things you know antisense it's kind of funny to me this article even goes on to say that there should be placed on tender and not know that actually tell you which are brand preferences are I like target the U and I can be like gay like a NASCAR and yelled yeah. I look at osu. It sponsors and another tiny little suggestions that would make life just as easy a hot buy your own stuff drove. I mean I buy my groceries in a match on something he buys it for himself that's fair yeah you know that's fair that's true and then. Talk about money your hundred dollar bill good news for us in Florida. A hundred dollars actually will buy you a little bit more than a hundred dollars worth of goods and services in Florida in Florida it's it's based on the Tax Foundation they looked at the purchasing power of a hundred dollars and found in Florida. You can get a hundred dollars and fifty cents worth of goods and services of some kind nationwide average right dense based on the cost of living here the salaries who make feared that how's the food and all that stuff the availability and stuff. That's found out if you really want the best bang for your buck go to Mississippi where a hundred dollars will teach you a 116 dollars and essential worth of stuff that we're exchange rate man now worth of math and kind of followed by Alabama Arkansas South Dakota in Kentucky. On the flip side Hawaii is not where you're gonna get the best bang for your buck a hundred dollars worth the cash will teach you about 84 dollars and eighteen cents with a service that right. Followed by New York California. New Jersey and Maryland Maryland really answer saying I was shocked to Maryland as well it's kind of pricey in the in the District of Columbia was actually yeah and there's well. So no man's words a apparently Ellis kickbacks and our Harris our government's getting his. Paying off and higher costs yet now we don't have to think about exchange rates and we travel now we have to think about exchange is only just go in the states as our room and made by the way tonight to this is a Wednesday night the sixteenth. And Dave powerball jackpot 430 million. I'm thinking about a waste of my money. Yeah I yeah I might buy one. Our rights well if you're not in tomorrow don't even know what happened. Yeah I forget attacks come in anyway stormy into heating and hollow 100000 lottery losers and well. Well I'm not a thousand watt station now we're here every morning from five to ten and of course are podcast is available any time you went into it talked greater love you.