8.1.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-How To Calculate Dog Years-Video Game Coaches

Wednesday, August 1st

We’re calculating dog years wrong, video game coaches and a chart that lets you know when to stop watching a baseball game! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, August 1, 2018.

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Hello or they may end he's made in Francais. We'll shoot more should ignore those upon arrival Islam ball home. There's all the different section of the a recap this morning before but first day of our costs more yes Chevrolet to pay should for the event. All right let's say we talked about today signs of compulsive buying disorders actually very much similar to. People that abuse alcohol and gaming in the the Indy really need the united nothing wrong with having a little bit of shopping bit when he gets to the point where Europe obsessing over it sand. They are in debt going into a lot of data really does become a problem here on the FedEx guys Christmas card list tenth at that you might be Shoppach twenty million Americans. Have mostly are women in a surprisingly have. Something called compulsive shopping addiction. In what it is some of the signs you know they talk about cash shopping is okay but appears Scott shopping is so you're only hobby chopping right yourself yeah your purchases. I you're downplaying Alicia shop shopping and it takes up I need significant portion of your time. And of course you have guilds of of spending money on shopping that's probably the borderline heading into a problem. My wanna talk to a licensed medical professional about this is some other tips you can do that might help you out as well and one of them is keeping a spending journal. Writing down every purchase you make for a month this allows you track where your money's going. And deceit Yemeni superfluous spending areas that could be curtailed by this other words that he used in the credit card just use cash yeah there's you'll spend less cash you have cast your blog you know how much you got laughter well that and you're more likely you're 60% less likely to by something infuse cash. Because you're giving it your catcher pat when it's gone it's gone it's almost like the credit card it's may G yeah. Your money you know all right and then judgments that this is called a power pause so if you really want something maybe you keep the other. It to a three day cooling off period outright purchase. I am an Amazon. What a what a recall of power cause. If you look at my Amazon cart there's nothing and it but there's about 382. Things that are in my eighth save for later buggy early on so them and I do see a 69 items are. So when I do decide I just go back feet Ellison unlike any. He can produce do they constantly send you an email saying hey you are looking at such a sense knowing Amazon does not the only reason why museums on outlet for ourselves somebody sends me that yet they isolate it was over stocks yeah I looked at some point Christmas time ago today they keep to give me it was 11% and a twelve to fifteen and I do coupon book you can easily 20/20 five will talk with about 12% Mac and forget about it I resign yesterday. Oops you left something behind in your body is feeling abandoned gas outside they guilt you into buying up lots. Doesn't really help this particular divine disorder does it I found the issues crying this morning. So you'll in college campuses across the country it's it's kind of thing if you know somebody that has eighty HD they have the medications like but McDonough Ritalin and animal. That status of people swear that the you know if you take gate you can cram for studies stay out you do better in testing. We'll come to find out that's not really true at least to this particular study they came out. They had a half the group take a standard thirty milligram dose of lateral which is a medication news for eighty should be and fight focuses your right I don't her opponents rights and then the other one they took a placebo they send their students to have the admiral experienced an increase in the blood pressure heart rate. As well as increased alertness and their ability to focus however. He did not translate into better ability to think remember or problems solved that's something that was not meant for your brain right it was meant for somebody that has ADHD grades that's for somebody who has you know it be increasing the activity where your brain it works and its memory. So in essence it works for people to have eighty's Steve don't have it. It's just gonna raise your blood pressure. Your heart rate and issues in essence this is like drinking coffee write in my also impair your thinking in my have a opposite effect yes mr. plus west in mission on the air. It is illegal for you to do is they controlled substance yes a controlled stuff has your giving illegally for not prescribed itself I believe that's called a felony yeah that that that's not gonna look good on an application and what's in four are all the tournament. I did the BJ is. So let's talk about her dog's age because I grew up there was always knew that whatever human year was one here on seven times 70 yeah dogs here are the formula was supposed to know they when they change it was like the first two years or seven so I guess the fourteenth. And then you add two or three years after that for every year that they have come to find out as well that's right not run and all an axis of vets came up with something that's very important and it actually it is called the stages of a dollar other seven different stages in a dog's life yes we have the puppy stage as Bertha six months junior. Whether dog is every productively nature of a mature. But the era still growing. That's six to nine months when it covers all grown up to finish growing it's considered an adult that's from nine months to six and a half years the next stage mature six and half years in nine years. Then they move into senior which is nine years and nine months to thirteen years in eating or thirteen is geriatric. Why this is so important is that Chris need to brought up with her dogs as well as and it's very important know what type of food they're eating with I'm a health conditions they worry about based on how old the dog. It's yet it can get really expensive because senior dog food is more expensive and the senior well check at the vet is extremely expensive because they drop blood every time to make sure they've got they don't have diabetes and on them issued lip kids and they can get cholesterol issues to Yahoo! Yahoo! so it's a lot more expensive if you have a true senior Doggett. Yeah and plus you know added to the smaller the dog that that that will no longer exactly underdogs this sort of short this an example right here is is there wouldn't your account for like Great Dane or master for some yet but it's it's tough to get them live over now be exactly nine years eccentric. So video game coaches are now I left on a person that some parents actually look at the little Johnny plan. What's called fort night for night. And thinks