8.13.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Americans Are Drinking A Lot Of Alcohol-Poppy Seeds Cause Positive Drug Test

Monday, August 13th

Americans are drinking alcohol at a 28-year high, the trick in besting public speaking and dealing with toxic co-workers. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, August 13, 2018.

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And no it's the 98 point 5 KTJ morning show recap for Monday August 13 first day of school actually we call up broadcast. Broadcast. Inside job. Yes it did test a fugitive we. I let's see let's talk about waking up early not Hewitt can help Anderson it is kind of hard when you didn't it's like this can be a bad day when you wake up like fifteen minutes before your own food off. Actually it's really good thing it's it's healthy. According to sleep experts they say that unless you're tired groggy or irritable you have received enough sleep that's right so it doesn't really matter what time that you need to feel you should get a pitchers here by saying it was announced today and we talked about it on Friday about their kids getting an irregular schedule did better at school yeah and there's something about just maintaining that sleep pattern. It's just better for your health and your well being yet and that includes the weekend so don't tell a story. They say the National Sleep Foundation to your best bet to experiments or you don't have to wake up to an alarm. Is to adjuster sleeping when you go to bed like within ten to fifteen minutes. And adjusted accordingly cues anywhere you can yet you anywhere from seven to ten hours of sleep is what you need via for a healthy life. So we're drinking a lot that's already had to sleep she can't that's her answer according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. They say that we are drinking a lot since they say that and you should should be a yen. To keep your suit you know and not be bad for you. Too consumed two point one gallons of alcohol or less per person per year that's that's the healthy amount healthy amount okay that equals to about four or 48 stated drinks per person per year. 404 yeah more than one a day now yup so they are saying that the well they're saying there were drinking even more than that's recordings of the information. Since two to between 20052006. The most recent information were up about it. A percentage point. That's as bad as much beer wine and liquor we drink and since it was in 1990 when we had to do to break the record Chris. Yeah I tigers are made to be broken my friend challenge on the way here to save beer consumption slightly down a little bit but the big boost is in wind. That's thanks to the millennium goals and spirits which is wreaking reaching a thirty when your high. Do you go look online at the link we put up it's fascinating because forward liquor and spirits. The sixties was the time so. Madman was definitely correctness yes. Everybody drank yeah. You're how to go about your ravenous got a 10 o'clock in the morning has madman and a master of so good way to eliminate filler words when you speak you know the words. You know you out. Is just to be silent. Or is or maybe slow down just a little. The law to an iso make you happy little pause. They say that linguistics experts say that to basically when you're using those words those filler words you're actually trying to figure out what to say and how to approach it verbal tap dancing is they got to give way to describe some people also. Repeat what they've just said repeat what they've just well I as that's the same thing they're just trying to think what now mind and say what they. My goodness that probably it is safer public speakers the best ones you've noticed that do positive five seconds at a time and that just kind of makes people real comfortable make you look come across as confident. Try that if they say record yourself and listen and critique yourself that's the best win and that try to speak in complete sentences as opposed to. Paragraphs are parent done wrong it is wrong all right. Let's talk of how strict. Toxic coworkers we Novo we'd love them so much you know the ones you see walking down the hall you abruptly turned around and try to avoid. And you know and sometimes it's really easy to get sucked into their vortex of negativity and making life miserable work so here's some tips from experts. They say which you should do is you know pick your battles and don't get sucked into the emotional games so what they're saying is in essence. There's something she should just let falloff don't need comet but they're there other things that really bug you. You know which you really shouldn't make sure that you are not doing its falling into the trap by you let people push your buttons what what those people do. Is their highly highly manipulative. And these people try to like recruit you under their side yeah you know it's us against them ride right you know like that either right guy stay neutral piece of these Switzerland and there you go in the office maintain a strategic and deliberate and calm approach which means displacement with Connor doing what we just said there. And this is good develop allies in the office that can help you navigate the organizational politics. But you need someone to events in Iraq everybody needs that senate gossiping which you need some defense to see like case should this court to HR should be go to our mantra on this one or. Is this just you know really gonna make things worse than being polite goes a long way you know really does it's not pull it to some people call politically correct now. It's being polite yes think about it that it's it's realizing that sometimes things change is up and and they say take regular breaks because especially have to watch your emotional energy. You know a you do that fighter flight being later on in the day when your tired your exhausted or whatever you're more you hear more you might fall into the trap where he's yours might be a little shorter it. Yeah we've talked about that where I go do things afterward there. Blake the late in the day and I'm so tired and stressed out end up crying yet don't do that gap as were exercise to becomes the player yeah. Positive yup meat and Ellis leads that that's stress run off so I'm king eating poppy seeds actually thank you fail a drug test is always like. Urban legend who does doesn't shock yet you come to find out yeah I there's some truth to it in Austin listen this a story that Newsweek hatton and a couple of the players as well. But there was a woman who was delivering a child and I guess through blood work they found that she tested positive for opening your rates and they kept her in the hospital for five days. Assigned to social worker she was completely embarrassed that was expensive yeah. Come to find out she told them if she's more upset because the doctor didn't add confront her first drive and office policy or not she's what is said look. I just had 888 poppy seed bagel for breakfast this morning. That's probably edit and come to find out it is true because even the the poppy seeds that come from opium and the ones that are used in culinary creations. Basically coloring case whether or called opium milk and eventually tries away but for some were some times. Is little traces of it in regular poppy seeds that actually will trip here drug tests and make you fail. And they say if you do eat the poppy seeds. And you're getting ready to like do pre employment Brooke drew drug test. Probably best suited wait at least 34 days. Before get out your system like that you're system before you determined terrorist element and on March cigarette knowledge to win a couple of day via I don't mind it revise your friend of mine in a bag beat chips. You know those like terror those beat chip's read ship's okay next morning at the bathroom she thought she was dying hot guys she forgot that she ate the V chips. A couple of doctor visits later she finally realizes all man that was the B chip. Yes ma'am that reminds me of the time. I thought I was having a heart attack when I was. About 2320. Because my my right arm was numb. But and I freaked myself out I went and he talked of angina and aimed yeah I and so I went to the hospital and they did some tests and everything was fine in the final reduction. Up by the way if a heart attack happens it's the left side here. Not the right lesser hooked up bra and her relax your right to our writers my right arm like acclimated here and an expensive veterans health and it finally. Let's talk about the brag here is that led to brag they're way too because people look at it as a way to self promote and there is a way to do it without coming across as bragging. And it's basically backing up your facts. Yeah but they did is this researchers group to read it people on the head like what's called a self promotional statement. They care opposites I'm a better person to be friends with and others or self equalizing statement as I'm as good as the person to be friends with the others. And what they found was is that people responded better. Two people who brag that were accurate so people like you said today in a bright and habits fact that if you if you know LeBron James you better know LeBron James to brag about it. Ice you know they people like people did that humble that you makes according to statements. So you can kind of do that by saying I'm just as good at this job as that person is vs say I'm better at its and I think we all realize we've met these kind of people that if somebody who brags way too much. These and they can't do what they say they're gonna do never if if if you we feel really Smart you don't have to tell people you're Smart that's allowed his mouth is usually the lie here these guys that would in the personalized as Lou I call on the one upper Lou you know your story I'll sign you know it's not even letting your store there's you know what can we to tell my story writes. Minnesota's our show for today Monday. August 3 of course were on the airline Monday through Friday between five intent on ninety point five GT game ABC yeah back.