you know I got to my coach he probably get a scholarship boy noting that we get tutors for math and reading and why not have a tutor in essence for video game my brother and a rodeo scholarships I guess. Even get a scholarship for anything. Well and you know they are talk about. There was a story remember reading a long time and over talk about surgeons now it's not where they cut the cup next to just a microscopic in they have Misch broke us the go ahead yeah so you really do need to have good I am ordination dexterity and that kind of does plaintiff video games or you wanna drive a predator drone. That's Euro now firefighter John or just wanna have each you know isn't that she noticed a new things. Nothing that would love and a member talk with a glove that I know a lot mister Betts just feel that my body up. Anyways eyes prop eight and lucrative if you're good at fort night in becoming a media game coach apparently. There's web sites once called gamers and say game SNC have big time. Which according to this article said they hired out more than 14100 fort night coaches since March. I wouldn't it be better it to discovered on your own that would then that's are you should learn instead of somebody given you a leg up on TV play video game. You by answering these questions yourself your actually learning otherwise let me just show me the short cuts and are you learn in ovals that you only get us like with you learning with a tutor. I guess yeah I mean app after watching my child play fort night for her. Probably 48 hours a day that I can tell you that some serious stuff I love the description when you were taught telling us originally about art fort night and apparently you have won a 65 inch TV screen yes and have a very large TV screen how far does your sense it from it about three inches. He's playing the game you know I I showed a picture we cop on the security camera and they are literally sitting if they reached their handout they touched a computer screen and that the TV screen 65 inches out but apparently it's good because it's a first person point of view things so like when their players turning their head like they can turn their had a limited says so it's and then you sunblock for the radiation I'm telling you they're gonna go blind to our viewers classes so what are you will -- make it or suspect fine. And as I've let's talk about the world's most popular lipstick talk as you know I mean I still can't find tiny disinformation. Millennial paint. According to. The and they are beauty at you can't make out which is virtual lipstick try ons yeah and they looked at millions of these people apparently there's an app where you can put your lips saw a picture looks and then try on different colors super virtually do you have this. I had it awhile back. IE and since I I deleted it but yes I had troubles wanna try to see what I look like yeah. Oh match we've tried we tried looking up millennial pink there and there's a million different tones well the thing is C one tiger Philly every hour brand like you know there was a Dior won and then there was a Mac one know that. There isn't home okay that is and a and it's like ninety's pink. I actually personally can't stand. But yet there was like a general home of pink but nothing was called millennial thing. I think our case it makes it limits -- difficult and yet but apparently it's like out for all the people have been as a virtual try on yes more than 20% of it was something that was called millennial paints maybe they were trying to find me there shade of Mario paint you must be something like that ninety's and and I think the culturally depending which culture you're and so under Chinese culture of their skin tone have a lot to do yeah they said this would give it more like enough -- sculptures and Asian cultures that we use more purples oranges and later sheer shades. Those in the west tend to prefer matte finishes while those in the and in Asia prefer the sheer finish and then there's costs. Tell us off literally goes away doesn't know it doesn't like the color. Black lipstick. I remember not nailed we have an altered the bill's going to I really did style like that never fallen into that my category of a stereotype yes I can requested an island are went on yeah real clubs that are out there may allotment Steven Tyler doesn't and they do it their their big rock stars I did it one time when I was a pirate. This year Russell was a part of this the celebrity you know Bart anything so that's the kind of fund it and yeah. I forgot what but also came to work like. What's wrong with you this time it's different so finally today we talked about something start loves Kristen doesn't NASA says great game of baseball. This is gonna be the perfect. Matching for YouTube yes because on average the average nine inning Major League Baseball game last year took three hours and five minutes. And baseball's not know fort speeds are kind of a slower game what you're seeing storms market chess game and it's it is like chess and now I find it fascinating to keep up with the files through crossword puzzles or so but what they said is that there is a certain formula the ability of people the website at 538 said that there's actually a time and -- can actually walk and leave the baseball game and you won't miss hitting irons and yet here's the cheat -- for are you ready for here. Add it in the sixth inning if the leading team is ahead by four or more runs. You can start the car and head home and less is the gators. And here I've seen in my view on suitably and they say yeah they say there's a less than 5% chance that the other team will deliver miracle comeback. They say. If you can use this cheap you can usually leave. At about eight added every team games you can leave early. So I you know you wonder you can't can't but they just think this is what I've managed and by you leaving early in the sixth inning base and an entire baseball season you're gonna save yourself 1612. Hours of your life. I was gonna miss the seventh inning stretch where they have the teacher guns. I've never high teacher. Now I am and now seems to me incredibly libelous I asked what you liability on shooting T shirts into a crowd have to cut. I river catching the little beads for Mardi Gras are now just crazy is people vote people some light punch in the face for a plastic. Estranged dad and I and such an beads lesser woman's lobbies here that's maybe yesterday's announcement probably. The last baseball game I went to someone that was supposed to you'll get their 300. Some thing. So all day you are a fan but yet. All game long everybody was like on the edge there's scenery in every time he was up to bat he was you know and it never happened the whole game and that's learned the last based on in ninety exiles like this is dumb. That's I thought he did Dooley was supposed to dill right. Indeed do love hockey right I love hockey fans love hockey you know pronouncing your that's hockey he. Doesn't. And the Steelers America is hot I tourism. Well on the airline might get you ready which he Ivins had a ninety point five QD JC yeah.